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I always thought they said ignorance is bliss, made me wonder why libs always are frowning

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suprised there was room with Barry's ears in the way.

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Good luck finding contact info

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Why wasn't there a button for "Less likely to buy a Sony product EVER again"

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Does Gladney sell goods in both sides of St. Louis? Both in Kansas and Missouri, if so it is also a federal crime interference of interstate commerce.

Oh and I am not gonna hold my breath on this, this "Justice" Department only enforces Social Justice

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Sadly the oportunities this show had for entertainment were outweighed by the attempt to "message" in almost every episode the best episodes in this series were the ones lacking a "message". I loved "Star Trek", what we got was "Libs in Space". With it we learned that killing a murderer was wrong because eventually it would lead to killing people for crushing(wonders if they intended the pun in the show as well) flowers. That ships should drive 55 just like everyone else becasue it hurts the enviroment to go faster. And lets see Capitalists are ugly troll like species, which could be sold as hypocrisy in film for stopping every five minutes for a commercial break.

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I can live with the idea of him being chopped up put into a tar emulsion and smeared onto the roadway

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Another "Scientist" showing that the rules of science no longer apply. He cannot point to any proof of his statement, only the weight of his intellect and name, that my friend is not science.

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Can we fire the Science teachers that are teaching unproven theories as fact to our children, Evolution and Global Warming are both UNPROVEN theories yet are being taught as FACT to the kids, so science has gone from a standard to a lie and blessed by school boards across the country, and if you disagree with them you are branded a ignorant hick who is out to destroy science. Well just like the Westboro people are not practicing a real religion they are not practicing real science and need to be removed.

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This is nothing more then the writers taking something Americans feel strongly about and make it into some perverted value of theirs. They do it with the Founding Fathers, they do it with Jesus, they do it to tweak people and get noticed, kinda like a Gay Pride Parade(where they were last week). They do it for the attention they did not get from their mommies and daddies as children.

They turned Captain America into a political Tool last year, Superman into a political Tool this year, in an industry that has been a political Tool for years. All they did was make their imaginary character do what they in their heart of hearts want to do but don't have the stones to do themselves