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Haha, ditto!

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The Blue Spirit

--Speculating before I start that the blue spirit has something to do with the blue airbender tattoos.

--Not gonna lie, those archers are pretty good.

--Okay WHO THE EFF was that lurking on top of the pavilion????

--This is the wrong episode to be watching during a pandemic. :p

--Zhao being an Admiral seems like Bad News.

--It's official: Uncle Iroh is my favorite character. I'm not exactly surprised, but I don't always agree with fan consensus, so I wanted to try to approach things with an open mind. But I really like him!

--Spoke too soon! Miyuki is obviously my favorite!

--It seems like sending archers after an airbender isn't the most effective tactic. But then, after deflecting the first volley, why isn't Aang using his powers more instead of just trying to dodge? Does he run out of steam that quickly?

--So, this mysterious guy appears to have waterbending powers?

--Okay, totally wrong about that! It did occur to me that it might be Zuko, but I dismissed it since I didn't see why he would have been spying on the scene at the beginning of the episode. Well, this is a twist!

--I like that being rescued by Zuko makes Aang thoughtful, but that Zuko just tries to attack him again.

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I meant the fact that Aang is 12, so how could it have been him who disappeared 100 years ago? I didn't think the fact that he had been encased in ice for all that time was common knowledge.

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The Storm

--Uh, oh, these previouslies imply that there will be some serious soul-searching going on in this episode!

--It's so interesting that I could tell immediately that this was a dream sequence, just from the animation style! But I can't put my finger on what was different about it.

--I'd really love to know what the exact relationship is between Prince Zuko and Uncle Iroh! Why is Iroh along on this trip? Does Iroh have any actual authority? Does Zuko have any actual authority! How can this lieutenant get away with questioning Zuko like that?

--The fisherman: Way harsh, Tai.

--Obviously, the fisherman's accusations are playing into Aang's insecurities, so I can see why Aang reacts like that, but I don't understand why the fisherman is so mean in the first place? He's looking at a 12-year-old kid and accusing him of disappearing for 100 years? How could he know it was even Aang who did that? And at that age, Aang wasn't even supposed to know he was the Avatar yet! At what age to Avatars usually come into their powers?

--Haha, this is two episodes in a row where the title is both literal and figurative!

--Hey, is that the voice of Chi Fu from Mulan?

--Who's that girl standing next to Iroh at the duel? Is she going to be important, or did they just need someone to be standing there?

--Okay, so Zuko's dad is a dick, but I already kind of knew that because of spoilers. But I honestly didn't expect that he had given Zuko that scar, especially without Zuko fighting back! I definitely feel like I understand Zuko a lot better now. But I don't think he'll be too happy with Iroh for sharing this story with the sailors.

--Poor Aang. He and Zuko have both had it rough for different reasons.

--I still think they ought to be concerned that they keep running into Zuko's ship. Maybe they should try traveling farther inland for a while?

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rukbat3 Watches Avatar: The Last Airbender

Sorry about the unexpected hiatus! My sisters came to visit, and then I was suddenly slammed with homework at the same time. Anyway, episode reactions beginning with 1x12 in the comments below.

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The Great Divide

--Ha, so the title of this episode is both literal and figurative. :)

--This solution of Aang's is reminding me of the fox, chicken, and grain logic puzzle. Shouldn't he send Sokka or Katara with Appa to make sure they don't kill each other before the rest of their tribes show up?

--Uh oh, Chekhov's no food rule.

--This earthbender seems cool and really good at his job. They should ask him to show Aang a few tricks.

--Where is Katara getting the water for her waterbending?

--These two sides of the story seem pretty easy to reconcile. But if the second one we heard is true, then why couldn't or wouldn't the first guy corroborate the second guy's story? So it seems to me that if I had to pick a side, I'd believe the first one. Of course, as we know, understanding is a three-edged sword.

--At first I thought it was really convenient that Aang happened to know these two characters, and then I wondered whether he was making it up, which turned out to be the case. But his version still seemed kind of unbelievable to me. Surely it would take something a little more serious than a fight between two kids over a game to actually cause a rift of that size between two tribes. Even if the story had been the same, but the players had been adults I would have found it easier to swallow.

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--LOL, one episode after I point out that Zuko always appears to be hot on their trail (pun intended :p), Sokka points out the same thing!

--"Walking might be fun!" "Walking stinks." Saw that smash cut coming!

--Why are they all carrying their own packs? Even if they don't want to fly, surely Appa could carry the supplies?

--Haha, when I first saw Jet, I said, "Hey, it's Robin Hood!" Looks like I wasn't far wrong! :D

--LOL, this yellow light when Jet takes hold of Katara is giving me Jane the Virgin vibes.

--This whole thing where Sokka is set up to be the boy who cried wolf is annoying. If I were in Katara's place, I don't know if I would believe him either, because there's a history there, but the episode is making her look like she is just swept off her feet by the handsome stranger. Still, you'd think she'd be a little more disturbed by Jet's willingness to attack a solitary old man. Even if he did turn out to be an assassin, how did Jet know ahead of time? Also, they're in a bit of a time crunch, so shouldn't they be moving along anyway?

--Seems like Sokka should have woken someone else up to witness this shady nighttime excursion?

--I've really liked the animation on the trees in this whole episode, and especially in the rooftop battle.

--I kind of wish that Katara had pointed out to Jet that bringing up her mother isn't a good argument, since he's doing the same thing to all of the mothers in that town. I'm sure it wouldn't have made any difference to him, but I wanted Katara to be a little more eloquent than she was.

--So, did they give Jet's location to the townsfolk before they left so he could be apprehended, or did they just leave him free to continue with his vendetta?

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The Waterbending Scroll

--Aww, Appa likes playing in the water!

--I feel a little sorry for Katara being shown up by Aang, but after all, he is the Avatar! Also, he has already received extensive training with one element, and that probably makes it easier.

--Oh, no, the cabbage guy!

--I have to say, I think Katara was right to steal the scroll. She had more right to the scroll than the pirates did, and Aang does need to learn waterbending quickly as well.

--Quite a coincidence that Prince Zuko keeps arriving at places just after the Avatar, even when he isn't trying to!

--Lots of action in this one, so I didn't really have much to say. I wonder if losing his ship will slow Zuko down any? Probably not, I'm guessing, since they need to keep the pressure on. :)