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Slut is fine with me. This trollop wants me to pay for her promiscuous sexual dalliances?
And Obammy pats her on the touche, but what does Obammy do or say about a real issue - the possible hanging of an Iranian pastor, Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani, merely for being a Christian?

Obammy suports a prostitute and ignores a Christian.
Well, we might expect that from a moose.

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I just canceled HBO on DirecTV. I told the operator it was SOLELY because of Bill Maher, his foul language and his utter disrespect for women. The person I spoke to was female and I think she "got it."
It will cost DirecTV about $16/month and I hope that everyone does this. We CAN put Maher out of work. We are his sponsors and we should fire him. NOW!

Goodbye HBO, until they rid themselves of the demon-possessed Christian hating pervert, Maher, who looks exactly like Freddy Krueger, if you take time to look at photos of each one.

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I said this before and got my post deleted, but we must be very very careful about people who call themselves jews and those who really are God's favored people. Not everyone who says he is a jew is a Jew. A Jew is not just someone who observes or says he observes certain rituals, but a person who is a legitimate descendent of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
Arabs and the moose are descendents of Ishmael, the bastard son of Abraham, and many of these people call themselves jews, but clearly they are not.
I strongly suggest reading Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 which specifically refers to these poseurs.
Those are the words of Jesus, not me.
When someone calls themselves a Jew, find out which tribe they are from......

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Each and every one of those illegals represents at least 2 democrat votes. This is the ONLY reason the democrats want them.

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Recover? If by recover you mean cover it up again, yes. The economy is dead and buried. Recovering it means to add more dirt over the existing grave.
Obammy will finish the US once and for all if he gets his way. The moose need a dead America in order to take over the world and Obammy is doing his best to make it so.

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I think it is time for anyone who has HBO to drop it. NOW!

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Just think "Daniel Pearl" and you know that this BBC coward is afraid of reality.
Christians don't cut your head off when you mock them. The moose do. Time and time again. It's part of their demonic creed.

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His inner Satan rising.

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Obammy continues to confuse apology with appeasement. He is America's Appeaser in Chief.

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Obammy is confusing apology with appeasement.