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That is the most retarded plot I have ever heard. What the hell is wrong with these people? Can't they at least think up something decent?

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I think Ebert needs to take a second and look up the definition of "irony". Its what you do to wrinkly shirts, right?

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Sorry, but you have to link an article if you want to make such a baseless allegation. And not from HuffPo or Media Matters, or any left-wing hand-wringing rag. I can almost guarantee that that figure you keep trumpeting is inaccurate.

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Only he actually took a few mortar rounds...

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He was "hosting" a Youtube spectacular called "The Young Turks". Now he is completely unhinged on a channel for the unhinged. Perfect fit if you ask me.

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I am not saying he was impeached for adultery, but he kept the Monica drumbeat up to a fever pitch without one look in the mirror. He may be a good talker, but he is just a liberal in Conservatives clothing. He will do or say whatever he needs to get the popular opinion/vote instead of standing on principle. As ArchonPrime put it, GO AWAY NEWT.

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Word, that guy is not good for the Conservative movement. He is a Neo-Con piece of crap that has been idolized by the "check-pants" Old Guard Republican party. We need new blood that not only speaks a good game, but will follow through on it. If you Newt fans are doubting me, remember when he was haranguing Clinton about his infidelity and preaching family values? He was banging an intern at the time an divorcing his wife WHO HAD CANCER. He needs a permanent vacation.

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Dead-on about Godfather II. DeNiro made that movie. Plus Michael Corleone became a character not so much pulled into "the life", than a douche of a human being who is driven more by ego than good sense or love for his father.

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That is why me and the wife went through our collection and reduced it down dramatically and sold them unwanted DVDs to our local Dimple records for cash. I'm sure you have something like that in your area, so think it over and thin the herd. It is a kick in the crotch to see hundreds of dollars of DVDs reduced to a $100 value, but space is made.

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All part of becoming more "Europeanized". That is the model the UK uses and that $*!t gets EXPENSIVE! Here's hoping the free market holds out and idiots do not get their way...