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So by virtue of simply being a Conservative, Boris Johnson, must be a better PM? Really? The man has so many character flaws and traits, including a very well documented tendency towards dishonesty that surely would make even the loyalist of Conservatives, doubt his capabilities, but clearly not you pair.

Corbyn, could have been one of the following;

Far worse
Far better
about the same
somewhere within this range

No one knows or ever will, it is an irrelevant deflection.

Starmer, has seemed rather more ahead of the curve than Johnson IMO..........However, their respective performances are in no way connected to the Political Party that they represent and more to do with their ability, judgement and character.

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!00% correct, because it is plainly obvious that keeping schools open whilst expecting the infection rate to fall are completely incompatible aims. It was also very clear 3 months ago that education this year with its various problems, was incompatible with exams going ahead in 2021...........but what did we get, promises that exams would be fine and then this screeching U Turn. You do wonder what on earth they are seeing or thinking that is so opposite to the actual reality that most others see with absolute clarity.

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100% spot on.

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and who do you think introduces into the home?....School kids in many many cases.

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You seem to be singing from 2 hymn sheets SJ. but never mind. People are allowed to disagree on politics, however, I feel an increasing number of people who are loyal to the Conservative Party are starting to think that Johnson is not up to the job and it is perhaps he should be on the foolsrus site.

As I say its all opinion though I think we can at least agree that Trump won the US election. (except you Grandpa)

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Classic whataboutary and deflection. Pathetic.

It seems yet again that Captain Foresight was right and Corporal Bluster was plain idiotic.....

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Hmmmm, if "Mr Speaker, he wants to cancel Christmas" isnt deflecting in your eyes, I wonder what is?

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Yes we've seen the "Sir Kneel" thing, as you say it every post, it isn't improving with age. Many people of your own political leanings can see that Johnson is so far out of his depth, you almost want to call the RNLI, but you carry on deflecting if that helps.

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The trouble with Johnson IMO is that despite what he may think himself, he doesn't actually inspire any confidence in the wider public. This sunny optimism is generally received with a "if you say so Boris" attitude and a wry smile.

I think many can now see the bravado is not backed with either knowledge or judgement. When confronted with his own record of decisions, he simply deflects and people now see this. The response today was a case in point "Mr Speaker, he wants to cancel Christmas".....I suspect this sort of nonsense fools only those who still believe in Santa, those who think Trump won the election, and Grandpa Pete of course.

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Succinctly and accurately put. And your point has no answer.

I've said for years, the idea that there are untapped markets for our good or services, that cannot be met more cheaply by the like of China is pure fantasy.