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Oh. Well, I guess he won't respond to my commentary on his blatherings.

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If Zimmerman is such a fan of citizen dealt justice, let's see how he likes a taste of his own medicine, eh?

He'd have to assault an armed person to do that.

But you knew that, didn't you.

I'm a bit disappointed. Most other prog drones were spewing their talking points within hours of the verdict. Is your hardware so limited that it took til today for you to show up here?

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Conservatives sure feel uncomfortable with the subject.

The dribblings of a known liar like yourself can be irritating, yes.

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...they'd make up some strange ritual to get male reproductive materials into the female so offspring would be born? (Boy, did I pick some interesting euphemisms to avoid graphic sexual descriptions...)

Though I suspect there'd be more than a few heterosexuals in the next generation, so it'd balance out eventually.

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He chose NOT to attack the concept of same sex marriage. Instead he focused on attacking the decision saying that ANY opposition to same sex marriage is by default motivated by hate. I think that is a very significant element of the decision for future use.

It will be used as an excuse to hate those who oppose SSM. Because they're such evil icky awful h8rs so they "deserve" it.

Expect "bigot against bigotry" to be used as well.

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"People are offended by my assertion that I’m black and going to be here and be black,” Jarvis said, noting that her public pride is not about “hating white” people, but empowering black ones.

...and get all pissy when people simply see her as a loudmouthed asshat.

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....and if you don't believe in God, yet find the climate change thing to be severely flawed at best and a self-serving lie at worst?

( equal opportunity denier?!)

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Does this mean the Navy SEALS who killed him are Blade Runners?