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So, does he write about television shows based around hunting? Sorry, but most hunters do it because they enjoy it, again he is attacking people that belong in his own political base, which is ignorant and self righteous.

I'll be just fine with saying how I feel, I've never cared if people agreed or disagreed with me. Besides judging drug addicts doesn't belong to one political view or the other, it's more of a society thing, I've run across judgmental people in every political view, even yours.

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I won't give him hell for having been/being a drug addict, that don't make someone a bad person. I also hate hunting with a passion but don't feel the need to tell others not to do it. The problem is, he probably assumes all hunters are right wing and it won't be offending their people, but I know a lot of left wingers that are avid hunters, the small town I grew up in was mostly left wing, hunters. He should be careful when insulting his own political base.

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That's giving too much credit to the a-listers, which in my opinion, is exactly the problem with the state of Hollywood. There is so much talent in the world of unknowns in the entertainment industry that are never given a real chance to show their talent.

Like I said in another comment, $5 million budget could be amazing since I've seen some amazing films done with $1 million budget or less by unknowns.

Time will tell, it may suck, it may not, but I would say with 95% certainty if Hollywood big wigs got their hands on Atlas Shrugged it would turn into the complete opposite of what it should have been depending on whose hands had it, most directors, writers, producers, ect. in Hollywood don't exactly see eye to eye with the message in Atlas Shrugged.

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I've always loved Staind and Aaron Lewis, I don't know why it's so shocking he would be a conservative or libertarian, if people had listened to his music they would pick up on that. There are a lot of conservative and libertarians in rock and metal, people just decide anyone in Hollywood is automatically liberal, it's just that the none lefties tend to keep their views to themselves more often.

That's why our side has to stop being so judgmental to artists and entertainers.

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"I just think it's common sense that a project as complex as Atlas is unlikely to succeed with a no-name cast, TV director, inexperienced producer, etc.

It's like filming War and Peace on a Blair Witch budget."

That's not even close to common sense, even the most experienced people, most well know cast can make a crap movie and vice versa.

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People's experience shouldn't be a reason to judge the quality of a film, you never know what kind of talent is hidden inside a novice. And, the budget is pretty good, considering I've seen amazingly done movies on a $1 million budget or less.

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You don't have to be a pure libertarian to appreciate and/or love Ayn Rand's work, give it a chance before you decide nobody will watch it.

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If you're going to insult Sarah Palin, at least know what the hell you're talking about. She never "coined" the phrase "lipstick on a pig", one it's an old saying and two Obama said the phrase during the election. Sarah Palin did say "What's the difference between a pit bull and a hockey mom? Lipstick.". But, you're obviously an idiot.

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I would never attack Obama's or Pelosi's looks, because I can actually articulate a good enough argument on their policies if I need to.

You should admit Kathy Griffin is an idiot for the sheer fact that she is a performer and isn't even attempting to "know her audience" before cracking jokes. But, you obviously have so much hate for the Palin's that you defend someone who is so obsessed with their own beliefs they won't attempt to do their job well.

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Exactly, I've played acting roles that aren't anything near who I actually am, or act in a way I would ever act. That's one of my favorite parts of acting, proving I can play a role that isn't the slightest bit like myself, the challenge is the best part.