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Ah, Baldwin, only you would think yourself important enough to force a Prime Minister to resign.

You are a thoughtless little pig. Your words, not mine.

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It's funny. When black Tea Party candidates and members were coming together and speaking out, the Left wouldn't stop crowing bullsh!t about how it was "window dressing for right-wing racism" and "a minstrel show." Out of all the black political analysts MSNBC could choose from, they pick the most notorious race warfare demagogue.

I like how Iowahawk worded it: "If you think 'hey, I should hire a black person,' and the best one you can come up with is Al Sharpton, your racism is beyond repair."

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I remember People doing the same smirking "we'll look at it so you don't have to" shtick with "Going Rogue" when that was first released. That was also the same magazine that devoted a whole column to Schwarzenegger saying he "can't see Russia from his house" and then attributing the quote to Palin.

Honestly, anyone referring back to gossip rags and shows (I'm look at you, View) for a political perspective are already pretty much f*cked when it comes to voting judgment.

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Yeah, I have no idea how he manages it. When I was reading Twitter comments from progs--who were acting like Internet Tough Guys, saying his wife deserved it and wished that they would have done physical harm to the three of them--I was burning with anger at the apologetics of bad manners in which lefties often participate, defending their disgusting behavior to the death when any decent people would recoil in horror of such rudeness.

As I said before, I'd have smacked that girl if I was present, so I can't help but admire Glenn's "be the better person" approach. I just have such a low tolerance for @sses like Lindsay that anyone who holds back their need to retaliate well enough earns my respect, which is part of where my respect for him and Palin comes from.

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Yeah, if it was just some stupid kid trying to get their dig in and move on, Beck would have been overreacting. The fact that she was gleefully seeking to harass the family, and planned it with several other people for mean-spirited attention gives me a reason to play the world's smallest violin for her.

Her ego and unapologetic nastiness was her undoing, and it's hard not to enjoy her childish actions coming back to bite her in the ass.

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**"makes her more of a cornered rat than she already is."

Took me a while before I caught the unmatched tenses. Tsk tsk.

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This. I hate that excuse of "well you're out in public, so people have the right to harass you" that entitles immature jerks to as much obnoxiousness as tabloid journalists.

Indeed, sitting out in the open in NYC may not have been the safest place for Glenn to watch a movie with his family, but Christ he's still a private citizen who can come and go wherever he pleases.

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Clown nose on, clown nose off.

Applies to him just as much as it does Stewart.

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Indeed they did, far better than a pseudo-edgy site like Gawker ever would.

Did you catch the Murray-esque dramatic reading of one of her pieces of unrecognized poetic talent? Drivel like that makes me glad I completed my Creative Expressions core, lemme tell you.

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For a Millennial, she seems completely unaware of the blowback power technology has. 'Tis called the Streisand effect: no matter how hard Lindsay tries, she can't scrub info from the Internet once it's posted. Prnt-Scrn buttons and Rightclick-Save's are being keyed at every moment, so hiding anything just makes her more of a cornered rat than she already was.

With all this embarrassing lack of common sense and decency they demonstrate on the Internet, from Lindsay and Wonkette to Weiner, it's no wonder progs want to regulate it.