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Nice article, and this may be the only movie I see in theater in the last 5 years. I disagree with the author's assertion that there is no brand here. The Seals are one of the most respected and widely known brands in american culture. If this movie wasn't real seals, doing things the way they have been trained, I would have no interest.

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It seems in washington the lives of soldiers are of no interest when billions and egos are at stake.

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Kennedy didn't have the nards to secure cuba, our only enemy not an ocean away. He did manage to set us on the path to the pointless and non-stragegic vietnam war.

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Agreed. In my mind, had he done nothing after darkness, we would have been none the poorer.

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The springsteen who spun a glorious soundtrack for my teenage years would not have pompously parroted such drivel. His muse was no where to be seen by 1985--as I have noted each time this 1% donkey preaches another marxist sermon, and this elderly wealthy dimwitted leftist scold would be well advised to STFU about things he knows nothing about--like how the government should control the working class.

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Art which derives its primary notoriety from violating taboos is called Transgressive Art. Now madonna has been hassling the catholics for what, 30 years now? Transgressive art gets old in a hurry as its appeal is novelty.

Now I think the catholic church hierarchy is non-biblical and an organization based on pride and ego, but I do think its mean spirited to torment the millions of people who are devout catholics. We all know that no other religion besides christianity is routinely mocked in american mainstream media, so clearly, the folks doing this are either respectful or afraid of religions they leave alone.

We have had essays here about anti-semitism in msm, but by my count it seems fairly exceptional compared to the almost mandatory anti-catholic stuff we see in popular culture.

PS. Only reading about this here--haven't watched grammys for perhaps 25 years. When dude got a grammy for 'don't worry be happy' pretty good time to lose interest.

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And you consider that an effective response?

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In another post, I told him to STFU about ron paul and told him to not tar others with his bigotry. So, your assertion that I expressed more outrage about ron paul than the anti-semitism is correct. Also, your comment spoke directly to me as a ron paul supporter and I admittedly am more offended by comments directed at me than anti-semitic comments. I consider you to have implied that I am anti-semitic as a ron paul supporter--so I don't see that you are standing on much of a moral high ground in this matter.

I don't consider calling someone an anti-semite is the 'slightest' criticism, and surely I speculate accurately that you consider it something very serious indeed.

Please note that in another post, I have spoken a bit about anti-semitism and my lutheranism.

And it should be so obvious as to go without saying that the fact than an ignorant anti-semite supports ron paul does not make ron paul anti-semitic. Perhaps frank, like so many others, believe ron paul is an anti-semite and inaccurately sees him as a kindred spirit.

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Being raised as a moderate Lutheran, we are taught that Jesus was a j.ew, and not really a christian so to speak. We revere the old testament which is primarily a history of the jewish people, and I have never heard word 1 about hating j.ews because of the crucifixion. Judas, roman soldiers, and Pontious Pilate are the only heavies, and even they are said to have been agents of god's divine plan.

In our worship services, we speak of j.ews only in the context of the teachings of the old testament, and then in a respectful or matter of fact manner. The passion of christ is solely a narrative leading to a divine forgiveness of sin, of grace received by undeserving sinners, and there is no energy about hating those who were involved in the passion.

I know of some christian fundamentalists who believe the biblical admonition that by divine command, we are to support Israel. I know from what I have read--though I have never personally seen this--that some self-identified christians are anti-semitic, but I want to be clear that I don't consider that the mainstream view.

* I have had problems with the word j.ew, when spelled correctly, triggering the blocking of a post due to a word filter, so I do this odd usage solely to avoid the word filter, I mean no disrespect.

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Hey STFU about Ron Paul. Don't tar others with your bigotry.