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Thanks. Noted. I've been played, clearly. I read his recent history but should have realised he was trolling.
If he is a socialist poster he should engage in debate, not wasting his life trolling.

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Are you for real?
So, let me get this straight, you are saying that whatever the findings, however categorically they make the case for more regulation in order to minimise risk to tenants, they must be resisted so you don't have the greater burden of regulation. A little more paperwork, a little more cost, a lot more cost even (but hey what price a life eh?), a little more duty of care to your tenants......unacceptable in your eyes?

Have I missed some sarcasm or irony or something? Or, on the day after Grenfell Tower, are you actually saying you think more regulation to protect human life is worse than burdening you with regulation.
Jeremy Corbyn proposed an amendment to the Government’s Housing & Planning Bill last year to ensure homes were fit for human habitation and it was voted out with the help of the 72 Conservative MPs who derive an income from property. I presume you’re referring to the same MPs who you want to vote the same way again.

If you ever had a moral compass I think you lost it a long time ago.

I just don't get your mentality. I really don't. Unbelievable.

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I can't believe an original comment offered in the spirit of open reasonable debate has gone down a road of discussion about gravediggers.
Further, I did not make unpleasant references to Mrs May; I passed a valid, reasonably well founded comment about her qualities as I see them in her public performance as Home Secretary and PM. Must the population hold their tongue because you allude to a disability she may or may not have? That's ridiculous.
And I never said you had been rude about Mr Corbyn; it appears to me that you're taking this all a bit personally. You say I have been vile, of smearing you/Conservative supporters and of displaying thoughtless prejudice. Can you point to a single sentence where I have directed anything at you personally? This isn’t anything like a robust debate could be. The word snowflake springs to mind. I’m wasting my time here.

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Apologies, I was wrong in assuming you were referring to the personal attacks on Corbyn. However I was just calling it as I see from my own perspective. I didn't mean every Conservative, just the ones I know. I can't tell it any other way. As such, I dispute your assertion that I displayed thoughtless prejudice. I think very carefully about things, I always keep an open mind, I acknowledge that I don't know everything (by any stretch of the imagination) and I make sure I only use polite, respectful language when posting so I just can't see, however many times I read and re-read my comments, how they can be described as smearing all with Tories with vile nastiness. I just related my personal experience of a great many people with right leaning views. I don't know you so I can't pass comment on your personal views but believe me I did not intend my comment as a smear.

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As Danny De Vito said last year;

"What is it? Why doesn't anybody want to pay taxes and just fix the country and make everybody have a good life? It's really crazy"

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I’m sorry I don’t think I smeared you at all; if you are referring to my comment about the personal nature of the attacks on Jeremy Corbyn I was referring to the Tory Party's election campaign and of ‘some (many?)’ of its supporters. Not all therefore, and if you didn’t approve of the attacks on him I wouldn’t have been referring to you so I don’t believe I was smearing you. I will ‘own’ the behaviour of the nastier elements of my Party and will call it out when necessary. There is no defence. I hope you agree.
I would ask though, if my comment is vile (and I challenge you to read an aggressive or angry or nasty tone in to my entire comment) how would you describe the attacks on Corbyn, or Abbott for example, by the Sun or Mail or Express or many others on here too who seem to regard Corbyn as the anti-Christ?
I would also disagree with you when you compare Blair and Corbyn; in terms of ambition and performance they are poles apart. Corbyn didn’t set out to be a Prime Minister or a leader of his party. He became an MP to serve his constituents and seems to have done a pretty good job of it. He also campaigns for causes he believes in. Blair didn’t and still doesn’t from what I can make out. As for May, she appears to have little of the integrity and honesty, never mind the competence, I expect from a PM and, as it appears to me, seems to be letting her long held ambition to be PM get in the way of the ability to make the right decisions for the country. With her it appear to be a case of ‘Me, Party, Country, Electorate’. In that order. But I may be wrong. I don’t know her, haven’t met her. So I won’t pronounce on her as a person with such certainty the way some do on Corbyn. Like May, he wants to make a difference to people. His way isn’t her way or your way but he's genuine enough I believe. It’s a shame that memories of unburied corpses have stayed with you for almost 40 years but I believe the world has moved on and those days are long gone; workers don’t have the power anymore. Period. And if Corbyn let it happen on his watch, if he didn’t have the sense, decency, compassion and strength of leadership to ensure such a thing never even came close I’d be the first to vote against him.
Who knows where this will all end but the tribal element to it all, the hysteria, has got to stop. Its destructive and more people are realising it. Young, old, poor, not so poor, disadvantaged, disabled, employed, unemployed, Muslim, Christian, Scottish, Welsh, English. Its important to engage with each other; your political enemy may be the nurse or paramedic or fireman saving your life tomorrow. Or just being pleasant to you in the street. Or you may improve theirs by helping sustain a fairer system in which the country as a whole benefits from a greater sense of fulfilment and contentment.
I can guarantee that if the more extreme elements on this forum were in charge of the country we’d all have a lot to fear.
And to come back to what motivated me to post: Daniel Hannan, well really. Arrogant, out of touch, discredited, condescending nonsense.
All the best.

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This is my first post on here.
I am 55, male, white, professional (with my own business) and comfortable. I paid over £90k in personal tax last year on top of corporation tax. I would gladly pay more if it helped fix this country.
I have never voted based on what a Government can do for me. I will be ok, one way or the other, whoever is in power. In the recession I struggled to keep afloat and did so, just. Not because of this Government I can assure you. I stand on my own two feet and look after myself and my family.
In 1982 I voted for a Conservative Government if only to give them a chance as they’d just had one term. Never again.
For all Daniel Hannan talks sternly and authoritatively about austerity being necessary he, and your party and your supporters, will have to realise there is a movement out there. An increasing number of people, who many on here dismiss as stupid, or feckless, or Marxist, or bribable, or young, are not going to accept that. You don’t get to tell them there’s no money when there clearly is if you bothered to collect it through tax and also change the priorities when it comes to spending it. I’m not stupid, feckless, Marxist, bribable or young and I believe in the merits of paying tax and maintaining the fabric of this country, investing in its human capital and creating a better society. It’s not a dewy eyed dream; it’s just common sense because if you don’t, in the long run, you will suffer too. When education and the NHS and public services and the roads (those bloody potholes eh?) and housing decays and falls apart. You can’t say you weren’t warned.
I am open minded enough to come on here and see what Conservative Home is all about and, like many other forums, it’s a bubble. I live and work in a conservative town, with a Conservative MP and rub shoulders (in work and socially) with many conservatives and the one thing that strikes me is the lack of compassion for anyone outside their own bubble. Anyone who was perhaps born in the wrong place to the wrong parents, or with a disability, or an illness, or who made a bad life choice, or who has the wrong colour skin, or religion just doesn’t seem to have any respect. The young? At a stroke, dismissed as wanting free stuff and not knowing what a Government of the left will do to this country. As if the last 7 years have been a lesson in competent government. Yes, they will vote out of self-interest but research shows they genuinely want a better deal for everyone. Idealistic? Yes. Achievable? Yes. Why not? And don’t quote the Magic Money Tree line at me, please. What else is QE but a Magic Money Tree? It’s a trite slogan dreamt up to con people and anyone with an ounce of intelligence knows it.
And to finish, I will go on record as condemning vitriol and hate from anyone on the left. It’s unacceptable. But I’ll also do it when it comes from the right and when you consider the bile from the Mail, Sun and others and the personal nature of the campaign against Corbyn (and Abbott) who showed it for what it was by not sinking to the same level , you should be ashamed of how your party, and some (many?) of its supporters behaved. Corbyn is not the devil incarnate; he’s got faults as we all have, but his integrity and honesty appeals to people sick of the old way of doing things. And you can insult me or him all you like if that’s the way you genuinely feel but it won’t get you anywhere.
Please, I’m asking that you reconsider how you view the world. Don’t fear what a Labour Government would do to you; the disadvantaged of this country have had far more to fear from a Conservative one believe me.
You’ll be ok. Don’t worry.