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That's my understanding, at least if the confidence motion is to be binding. If we are both correct on this, then who is the ConservativeHome KnowNothing who on the front page of ConservativeHome chastised the SNP for not being willing to table their own confidence motion? (Those who are unworthily cynical might wonder whether if the SNP had tabled a confidence motion then ConservativeHome might be chastising them for pointless gesture politics?)

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"bringing joy (that was a reason to have Boris as PM)" - I speak only for myself, but Boris Johnson as PM would bring the opposite of joy to me! I do concede that it would - at least initially until he got bored - bring joy to Boris Johnson!

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Sorry for my delay in replying - I've only just seen your post. While automatic refreshing of pages with new comments is useful, my preference is to not have it. Even more useful would be the absence of the bug of occasionally randomly disappearing posts! That said, I'm puzzled by your reference to readers who pay for the site: are there any? I don't pay for access to the site!

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There are 317 Conservative MPs and I assume that if Theresa May wins the confidence vote by 165 (52%) to 152 (48%) or better then this will be agreed by the ERG, etc, to be a ringing endorsement of her leadership of the Conservative & Unionist Party!

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"Many people voted to Leave the EU as a protest, because life has been pretty tough since 2008"

How many is "many", and do you have any evidence for it? The evidence I have seen is that relatively few people voted leave as a protest - an extract from a post I (who voted remain and still think I was correct to do so) made about two weeks ago:
... [a survey for CSI] Approximately 3,000 respondents were surveyed online by the polling company Kantar between 2nd of February and 8th of March, 2018. To begin with, we asked Leave voters to rank four reasons for voting Leave in order of how important they were when deciding which way to vote in the referendum. Figure 1 displays the distribution of Leave voters by rank for each of the four reasons. (Note that the wording of each reason is exactly as it appeared in the online survey.) The reason with the highest average rank is 'to regain control over EU immigration'. The reason with the second highest average rank is 'didn't want the EU to have any role in UK law-making'. Interestingly, 'to teach British politicians a lesson' has by far the lowest average rank, being ranked last by a full 88% of Leave voters. This contradicts the widespread claim that Brexit was a 'protest vote': i.e., that people voted Leave as a way of venting deep-seated grievances about things such as inequality, austerity and social liberalism, rather than because they opposed Britain's membership of the EU per se. ...

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The closing paragraph of the article doesn't sound like good news for either of the two major parties:

... Cox added that the findings showed that “traditional left-right politics is being flipped on its head, as under-45s back lower taxes and a smaller state, despite overwhelmingly voting Labour in the last election, while Conservative-leaning voters over 65 back higher taxes and spending”.

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2017 General Election:
Votes divided by number of MPs (number of MPs):
SNP 28,000 (35); DUP 29,000 (10); Sinn Fein 34,000 (7); Plaid Cymru 41,000 (4); Conservative 43,000 (318); Labour 49,000 (262); Liberal Democrat 198,000 (12); Green 525,000 (1);
UKIP got just under 600,000 votes but no MPs whereas under strict proportional representation they would have 12 MPs: the total vote was 32,180,000 and there are 650 MPs.

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"And my biggest bugbear is the screen refresh every few minutes meaning I lose the almost-finished masterpiece I was about to submit." - For anything but short posts I try to remember to draft a post offline in an editor and then copy and paste when I've finished it. (Another possibility is to frequently select and copy the text you've typed so far.)

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Incidentally, I seem to recall that a year or two ago Jacob Rees-Mogg was vociferous in calling for the replacement of Mark Carney as Governor of the Bank of England, but now seems to be very quiet on that topic?

Edit: I seem to be possibly mistaken on that as there is this recent paywalled article

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"He [Iain Dale] also seemed to imply that a collapse of Italian banks and an implosion, whatever that means, of the Eurozone, would benefit the UK, which seems odd."

To be fair to Iain Dale (why?) I think his argument was that if Italian banks collapse or if the Eurozone implodes then the UK would be better off - or at anyrate less worse off? - if we were outside the EU. Whether that argument is valid is outside my - and I suspect outside Iain Dale's - competence!