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Enoch Powell died over 20 years ago. Asking what would he have thought is much the same as asking what Baldwin, Gladstone or Palmerston would have thought. They were all in different times. If Johnson and Corbyn could be catapulted into the year 2060, they would not have a clue what to do. (Not much change there then).

As our constitution is unwritten, it therefore relies on a whole load of laws, conventions, working practices and prerogatives. This often means that anyone can interpret it any way they like. But, as we see in the USA, having a long established written constitution is no guarantee against political chaos.

Much of the measures we have seen – the Fixed Terms Act, the failure to hold a general election, the prorogation of parliament, its legitimacy decided in courts – were all short term measures to solve short term solutions. But this is a result of politics generally. We are not conditioned to think long term, that is why it is so hard to campaign for the environment, for example, when we as a society just think about next week.

One of Sir Humphrey’s many quotes ‘Diplomacy is about surviving until the next century. Politics is about surviving until Friday afternoon’. And for many months we have all asked - can the PM survive to Friday afternoon (which, in one case, she did not)?

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Well, that's a Guido link.

If the EU and co are so evil, why is there a long waiting list of states wanting to join? Why do over 16 million British people want to 'subjugate' to an 'overlord'?

And it is quite usual for conference delegates to applaud a guest.

We all want the best for Britain and the British people. Can't we just accept that we just differ on how to do that without being insulting to each other (and, yes, that goes for both sides)?

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But their votes in the referendum are just as equal as anyone else's.

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Not at all. The Lib Dems have been solidly pro-Remain all along, ever since the UK joined the then-EEC in 1973.

It is the Conservatives and Labour parties who have changed their position in recent years.

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"We know where we stand. We had an election in 2017."

Much has changed since 2017.

In June 2017, Theresa May was Prime Minister, Brexit negotiations were in progress, and we were due to leave on 29 March 2019 before the European parliament elections.

Now the PM has gone and another come along, negotiations were concluded but the deal has been rejected by parliament three times, the leave date came and went and we took part in the EU elections, the Brexit party has arrived, we are seriously discussing a no deal Brexit, and we have no idea if we will be leaving on 31 October.

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The UK voted as a unit to leave - and it will leave - but the process is being held up by this question, which can best be resolved - one way or the other - by asking the very people it affects.

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The Commons, as it stands, will never vote for any deal. They will also, as we have seen, block a no deal.

That's why we need a new parliament.

Without a general election, this deadlock will just rumble on.

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Not really. As I said he is just a group leader.

If he was just saying 'Bye for now, hope we see you again one day' then that is not too controversial.

Politicians come and politicians go, and Euro politicians have a fast turnaround. Juncker himself will be gone in six weeks.

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No, I was not there. And the media usually boycott the Lib Dems so if you saw his speech on the TV, I am most surprised.

But, as I said, it is the last conference before we leave the EU, and Mr V does not speak for the EU - he is only head of one party.

Neither Boris Johnson nor Jeremy Corbyn speak for the whole of the UK.

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There is no such thing as a safe Lib Dem seat so any defectors will be disappointed if they are hoping for one.

Are Labour declaring as a remain party? They seem, as usual, to be declaring for both sides.