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Deactivate the account before the interview so you can truthfully say you don't have Facebook. You can always reactivate it once you get the job.

I know if something happens to my job and I have to start interviewing again, knowing this, I just might start deactivating the account before interviewing if they're going to be starting this BS.

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The hacker is a kid. He has a childish mentality and wants to make a 'name' for himself. You are right with the responsible route, but with a childish individual of any age, that's not what's going to happen.

I was expecting him to say that this is what one gets for visiting porn sites. Those sites do tend to be filled with viruses and malware. I've mistyped urls and hit porn sites that tried to download exe files in the background. Thankfully I'm on a Mac and the browser I was using alerted me to the download going on.

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I think so too! Very informative trip down memory lane you're posting here. :) Looking forward to the rest of the series of postings.

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I just wanted to let you know that the only regular posting I look forward to every day is the Daily Call Sheet. Come to think of it, I cruise the news blogs looking for news, but I always LOOK for this column.

Awesome links you provide too at the end.

Thanks for making my day every day.

And I don't know what infected the mind of George Lucas. Holy smokes, his head has spun off in a different dimension.

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Yes you really want to. I have the pilot somewhere, but it's... not great. It's good if you can watch it before the series, but if you don't, it's no big whoop. It takes a while for things to really get going (have to lay the groundwork), but oh boy, it's a blockbuster.

I love that the characters are complex as well as their relationships, and all evolve over time. You really get to know these people and really care about them.

Parts of it are really sad, parts of it are thrilling, shocking and hilarious. It's just brilliant.

Watch at least the first 2 seasons. Or into season 2. Then the things they did in season 1 start to gel.

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Oh, my DARLING Vir!! xD I thought that was one of the best line in the series - and they had many like that one.

I haven't watched that in far too long. I need to lay off the anime for a bit and run through Babylon 5 again. You've convinced me.

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I resisted Babylon 5 for the longest time, but started watching when Bruce Boxleitner came on board. Fell. In. LOVE with that show. I know own all five seasons and watch it every second year (I alternate years with Farscape). :)

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I love Pam Grier! If she was following ME on Twitter, I'd tell the world too. xD

I almost can't believe Hollywood hasn't bankrupted itself, just like Kodak. Fight against new technology and you grow increasingly irrelevant. I can't believe the studios haven't started streaming their movies and programs themselves. They can be dicks and not allow anyone else to stream them, and they'd still make money. Ossified prehistoric monkeys, way too many of them.

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The government IS handling piracy and has been since DMCA was enacted. It's that series creator who is at fault for not complaining and having it taken down.

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I dunno, she sounds like maybe she spends a lot of time online and got her words mixed up. xD