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Some one "PLEASE"put a straight -jacket on that woman.With those flailing arms of hers ,I don't know if she's having a seizure or she's pretending to be a windmill or she thinks she can fly.

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Lean forward...just a little more.....that's it ...keep leaning .... you're doing fine.....keep leaning.....SPLAT!!!!!
Yeah Chrissy,be proud of that jackassed inspired slogan.

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You got that right.I'm sick of this guy's constant babble for attention.

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God Bless You and your brothers!!!

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We haven't heard much of Ellen Barkin(g) over the last 20yrs or more,so she is making up for a lost time.What is that saying :"there's no such thing as bad publicity",in this case we are the ones to suffer .Please,go away for another 20yrs ,you botox using hag.

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Gosh,do ya think will get to see the honeymoon and the quest to find a surrogate woman to start a family?

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I got into a disagreement with a co-worker about the Spanish language.I said:" I'm sorry ,but if you have been here a certain amount of time,you should speak English".He replied:"but they are more comfortable speaking and learning in Spanish".
What???? and I don't,shouldn't,can't have the same respect for the English language?Are you kidding me? I have to relinquish my natural born language ,because someone else doesn't like my language in my country and THEY need to feel comfortable? Yeah,that's the direction we're headed.

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Very nice article Brandon.Jodie Evans was probably "slumming " that day and unable to get one of her buddies to come through with a corporate jet for her travels.

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The guy deserves the METAL and the police a MEDAL.