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Yes, your point about motive is reasonable, but I wonder whether it would actually be a problem in practice? There are crimes where establishing intent under the beyond reasonable (as opposed to any) doubt test can be difficult (see, for example, Kenneth Noye killing an undercover police officer), but would this be one of them? But then that's what the Parliamentary scrutiny is for.

So while I have some sympathy for MPs like Chope objecting to MP's bills on the grounds there is already too much legislation, and too much not so good and/or bad legislation, for now I feel that he took his ideology too far in this case. (Caveat: I haven't read the actual bill - if I did I might change my mind if the drafting is really bad.)

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As I understand it there are several criminal behaviours which require a prosecution to persuade a jury (or judge or magistrate) to an appropriate evidential standard that there was intent before a prosecution will succeed. Indeed, there is a whole Wikipedia article on it:

There are also arguments for - and against - strict liability:

We can have a debate about when is or isn't strict liability is appropriate, but it's not obvious to me that arguing for strict liability in all cases is tenable without the law running into the risk of disrepute when dealing "hard" cases.

I assume this bill adopts the same approach to intent as rape for consistency. I agree with you that bills like this need proper examination, not least to deal with such consistency problems, but if you want to criticise it for not using strict liability then I think you're being a bit unfair on the bill.

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Perhaps NEWMANIA1 is curious to know what people of a different political persuasion think, and how they interract with people who think differently to them? That is, I think, the reason why I visit ConservativeHome. (For what it's worth I am not a Liberal Democrat, but in the last General Election I voted for the Liberal Democrats. My basic politics are similar to European social democrats.) Bearing that in mind, while accepting that you are unlikely to change NEWMANIA1's or my mind (and vice versa), even so is it wise to throw insults at others? "Lib Dumb" might enthuse those with similar views to you, but is it actually doing anything other than preaching to only the converted?

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Forgive my ignorance, but what is "QT" an abbreviation for?

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"This country does not need a liberal anything at the moment." - That seems to be be the general view of ConservativeHome commenters, but you might find that voters in general may not wholly share your view.

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"I am starting to believe that Labour authorities who want to waste money should not be capped if they want to increase taxation. It may be a waste of money but if that's what local voters want they should not be prevented." - Well, that's something we agree on. At the times that local government was being reigned in some (perhaps not me - I can't remember what I thought about it at the time) argued that if you give local governments more, not less, power, then voters might take local government elections more seriously, and tend not to view them as a way of kicking the central government.

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Well at least we now have a partial explanation for the BBC's "left-wing bias": in at least some cases the complaints about this are not because the BBC actually said something, but because the complainants "heard" something the BBC didn't say! (But "of course" it would have liked to say it, so it's "very much the same sort of thing"!) - That said, most of us can do that: for years I assumed that the line in "Purple Haze" by Jimi Hendrix was "'Scuse me while I kiss this guy", which I found rather far out, in a non-judgmental way! I was rather disappointed when about ten to twenty years later I eventually realised the line was "'Scuse me while I kiss the sky"!

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"Britain is led by fascist/stalinist politicians (is there any difference between these?) who want to oppress the people." - Apparently we'll have to differ on whether Britain is led by fascist/stalinist politicians, but while there may be large similarities of outcome between fascist and stalinist politicians, I think you'll find that their underlying ideologies are usually (not always) quite different.

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"Here in Scotland, we conservatives are completely disenfranchised." - Not nearly as much as the Green Party - or indeed UKIP - in the UK. Anyway, you have a simple remedy: with like-minded people set up a political party that you consider appropriately represents your beliefs, and compete in general and local elections - if there are sufficient other people in Scotland to support you then you will (eventually - I said it was a simple remedy, I didn't say it was easy to to implement) prosper. Or not.

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"So pocket any slight improvements in your expectations (should you have any), and remember: a pessimist is never disappointed." - That sounds suspciously like Mark Wallace endorsing something like a "Project Fear" approach? I was under the impression he was in favour of "positivity" about UK exit from the EU: if so, why should that not also apply to possible Conservative success in the local elections in London?