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Mitt and Barack are both seemingly pushing like-minded ideals, there's not much difference. Look it up. Vote for Mitt now. I dare you. Stand up. The people should not fear their government, but the government should fear it's people. Don't cower.

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Kevin, something that's just come to light in the MSM:

Never having been a Simpsons fan {they just seemed stupid, when the Progeny was a kid, and looked forward to them every week; besides, Homer's whining always irritated}, I never watched enough to "get" their political leanings ................................... guess I'm guilty of ignoring Hollywood {as you note in another post}, because I reached the conclusion that "they" don't pay my bills, so WHY should whatever they have to say as a PRIVATE CITIZEN matter? I LOVE Barbra Streisand's singing/acting, but do NOT agree with her politics - I'm able to choose which parts to accept - which a LOT of folks seem to be like the Progeny as a youngster, in that the question is always "is that good or bad?", asking someone else {the Nanny State?} make determinations for US. I would tell the Progeny that most everything has "good" and "bad" points, that it was up to her to decide whether the "good" outweighed the "bad" FOR HER. That helped somewhat, but as a Libra, she's ALWAYS seeking "balance" ............................................. ;-)

Semper Fi'

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actually it was district 214, one over from 211. but I'm sure it's just as bad there.

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Tam...tell us how you really feel. lol

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Sorry about that. We have a time clock to follow and it is difficult trying to move the story along while keeping an eye on the clock. We had a lot to cover that clearly couldn't be done to our satisfaction in a 2 hour interview. Maybe we should have him back on.

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if there was a link in your comment that can happen automatically. it is to keep spam off the site.

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I watched SNL the other night and I was shocked at how bad it was and not bad in an "OMG, Dana Carvey is shtooping Kirsty Alley on a restaurant table" way but in an "I'm so embarrassed for the actors who have to do these lame skits" sort of way. It is absolutely unwatchable and all I can think is they have some serious money behind them because their ratings have got to be in the toilet. Back in the day when SNL was relevant and funny with Phil Hartman and his excellent impression of Bill Clinton (I'll never forget the debate they did where at the end of it they cut to Clinton and he's smoking a bong and wearing tie dye. funny stuff) and Dennis Miller and his hilarious news commentary and mullet-flipping, and Dana Carvey and his spot-on George H.W. Bush. Those were the days! They used to skewer everyone with hilarious accuracy...remember Gary Hart? I was must watch TV. It is now "must not watch because you'll have wasted an hour of your life and a few brain cells."

I am sad about it. What was a great show is nothing but the same old dreary leftist interpretation of what comedy is....same as they do to everything else: pervert it, subvert it, ruin it.

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i saw this today. what a joke! these people must be stopped.

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thanks Ernst! Glad you like the program.

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Kathleen, I just lost a family member to the war in Afghanistan. He didn't die for them. He died for me and you and our security. Do I think it was worth it? Maybe not because of the loss to my family, but in the big picture, his actions may have saved the lives of thousands of more innocent Americans who might have been taken out in another terrorist attack that he stopped by killing the plotters or tying them up over in Afghanistan instead of giving them the time to plot our deaths here. While I think there were many mistakes made in this war (like committing ground troops when I think special ops would have been able to carry out the necessary assassinations) we are at war with terrorism, like it or not. I will agree that there is a better way to fight it that would lose far less life on our side. But I will not agree that we can simply hide from the conflict and not engage. Ron Paul implies that we caused 9-11 because of our intrusive foreign policies. That is BUNK. Islam is the reason for 9-11. And more people need to understand that we cannot escape this threat without fighting it vigorously. Or don't you think Islam plans to take over the world and enslave it? Isn't that worth fighting against? We can argue the method, but how do you do it by disengaging from the world?