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What ever you say bolshevik.I am the conservative and you are the bolshevik.Don,t ever forget that .And please try another approach.Your old one is getting very old.

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Jewish I am sure.

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We didn,t have communist anti white Jerk offs that were white like you.

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He is Jewish.Need I say any more.

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A few of my very good friends are conservative Jewish guys.They also can,t stand the communist among their own people.

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Karl Marx was Jewish.So were the makers of the whole Russian communist fiasco.In Germany they were the Jews that were the leaders of the communist agenda.In the United States its still the Jews that have a anti white communist agenda.That is not to say that they as a group don,t have a lot of capitalist pigs in their mist like Bernie.An I am not saying that capitalism is bad.Its just that the Jewish capitalist also are bleeding heart communist when you really dig deep.

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You are fighting so we can give away our lives and treasure to every black jack ass in America who don,t respect the law,life or family.And there are many good black people and I am sorry as I don,t mean to include the many millions who are good decent people.

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Maybe he sold more books then Billy boy because who would believe any thing that a liar has to say.Or for that matter who would listen to a jack ass like you.

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I bet my last dollar that 80 percent of these people are Jewish.

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Keep it simple stupid and shut your face.