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I agree banzai.

Last week, the Intelligence and Security Committee's report into Russian activity in the UK informed us that the government was "playing catch-up" and needed to take "immediate action".

This week, the PM rewards Evgeny Lebedev with a peerage. He now sits right at the heart of the UK power network. He is there for life. He does not need to be elected.


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What has happened to the 'Whack-a-Mole' strategy?

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England suffered the highest levels of excess deaths of any country in Europe over the first half of 2020, according to the Office for National Statistics.

The cumulative mortality rate in England was 7.55% higher than the average mortality rate in the period from 2015 to 2019. Scotland had a rate of 5.11% and Wales 2.78%.

The English figures are simply appalling and it is no good blaming Europe, the Labour Party or the SNP. The buck stops at Number 10 Downing Street.

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'I will never forgive labour for devolution.' It is not Labour's fault.

In November we shall be commemorating the passing of the 1920, Government of Ireland Act, which set up the Northern Ireland Parliament. This devolved parliament came into being because 379 Conservative and Unionist MPs supported the measure.

It was the Conservative Party that set the whole thing in motion - 100 years ago. Do not blame Labour.

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'Devolution has been a complete disaster '

What has been a 'complete disaster' has been the Conservative Party's failure to make any inroads in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Since the first elections were held in 1999, Labour, the SNP, The Liberal Democrats, the DUP and Sinn Fein have all managed to wield power in the devolved nations. The only party that is missing from this list is the Conservative Party.

It seems that the Tories, cannot put together a credible, right of centre manifesto, that can appeal to the people of Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The answer perhaps is to give more freedom and autonomy to the Party and its grass-roots members in the devolved nations, so that they, rather than the London centric HQ, make the policies and call the shots.

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You cannot avoid hard facts and realities by quoting opinion pieces from the Daily Mail.

Fact. Covid-19 rates in Wales (Scotland and NI) are far, far lower than in England.

Fact. Lives have been saved by the cautious approach of Mark Drakeford and others.

Fact. The lockdown in Leicester has shown that BJ's shambolic policies have not worked.

I rest my case. Based entirely on facts.

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1. That is not an article. It was an opinion piece written by Matt Smith a Conservative activist and candidate. Not really an objective contribution to the debate I would suggest.

2. Look again at the evidence regarding Covid rates in England. Worse than Italy, worse than France. Worse than anywhere in Europe. If I lived in England I would be appalled at such an awful infection rate.

3. Look at a recent (YouGov) poll of English voters. They discovered that just 41% believe Boris Johnson’s administration has dealt with the pandemic very well or fairly well, with 53% saying it had done a bad job : a -12% approval rate.

The Welsh administration received a 50% approval rating compared to 17% who said it had performed badly : +33% approval rate.

So - English voters, as well as those of us living in Wales, believe that the devolved government in Wales has outperformed BJ's UK administration.

It is high time for the Conservative Party to start questioning BJ's role during this present crisis.

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Look again at the data. The English Covid-19 infection/death rate is the worst in Europe.

Not surprising from a PM who does not read the papers give to him by scientists - who dithered when the epidemic first struck - who refused to close the borders at a critical time - who allows his friends and family members to ignore good sound information - who mutters, waffles and makes things up as he goes along in press conferences.

Oh - just checked the link. Written by Matt Smith. Conservative parliamentary candidate for Cardiff West in the 2017. Not a neutral objective view is it?

Just look at the figures. People in England have been badly let down by this PM. This is not leadership.

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The facts on the other hand show how well the devolved governments have performed during the past few months.

The percentage of excess deaths during the 11 week peak period of the Covid-19 pandemic give us the following results.

England - excess deaths - 55% ( the highest in Europe)
Scotland - 41%
Wales - 33% Northern Ireland - 30%. Source. Oxford University. Institute for New Economic Thinking.

All we have seen from Number 10 has been a lack of vision, lack of direction, dither, whack-a-mole and waffle.

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I agree. Here in Wales, pubs will open a week on Monday.

Opening on a Saturday will cause problems for landlords, bar-staff and the emergency services.