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Me neither. I rented the first Chipmunks movie at Blockbuster and regretted it ever since.

When I look back at some of the previous years, I miss there being some sort of major tentpole release.

Avatar, even though I hate that movie with all my guts, they made a clever decision to put it out during Christmas time, since there was barely any competition. In 2007, there was National Treasure: Book of Secrets, which was actually a pretty uplifting film, harmless and fun.

Last year, Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader was the only reason I was in theaters during Christmas time.

I would go see Sherlock Holmes 2, but Warner Brothers, for some odd reason, decided to push the movie's release date in Portugal from Christmas time to January 5th. F*** them. I hope they don't pull off the same stunt with Dark Knight Rises next year.

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Well, it's not hard to see why so many people are indifferent to movies lately. The studios execs decision not to have many Christmas themed movies seems to have backfired, because there's nothing here right now that makes me want to go out and see an actual movie.

It also goes to show, that the early Winter season is not getting that much attention in previous years.

I also think that the Twilight film must've depressed movie-goers to no-end.

You have Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chip-wrecked, a movie that really has no place in the winter, it's a summer cruise film, it has nothing to do with Winter time.
Mission Impossible is a movie worth seeing, but it's more of a Summer film. The same goes with The Muppets and the Adventures of Tintin.

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It's actually pretty impressive that a movie like this got big box office numbers at the time.
The DVD edition that I proudly own has some details on how this movie came to be.

It's funny since Pocahontas that year was suppossed to be Disney's major tentpole film and The Lion King was just dumped at Summer time, with the B-team so to speak.

But The Lion King was a monster hit and Pocahontas bombed and I think it was really after that film that Disney started to go into a terrible spiral downwards. Treasure Planet is we're the 2D animation team hit rock bottom.

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Another incentive to re-release Yankee Dooodle Dandy colored and converted into 3D.

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WWell, I guess we can establish a few things on fringe leftwing groups, first they will forget anything, amnesia is the single most common trait of the Michael Moore and John Stewart crowd, we are in 2011 and in just three years the words "Halliburton" and "the-vast-right-wing-conspiracy" have completely dissapeared from the english dictionary.

Two, as snarky as they might act, if you attempt to do a joke, it will be taken seriously to the point where it becomes the meme and it flows into other mediums.

Like Michelle Bachmann's "John Wayne Gayce" incident, the gaffe that never really was. The idea that Bachmann referred to a killer that was from that hometown in particular, even though, she never referred to his full name. Apparentely a concidence can be turned into a gaffe. No, not even a coincidence, it's an outright fabrication.

Again, with Bachmann, because of a joke she made, the "GOP is an anti-science party" and when combined with an already aggressive atheist/secularist who shriek at anything that has religion in it (they don't criticize pseudo-spirituality, though), you have a highly flammable and, even worst, a highly marketable angle to comedians and the more fringe press.

Some of the sketches in Conan 'O Brien, for example, have gone from being "it's funny because it's true" to purely and simply "it's funny only based on the narrative that is being pushed", that is the Jon Stewart crowd in a nutshell.

What he says only holds water to people who don't know the full story and are expected to laugh based on those selected clips. It's even crazier to talk to people with different points of view about some of this stuff, because it feels like everyone lives in their own little world with only the information that they have access.

Specially some of the fring athiests, which I swear(no pun intended) are going on a crusade, not against the Bible itself, but apparentely against History books in general. Trully they are rebels without a cause.

And much of what shapes their attitudes can be seen from The Daily Show.

Even worse, it is marketable. You can market blind hatred against conservatives to young kids, who in their minds, becomes just a normal thought process.

I recall an argument between Pawlenty and Jon, where they discussed the Tucson shoothing and violence against attendees in the GOP Convention. One exchange in particular bothered me is that, Jon categorizes violence against the GOP convention as just an 18-year old crazy person with a lawyer's number tatooed on his arm and on the other side of the spectrum, in his own "You have Bill O'Reilly, Glenn Beck" and so forth... In a rather vain attempt to compare both sides, and once again, the right comes out looking badly, because what he implies is that the right apparentely has people in a very influential position that can make people go crazy over what they preach.

They never go there, but Jon never actually addresses the full issue, let's say for the sake of the argument, that a radio host somehow made people crazy from a right wing perspective, if that's so, then what is fueling the violence against conservatives, whom did the young punk listen to in order to attack conservatives, what drove him to do that?

I'm forced to fill in the blanks on this one...

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This doesn't strike me as completely shocking, though. Anyone remember Dakota Fanning and... that movie.

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If Nolan pulls this off, this would be the first time, that a superhero movie series would have a trilogy that's been consistenly good.

At least the teaser does indeed establish Bane as the major villain of this flick.

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The sad part(that is to say ironic) about this plot synopsis is that, it is indeed a very interesting read, with all the bells and whistles of a good soap opera, but nevertheless I am impressed at how these writers are so effective at portraying any conservative, any christian (regardless of political ideology) in the most negative light possible.

But then again, whoever wrote the script for this, clearly had a freudian slip...

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If only the Navy Seal who shot him had yelled before: "Yipee Ki-Yay, Motherf***er!".

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I would also give a shout-out to Batman in "The Dark Knight" as he essentially made the perfect blueprint on how to deal with terrorism.