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Crikey! Rosenfield's hardly been there five minutes and the counter-briefings have already started.

Given that Big Dan is a former civil servant one is tempted to ask if he's reverting to type and setting himself up as an alternative Cabinet Secretary.

Upon whose toes has he trodden? I do not know but I think we should be told.

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The long grass beckons.

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Last year the widely-respected academic Professor Carl Heneghan was invited by Downing Street to review the government's Covid policies. Heneghan also pulls weekend shifts as an NHS Urgent Care doctor.

Nothwithstanding his credentials and his selfless efforts, Professor Heneghan is on O'Brien's little list of Covid Deniers alongside other academics who have voiced their opinions on particular aspects of science and epidemiology.

I d not know why O'Brien cannot - or will not - distinguish between informed lockdown scepticism and conspiracy-theorist Covid denial.

Nor can I see what benefit O'Brien derives from his activities unless it be that he merely seeks the approbation of the Leader of the House.

Either way, O'Brien seems to me to be cast from the mould of Matthew Hopkins and Joe McCarthy; a Witchfinder-General for our times.

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Back in the old days we used to say 'You can have any two of either cheap, quick or good. But not all three at the same time'.

Seems the Commission overlooked this simple rule of commerce.

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Thank you for your service.

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Windbag Gauke back again.

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Seldom have I seen an MP get such a savage leathering.

Not a single aspect of Mr Garnier's parliamentary career, voting history, sex-toy purchasing habits, administrative arrangements, expenses claims and extra-curricular remuneration goes unremarked.

Good work, chaps. Keep it up.


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Mount Rockmore is a location in a computer game set in a world where Heavy Metal rules.

I suspect Mr Goodman has had a brain burp.

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I am crying with laughter, because

'Mount Rockmore'

is a location in Brütal Legend a computer game set in a fantasy heavy metal world where, for example, the player can create a fan army from 'Fan Geysers' by playing a special Fan Tribute guitar solo.

It is amusing to imagine Mr Goodman dressed up like Lemmy and giving it the m/