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Why me? Because Carl Spackler couldn't do the job!

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Don't mean to say that he couldn't chew up the scenery when on screen. Roadhouse and Big Lewbowski were films and roles that lent themselves to that. And he played it to the hilt in each. Capone could also fit in that category I suppose.

But he was more like the nice comfortable chair in a room that you'd never part with than the flashy artwork that is pretty but you change when you're bored with it. Ben Gazzara was comfortable and never boring.

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Hard for me to pick a favorite Gazzara role. Or a particularly memorable one. He always seemed like the actor who came to work, knew his work and did it very well. He was consistently very good without overshadowing everything that surrounded him. I guess that's the best kind of character actor.

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I would add destructive to your description.

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I think that she and John Nolte have that covered. Since Mr. Nolte is the man that runs this site, I'll go by his say-so. If I disagree with Mr. Nolte regarding any guest(s) to his site, I'll politely inform him of my viewpoint if I feel it necessary. I won't go the ad hominem route. Not sure why you went there with her.

I guess that the reason I feel the need to defend James Garner here is that I have always felt like he's the kind of man with whom you could and would have spirited discussions on a multitude of issues, yet it would remain friendly. I see a lot of old fashioned sensibility with him that navigated a town and industry that is anything but old fashioned. I haven't read his book yet. The quotes regarding Ronald Reagan made me cringe. But on a second read, of the excerpt, it seemed to me that he was speaking as much about actors becoming politicians as he was about President Reagan specifically. And there are people that I still respect very much that I would say that they just don't "get" Ronald Reagan. I can read his book of his speeches and know clearly that President Reagan had many great original thoughts. So Mr. Garner feels differently. President Reagan's legacy is secure regardless.

I think anyone would reflexively defend their parent if they felt that they were attacked. Also, I don't think Ms. Garner attacked anyone's beliefs or principles.

Anyways...That is enough rambling on my part. My apologies if I prolonged this unnecessarily.

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A person could make a lot of inferences from your comment. Not sure if you truly are hoping for an answer from Ms. Garner, but I'll give you my first thought when I saw her avatar photo.

Some of the most distinct memories of my daughter are from her earliest days. She was my little miracle. I can forget a lot of things, but those early days of my children are indelible. I'm sure it is the same with Ms. Garner and her father. I wouldn't be surprised if that photo was one of his favorites.

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I didn't post that for the kudos, but thank you. The best to all here at Big Hollywood in the holiday season. Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah!

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Ms. Garner, I am about as radical a right leaning libertarian as can be found. I hold my God given rights and liberties very dear. I probably differ with almost everything that your father holds dear politically.

That being said, I have always admired your father for being his own man. He has stood up for what he felt was right (now that I think about it, I agree very much with what I know about much of your father's 1960's civil rights stance). I can just feel the character instilled in him from Mr. Garner's Oklahoma upbringing. An upbringing that I think was very similar to my folks early 20th century West Virginia upbringing (And we had a Bumgarner marry into the family).

My dad was conservative in some ways and far left in others. I didn't always agree with him, but I always loved him. I also hold your father in great affection. He made me smile a lot over the years.

This is not kissing up to you, but your defense of your dad struck a chord in me. I know that you will keep defending him and always love him. As you should.

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I agree with you to a point. Sadly, after being pummeled for years by leftists, many folks of a more conservative bent have reflexively become just as insulting.

That is sad. But I remember catching continual crap from the 1980's on without being allowed to simply offer a different viewpoint in the debate. Scorched earth offensive has now been met with scorched earth response. It probably won't tone down until one side wins.

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One of those guys you sort of felt like he'd be around forever. Or at least hoped that he would. RIP, Harry. You delivered it every time you were called. Left a lot of indelible memories on my childhood into adulthood.