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As someome who has pictured Anne Hathaway in a catsuit on more than one occasion, I think she'll make a fine addition to the Batman franchise.

; )

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Critics and viewers complain the award shows are boring; they are always clamoring for something better. Hence, the networks promise to deliver a host who will be funny and "shake things up."
Since there isn't a Bush in the White House, "shake things up" means the host of the show has to poke fun at the event itself, and the people who are in attendence.
But, as we learned years ago when Chris Rock tried to "shake things up" at the Oscars, and Ricky Gervais learned last night, celebrities do not like to be made fun of, period.
Ricky was doing the job he promised to do, and was asked to do. But they weren't ready for that.

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She's a coward. God forbid she should actually defend Sarah Palin.

No way.

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I agree with you PaleRyder.
I fear that Sarah Palin's life will be in danger if she decides to run again.
The outright hatred people have for this woman has exploded across the web in the last few days. It's worse than ever. And the fact that people are still trying ANYTHING to tie her to this tragedy in Arizona after they've been shown how silly thier accusations are shows how far gone some of these people are.
They will stop at nothing to silence her. I worry for her.

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Give it time.

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Another one season wonder.

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Well I'm afraid we'll have to agree to disagree. You hate them, i like them.

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I agree with you. The SW prequels are not perfect, but I just don't understand the outright hatred that people have toward these films.

And to be quite honest, the criticism is getting a little old. The other day I was reading about a new Star Wars related gadget and the copywriter couldn't resist throwing in a Phantom Menace dig.

It was ten years ago. Get over it.

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Yeah Gunny!

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If anything Born on the Fourth of July reminds me a time when Cruise actually tried some challenging roles. Now he just wants to play Tom Cruise superspy over and over agin.