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Just as an aside, but gum chewing in Singapore is actually only punished with fines. Michael Fay was stealing street signs and vandalizing cars. So, yeah.

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I, too, use my own image as an avatar and feel very slighted by the false portrayal of my fellow Wonky brethren. Shame.

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Every sperm is useful?

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Well, sure, but ultimately, I'm willing to do whatever it takes to keep as much of this bullshit from happening as I can. Nothing will completely eliminate this kind of nutbaggery, but I'm more than willing to do my part, and it's not entirely implausible to think that our fascination with violent media may have some part in these issues. Certainly no more than actual guns and a lack of mental health care, but there could be something there. I, for one, blame Monsanto and that pink goo that passes for meat, but what the fuck do I know?

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I'm with you on this one. All snark aside, I love video games, the more violent the better. But, like most, I know the difference between the irritation of having to start over from the last check point and, you know, killing people. Even so, if it saves even one child's life, I'll happily give them up and get a life or something. Maybe a job and a girlfriend. Ok, now I'm depressed again.

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No worries, it's not like any of that shit is real meat.

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I promise (noidont) not to hump your leg if you let me hug you.

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Wow, that Matalin chick talks real good, what with being deaf and all. What? Oh, sorry, she talks well.

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I'm guessing he was a banker. $10,000 says he was a banker. Or he couldn't have possibly known that Dad was a democrat and therefore stabbing him couldn't be considered voter fraud. Where's Trump, we need to get to the bottom of this.