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"...he’s fighting a kind of uphill battle in a sense and he has these past four years." The beauty of our system of government is that we don't need the President to fight these battles for things to get better. He just needs to get out of the way.

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He'll always be Chet to me. "I'd like to butter her muffin." Great line.

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She probably doesn't like "wealthy white guys" because they are the ones that are in charge of the casting couch. The poor girl has probably had her fill of "wealthy white guys" and would like a change of pace.

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And for "The Happening" too?

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You forgot one. Although I enjoy watching a movie, I just don't see the wisdom in going to one in the theater. I like many genres, but I don't need to be the guy with my family spending $100 (I would be considered in the upper middle class demographic) just to see the latest flick. I can wait for the Redbox. I am sure I am not alone on this. My guess is the majority of the same people that have to see a movie when it opens are the same people who drop $50/wk on lottery tickets, and I don't believe that adds up to an intelligent theater going audience.

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I don't think the "fake but accurate" defense is the best way to justify the story. Dan Rather's career speaks to that. As long as it is a rip roaring story with a moral message about the abhorence of communism then I am satisfied.

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just responding to proper market incentives...good on them. maybe they can start unstinking their baked bread.

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Does anyone else detest the smell of Subway's when they are baking bread? Walking through Walmart this morning the attached Subway was baking their bread and to me it smelled like used socks smell permeating the whole check out area. I couldn't leave fast enough.

P.S. I do like Subway's sandwiches.

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So the Batman with Aaahnuld as Dr. Freeze was great entertainment? I don't think anyone thought that, and that is what I hope to not see anytime soon in the new Batman franchise which I have found excellent through the first two. Anne Hathaway gives me the Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy vibe. I think, although a bit older, Famke Jansen would have made a great Cat Woman. she seems to have the chops to keep the character from going into goofy land.

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“That imaginary person that’s going to break into your home…and kill you. Who does that man look like? You know, it’s not freckle-faced Jimmy down the street is it?”

Talk about a racist & sexist comment. He has just insinuated that all B & E crimes are done by black men. If he were Trent Lott he would rightfully be out on his ear because that is far more sinister than anything ever to come out of a dim-witted senators mouth (except for maybe Byrd's)