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Yes, the Republicans are so racist and misogyist they made Condoleeza Rice the first African-American Secretary of State. /sarc__But I guess outlets like the WaPo are only colorblind when the it doesn't fit their chosen narrative which is that all Republicans must be racist, sexist homphobes. Pathetic!

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Cool story bro

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Why is it that when a church accepts government funds and wants religious freedom, the leftists are the first to say "if you want religious freedom, don't take government money," but when women demand government money to pay for their so-called reproductive choices and we demand to have some say in that, the leftists are the first to scream "it's our body, our choice and our freedom"?

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At most, it's treading water as it circles the drain.

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So many assumptions. You know what they make out of you.

I'm not forcing anything onto you. What's sad is that just because I state my opinion you feel threatened and think that I am.

And you are correct in one thing - it is indeed called tolerance. Tolerance means that I can express my views which is all that I've done. I certainly haven't attacked you at any point although you seem to feel that I have. You, on the other hand, have expressed your opinion on me several times. Apparently, simply because I am Christian, I am also an intolerant, hateful bigot because I mentioned God and felt that my God was also nature's God. I didn't say anything about you or your beliefs or lack thereof at all.

I will say this once to you. We all must choose to walk our paths in life. Mine is to walk with God, and I don't know what your's is, nor do I much care as it's your's and only you can walk it. I can only talk about my path; I'm sorry if it offends you, but as you say, this country is about tolerance, so I should at least have the freedom to express that much.

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Because maybe to an nonbeliever they look silly, but those rituals have deep and abiding meaning to believers. Try it this way - to most of the people around the world, American football looks like a silly and needlessly violent game, but to most Americans, it's a deeply loved tradition. Look at all the guys who spend hours and days on their fantasy drafts. Look at the rabid tailgaters. Look at the people who don't wear clothes in favor of wigs and body paint to games. It must look terribly silly to all those people around the world, but would you walk up to say ... a Raider Hater ... and tell him that?

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Well, Mormons aren't my brand of Christian, but they're Christian enough as far as I'm concerned. If I vote against Romney, it won't be his religion that causes it.

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So, you have rights because you are human? OK, why? What makes you different than the animals? There are entire movements of lefties that argue just that very thing. Humans are no different than the other animals. In essence, you only have legal rights then because other humans choose to recognize them (i.e. government), and if those governments decide otherwise, then you no longer have those rights.

However, if you believe in something outside humanity from which you derive those basic rights, then you also are forced to the conclusion that no agent of humanity has the right to remove those basic rights. See, your mistake is in thinking all of what the Left squawks about is actually "rights" when they hopelessly confise the issue by injecting things that aren't actually basic rights at all. And, lest you be concerned that I'm solely arguing from a Christian perspective, understand that Cicero had derived the case for basic natural human rights (life, liberty, etc.) as an agent of a higher power than mere humanity through philosophy and reason long before there was ever a Christian religion.

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Eh, ignorance about Islam is hardly unique.

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I'm sure it's because the perfect central planner exists; it's just that the rough beast's hour hasn't come round at last.