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Silly Meghan everyone KNOWS it was the Amish guy from Ohio.

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Its Bush's fault that there is no limitations on blaming him.

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I am going to do that. That is so awesome that so many people volunteered to do this. I will be going back the first week in April, I got back every 6 to 8 weeks.

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Plummet? Or did they go up in flames?

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Is he wearing Ivana's hair?

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I have a lot of deceased relatives in WI I'd like to see that petition to check for their names.

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HA! Ya Think? Something stinks and it's not just her person. Weird thing is people have known about insider trading for YEARS, yes at least 2 YEARS and no one's done anything about it, now Congress wants to pass a bill to prevent it, why not years ago, all around it's hypocritical

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We NEED way more Bills. In my little area of Commifornia we conservatives of San Diego county are a gathering storm. Most people I know have opted to run for some open position on school boards, water boards and local government. We have no hope of changing things unless we get in and do it ourselves (or my favorite: revolution). Thank you Bill for running for School Board, now tell all your friends to do the same thing

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Is it just me or is Holder's forehead way too high?

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I remember it very well, I was almost 5 months pregnant managing a child's clothes shop and we had a play yard inside the store set up with a TV and I was watching it. Then I didn't understand what happened, I couldn't believe what I saw. Then in February 2003 another one, Columbia blew up too, the following month, in March I had a business trip to Houston and stopped at NASA, my first trip to NASA and it was very solemn, people spoke in hushed tones. Then I visited again in 2007 and they were all talking about going to MARS then in 2009 NASA was talking about getting a Muslim into space and now all of that has been cancelled because of a dumb@ss in the white house.