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Liberal only West of the Cascades. Once again eastern WA is voted out.

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If Romney does become the nominee I'm intrigued to see how the media is going to frame the foreign policy issues at the Q&A sessions (aka, "debates"). Will Obama run to the left of Romney on Iran or, to put it another way, will Romney run to his right? Will the electorate OK America getting into yet another war costing us lives and treasure at a time when we can afford to lose neither?

In addition, I can hardly wait to hear the media moderate the exchange on healthcare between these two.

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Part II: With many others I am shocked by the news of his death but am reminded that we are given but a short time in this world and death may come at any moment and that therefore we mustn't take our lives for granted. Let each of us strive as he did in the pursuit of excellence, truth, and wisdom.

Andrew was a first-goer and pioneer of new journalism, an approach to the craft that sought above all else to tell the truth and expose what is not. The work he began will continue, as his efforts have inspired a new generation to follow in his path.

You started Big Government, Big Journalism, Big Hollywood and Big Peace, Andrew, for which we are grateful, but to us we'll fondly remember your Big Heart and Big Bravery.

My prayers for your families' comfort and peace and that you found yours.

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Part I: So many are saddened and surprised today with the news of Mr. Breitbart's death. He worked tirelessly beyond the call of duty to provide the public with a new, alternative source for news to the mainstream media. He fearlessly took on the establishment media, and constantly called into question and scrutiny what he saw as bias.

Mr. Breitbart's personal transformation from liberal to conservative inspired many to re-examine their own political worldviews. His political "conversion" story touched many. He was a strong voice for the truth of conservatism as he understood it and a fierce debater.

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My heartfelt thanks go out to Mr. Breitbart for his tireless labors in pursuit of truth in a world where truth is hard to find. My condolences to his family. I thank them for his life, his contributions of journalistic excellence to so many lives besides his, and my best wishes for your comfort and peace in your hour of mourning. Andrew was loved and admired by so many.

May his detractors and even his foes not be too s m u g or rejoice in his passing but show all due respect they'd want for their own relatives and friends. You will meet with the next w o r l d soon enough, and I h o p e you're prepared.

I go to celebrate the birth of a friend today with saddness at the loss of another. I never knew you, Andrew, but your labors were a friend to me. Thanks for all the good times.

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With many I am also saddened and shocked to hear the news of Mr. Breitbart's passing today. May his family and friends be comforted in the hour of their/ our collective loss.

As another, early poster has already said, we should "stop and smell the flowers" as we are, as those flowers, here but for a brief moment in this world before we enter the next. We should be doing all we can to make the most of it, not merely to please ourselves but to please others, to strive with our might to be the best humans we can, to strive daily for excellence and virtue, to seek beauty, truth, and wisdom wheresoever we may find them, and to extend love and generosity to all, as much as is in us to do.

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With many others I am saddened and shocked to read this news this morning but in response to you yes, a heart attack, or aneurysm, blood clot, stroke, any of these are "natural" and sudden means of taking life.

Mr. Breitbart was a true warrior for truth and will be missed but his labors will be remembered and continued.

Condolences to his family.

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IMO this wise man runs circles at warp speed on monetary policy around the rest of the GOP candidates for president. Sadly, I'm afraid we're going to choose just "more of the same" and continue to travel down the road towards national insolvency.

I predict that, barring a major reform in the monetary policy, Paul's economic predictions (as well as his foreign policy prognostications) will likely come to pass as he's said. When people hear the news of an impending, large hurricane at their doorstep, some take the necessary precautions and seek shelter and prepare ahead of time; others refuse to leave their homes, don't take precautions and as a result sometimes find their homes wiped out or worse.

Our economic and foreign policy situation is like that hurricane, barreling down on us. The question becomes what, if any, evasive, prepatory action is our nation willing to make.

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Behold who the nation wants!

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I'm not so certain the beard's phony. I was looking for the usual signs of a fake beard and, while I could be fooled, it seems like he actually grew it himself.