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Loved, loved Lilyhammer!
Watched all 8 eps in one sitting and was laughing so hard,
tears were streaming down my face, so funny it was in every ep.
Even a little scene where Johnny asked the lamb: ,,Lamb! What are you doing out here all by yourself ?'' it was so fun to watch!
The Moslem slapping was great, as was the bying of the modern art, the hippy in the farm reading with a flashlight, the chicken thrown on to his bed, and so much more.
I am still laughing every time while remembering Lilyhammer!
What a great, great show!

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Good article, good analyzes from the spiritual point of view on the artistic attempts of the said artists.
Heavenly Father still lets them children play.

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MMoriarty : His popularity comes from his size and of course the enormous size of his eyes. They fill the screen.
Yes, I believe it is true- but that just goes for the popularity- not for being a real artist - THE ARTIST.
And they don't lie. They run as deep as the size of his performances grow bigger.
OK, the eyes don’t lie, it is true- that is the very reason I don’t believe Pacino for a moment.
He's obviously not your cup of tea but he does have a devoted following for some reason.
Not about a cup, the cup is just a cup- cannot be not a phony. I’ve always preferred good porcelain to the clay, perhaps it is my problem with Pacino.
Sorry, I was unable to post it in a one normal post!

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MM: His underplaying in GODFATHER became finer and finer and, more than any other villain, infuriating, as it should be.
I didn’t believe in the GODFATHER for a one damn moment in Pacino’s performance, while I did believe in everything what Brando or de Niro did at the time ? Why was that? Am I a fool, lacking any sense in artistry? Perhaps, it is immaterial.

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MGMoariarty wrote:
His size of performance is, of course, theatrical but I do believe it is the only way he CAN approach a role ... with the exception of INSOMNIA. Having been trained in the theater, I don't mind size, particularly when you are portraying a symbol as profoundly voracious as Lucifer!
Oh, dear, about the size, while the man you are talking about is in a size of a midget. I saw him in San Francisco at the Castro Cinema- wow- poor little darling!
MM: I would expect size of some sort. He gives it.
What does he give? What? Was that size- what was unsaid, while he clearly says it all, which has been written for him? And there is not a one milligram of truth, while he says it? Where is that size? Where? - In the affections that all of us should have for a man, who doesn’t know what’s wrong with him?

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Dear Mr. Moriarty~
I am just curious about your fascination for Pacino? I never thought he was a good actor. I thought he was rather very average, if not just simply bad. On the other hand, you have always been very natural, with that light in your eyes, and I would never tell, that you were acting. While, for Pacino- he has always been acting, and acting and acting. And I have never believed him, ever.
Why are you admiring him? Do you have this admiration, just because he is so very famous? I cannot believe it! But, perhaps there is some secret of trade, you have been drawn to? Pacino always looked as phony to me as much as they come. Not an artist, but a phony. Perhaps now I have written some thoughts belonging to condemnation for sacrilege.

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“If you would understand what communism was,” Fonda pleaded with a student audience, “you would pray on your knees that we would someday be communist.”

Oh, good Lord! Jane should have asked my grandmother Lisa, my aunt Eve, my cousins Edward and Velta, my uncle Anton, how happy they were, while being taken out of the house in the middle of the night by soviet soldiers? Were they criminals? Sure, by the communist law! They had a little farm, where they worked very hard. But they ended up in GULAG, and as Jane Fonda perhaps would have done- praying to be a communist- they could not. Because they never understood any of this- why would their land and life be taken away? Because somebody somewhere thought it was good for them? Why would they have to die in a cold strange land, die of starvation, when they had everything what God and their work gave them? Everything, what they needed?
I truly think that Jane Fonda is connected with some evil force.

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Amen to that!

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Mr. Moriarty –it is so nice to have you back!
Strange thing though- just yesterday I was thinking about it- why have you been absent from the BH for such a long time?
Anyway, Pacino was great in Devil’s Advocate, but I didn’t get the Insomnia at all.
Would love to hear more about it from you, as it was written in your article.