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These two rock! They fracking rock!!! Mother fracking cool frackers!

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How dare you criticize Tyler Perry! How dare you!!!! You must be a racist Republican!!! ;)

Taking the fam... we luv us some TP!

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Complexities of war, abortion, sexuality, marriage, economy, mortgages, tolerance, history,... basically means, only nihilist professors & the elite, can decide what we should believe in.

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No matter how much you polish or paint or rim light a TURD... it's still a piece of crap.

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Who doesn't want their dick sucked? But the question is... do we then follow that as our life's goal?

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Love America, love what we stand for, and we'll go... with our families.

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Oh when I mean science, I don't mean engineering or biology... I mean Evolution as fact and Science as ultimate truth, like 'Scientists don't lie'... pfft! Global cooling/warming/change... PFT!!! OH and I've read quite a few claiming Reason and Empathy are the ultimate truth. Pft! ..... Love.... PFFFFFFFFTT!!!!!

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It's so simple. Remember, Atheism isn't about what atheists believe about God..... it's what they do. Sexual worship, killing children, and worshiping anything but God (i.e. science, globalism, secularism, etc...) Leviticus 20. So I don't care what their belief in God is... I ask them, do they believe in Planned Parenthood? Atheist. Do they believe in gay marriage? Atheist. Do they believe other religions are the same? Atheist.

I still love and respect all folks, but the belief... is... the belief.

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Sucker Punches: None.........?........... pinch me.... PINCH ME!!

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Whatever the case, conservatives need to speak up at every catering table, in every makeup & wig line, and waiting around in the unused portion of the sets. And i know the makeup in the morning will be the hardest... but its true... it will be hard at first, but what you'll see over time... if enough do it... is a more measured and carefully thoughtful set of debating people, then a bunch of brainwashed inbred liberals making films & destroying America.