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Your name says it all.
Why are not we all burning korans? Bet you don't have a problem with burning a Bilble? or showing the Virgin Mary in cow dung? It is a crime in Saudi Arabia to HAVEW A BIBLE! Bet you did not protest any of the sick anti-Christ actions. Had Christians slaughtered innocents over such idiocy, would you have blamed the artist? It is sickening to think that our military would reach out to an individual American, like that is where the battle or the enemy is.. IDIOTS .. WE WILL NOT SUBMIT TO ISLAM! Get the cult of hate out of our FREE COUNTRY.
Islam and FREEDOM DO NOT &; CAN NOT MIX. Too bad for muslims, especially the"only worth a half a camel females"...let's not make it too bad for us.
They whip 14 year old rape VICTIMS to is a sick cult.......why do you support such sickness?
why do we shed our blood except to defeat and weaken it when it attacks us or our Freedoms?
How does anyone who believes in freedom beneift by protecting thiscult?

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Never hear form these guys about pisin' on Jesus? using fed tax dollars to do it nonetheless.
Tea Party mobilize.
Graham the betrayer OUT!

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What a weakkneed leadership we have.
the home of the weak and fearful would be a better tagline for this sickening apologetic crew.
They can now find me and attack me and mine.
What has this country come to?
Blaming a Florida Pastor for the murder of 20 people in Afghanistan?
He didn't release any personal information or government secrets AKA the NY TIMES.
He did what should have been done a long time ago.
islam is a cult of hate and fear and we will not fight for it ANY MORE.
we will not die for mohammed ANY MORE!

God Bless the Pastor Jones for having the courage while so many of us cower.
The Jews and Romans MURDERED Jesus for saving people's eternal souls.
is not Pastor Jones trying to show us the true islam?
Are not our leaders betraying our freedoms for appeasement?


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Where does this protecting hate END?
Protect their right to kill apostates?
Protect their right to stone to death people who offend them?
whip to death 14 year old RAPE victims?
What are YOU protecting?
My wife will not wear a Burqa or cover her face..does she get whipped by the imam?

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Burning a KORAN is not violence.
QUIT protecting this vile cult of hate.
Oh wait should I be arrested for offending muslims?

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Are you kidding me so. carolina?
Is that what you all call a Rep?
Is that Reppin' YOU?
Everyone should burn a koran.
kill 20 people over what? Idiots.
Freedom of speech is a good idea?
Arrest THAT idiot for saying what he almost said.
He is NOT FREE to say that!

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Let me see if I get this poker game right?
I see your koran burning with 20 dead innocents slaughtered and 2 headless un workers(who had absolutely nothing to do with the koran burning).
the we see their butchering of 2 headless un workers and 18 innocents murdered and RAISE! with a nasty article condemning our fellow christian for burning this book of ignorance and hate, the koran.

That really tells muslims not to try and FEAR or TERRORIZE us into submission to their CULT does it?

why don't we just ask these cult terrorists if hey would you like us to put this preacher on SHARIA Trial for defaming your false prophet? oh what the hell, who needs a trial, just stone him to death..

Wo will cast the first stone?? Jesus asked????
Good thing there was not a muslim around...only God fearing Jews...


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Lets stop this foolishness with muslims. islam is a wicked cult of fear and submission.
How can it be LEGAL to kill or threaten to Kill somenone who leaves your Cult?
In which State of the Union is this legal?
it is is morally wrong.
this cult of death and wickedness must be stopped before it's infiltration of our way of life
goes too deep.
stop it now, for your daughter's sake. for your wife's sake.
for goodness sake.

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Many Jewish People are intelligent, that gene appears to have misfired in your particular lineage.
Who do you blame for the three Jewish Settler's Children that were recently slaughtered in Israel?
With Candy and cake trinkets all around the Muslim World to celebrate? Christians in Amsterdam?

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in a non-related comment...
If burning the koran is worth 20 murders in cold blood and 2 beheadings..
what is the payback for 20 murders and 2 beheadings of absolutely innocent people?

Wonder what Obama and the MSM think...

Who blames the Koran burner? Say with me.."I am an idiot"
The koran burner is trying to open our eyes before we are
headless as well. Or our children...stop sharia while we can..