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Mount Rockmore is a location in a computer game set in a world where Heavy Metal rules.

I suspect Mr Goodman has had a brain burp.

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I am crying with laughter, because

'Mount Rockmore'

is a location in Brütal Legend a computer game set in a fantasy heavy metal world where, for example, the player can create a fan army from 'Fan Geysers' by playing a special Fan Tribute guitar solo.

It is amusing to imagine Mr Goodman dressed up like Lemmy and giving it the m/

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For the reason outlined in the article:

'...the EU’s Copyright Directive ... would have also forced platforms to compensate news publications simply for linking to them. But where such “link taxes” have been implemented, platforms have responded by blocking links to news media altogether. The end result leaves everyone – platforms, users, and publications – worse off'.


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Nitrous oxide (N2O) is used in suitably adapted internal combustion engines to increase the power output by allowing fuel to be burned at a higher than normal rate.

So-called 'Nitro' engines are used in certain classes of motor sport and though banned in some countries are - somewhat surprisingly - 'street legal' in the UK.

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Interesting article. Getting out from under the link tax was a good move.

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The Capitol attack is the Reichstag fire of our day. The Democrats and their friends will use it as stick with which to beat groups, institutions and individuals entirely unconnected with the event.

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Once again I am pleased that I am not one of Mr O'Brien's constituents.

On this occasion he seems eager to connect wack-job Capitol protesters to respectable individuals who ask difficult questions. Perhaps it's an attempt to deflect attention not only from the government's ever-shifting kaleidoscope of 'rules' and 'guidance' but also from its woefully amateurish communications platform.

If anti-vaxxers and Covid-nutters are achieving media cut-through with their conspiracy theories it's because the government has handed them the space and the ammunition they need.

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I think you may have misunderstood my post which I couched, perhaps unhelpfully, as two separate propositions:

i) Among his many shortcomings Trump is regarded as a vulgarian parvenu by many (if not most) of his political opponents, perhaps because of his affinity for tacky decor, his culinary tastes and his eye-catching career in reality TV.


ii) The riot at the Capitol is not uncharacteristic of American politics as it has been conducted throughout that nation's history. American commentators have been saying 'This isn't America' but, really, it is.

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"This vulgarian from the suburbs"

I think that's what Mr Trump's opponents hate most about him. In their eyes he is a ghastly parvenu - a jumped-up builder, my dear - who has ruined their uptown party for the last four years.

But when -as in the last few days - they cry 'This isn't America!' let us not forget it's a nation born of violent insurrection and tempered in a civil war. Four US Presidents and scores of legislators have been assassinated in office while tens of thousands of citizens are shot to death each year. Their prisons are the fullest in the world, and their politics are a byword for chicanery and influence-peddling.

Americans are big-hearted, excitable people among whom may be found a few bad apples but these recent events are pretty much in the political tradition of that great nation. It's just business as usual except the principle protagonist this time round doesn't adhere to the orthodox profile.

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From the motion picture The Naked Gun (1988)

Frank: Nice beaver!

Jane: Thanks, I just had it stuffed.