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Huh. I didn't realize until just now that there were no Klingons in Season 3! It probably can't last.

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And here are some channels I like that do more movie/TV show analysis instead of reactions.

Dominic Noble does in depth analysis of book-to-film adaptations, and he's very entertaining.
FilmJoy is pretty well known, but in case you haven't heard of Movies with Mikey, you should really check him out!
Full Fat Videos
Jill Bearup mostly does fight analysis from the perspective of a stage combat performer.

If anyone else has recommendations to add, I'd love to hear them! (Not that I need more channels to watch. . . .)

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Last year when Mark took his break, I ended up watching a whole bunch of reaction channels on YouTube. I didn't find any that I liked as much as I like Mark, and none of them appear to write reviews in addition to doing reaction videos, but in case anyone else is looking for things to fill the void, I thought I would recommend some of my favorites.

First, here are two reactors who are just working their way through Buffy and Angel. alley box. started out as a Supernatural superfan, but by now she's calling Buffy her favorite show, and it's so fun to watch it happen! domi e. is a little unusual because she saw some of the later seasons of Angel a while ago, but she doesn't remember them very well, so it's entertaining watching her trying to fit what happens on Buffy into what she thinks happens in the future. :)

Next, here are some more general reaction channels. Many of them have reacted to the same movies and TV shows, since there is a kind of feedback loop where they will get ideas from other reactors.

Alanda Parker
Ashleigh Burton has a slightly different selection than many of the others. She watches a lot of cult classics.
Jessa and Alex Watch
Lakia Jay TV
Limelight Literature
medusa cascade is one of only a handful of people I have found reacting to Babylon 5
Movies with Mary
Natalie Gold
Nic Reacts
NickFlix is sometimes even more emotional than Mark!
Pilar Reacts has mostly only done LotR reactions so far, but it looks like she might be planning to continue with other things. Her videos are in Spanish, but with quality English subtitles.
SnarkSquad don't do typical reaction videos, but they have really good in depth discussions after watching the episodes. They are focused mainly on the Disney+ MCU shows right now.

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I love this fanvid so much!

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Oh, you're right!

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It's hard to remember at this point, but I'm pretty sure I started following MarkWatches, and then MarkReads as a result of Television Without Pity shutting down. I was looking for other sites that posted recaps and/or detailed summaries of shows with a humorous tone. Someone on The Mary Sue was doing a watch-through of Battlestar Galactica, and then someone in the comments mentioned Mark's reviews of the same show. I clicked through to the website and saw that they had not only done BSG, but also Buffy and Firefly, and they had just recently started The West Wing and Pushing Daisies, in addition to being in the middle of reading the Tortall series! Here was a veritable treasure trove of reviews! I could never have known then how important Mark and their sites would become to me, and that I would end up spending so much of my time making Discworld splits and writing up information about Babylon 5, in addition to becoming an actual moderator. :)

I feel like participating in these sites over the years has made me a better and more empathetic person, and I have not just Mark, but all of the commenters who have poured so much of their own time and attention into making this one of the friendliest places on the Internet, to thank for that. It's the comments that really make this a special place to be, somewhere where we can all talk about the things we love together. I will miss that a lot. I haven't seen many people commenting on Patreon yet. Maybe that will change in the future, but it isn't really set up for comment threads, so it's tougher. There is still Mark Spoils as well, of course, and I'm hoping to see many of you over there. I got stalled out on watching Avatar sometime last year, but I plan to pick it back up as soon as the Olympics are over and continue posting about it over on Spoils. I'm also voting in the Hugos this year (and I have the MarkDoesStuff community to thank for introducing me to that as well!), and I'd love to get some discussion going on that too, if there's interest.

Mark, your thoughtful analysis of media, your willingness to be vulnerable, and your ability to genuinely enjoy things and share that enjoyment with others have been so meaningful to me. I will miss reading your words three times a week. (Although I am still very much looking forward to your reactions to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency over on Patreon!) Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing this project with us for the past 12 years. I can't wait to see what you'll be doing next!

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So, final thoughts on ST: Discovery. I've definitely said some negative things about this show along the way, but overall, I did like it, and I intend to continue watching. I think the first season was my least favorite, and the second season was my favorite so far because of Captain Pike and feeling like the season-long storyline was handled a little better than in season three.

Obviously, Saru and Tilly are my favorite characters, with the Stamets/Culber family group fast gaining ground! It would be hard to have favorites among the other bridge crew, since none of them have been developed enough so far, but I live in hope. And even though I've complained about Michael drawing too much narrative focus, I do really like her as a character. Sonequa Martin-Green is doing a great job, and Michael Burnham as a person has a lot going for her, if only the show could figure out how to balance her with the rest of the cast. Unfortunately, with her being the Captain in season four (or at least, it appears that way now), I doubt that will happen anytime soon. However, it does make more sense for the Captain of the ship to be the focus of the narrative than the First Officer or the Science Officer (or a random mutineer with no rank), so maybe it will bother me less next season?

Thanks to the commenters here, I also know about two new Star Trek shows that have been announced, and I will likely end up watching both of them, although I am definitely looking forward to gur bar nobhg Cvxr naq gur Ragrecevfr more. :)

Overall, I didn't end up loving any of the Star Trek shows as much as I was hoping to, although they all had things about them that I enjoyed. I think Enterprise was my favorite, which was very unexpected, possibly followed by Voyager? The early seasons, anyway, before Kes was replaced by Seven of Nine, who was similar to Michael Burnham, in that I liked the idea of her character, but she ended up taking up too much space in the show. Unfortunately, TOS was my least favorite. I just couldn't get past the pacing and the datedness of some of the writing. (I do love the movies, though!) Discovery would fall somewhere in the middle.

If I had to pick a favorite episode from all of Star Trek, it might be "Darmak," although "In the Pale Moonlight" is right up there.

Favorite character is totally impossible. The Discovery characters that I mentioned above are definitely in the running, along with Data, Janeway, Spock, Picard, Tucker, and T'Pol. But favorite Captain is definitely Saru, nygubhtu V pna frr Cvxr biregnxvat uvz vs gur arj fubj vf tbbq.

I want to thank Mark for getting me off my butt to finally watch all of Star Trek which is something I had been wanting to do for a long time. (I still need to see Picard, but now that I'm subscribed to Paramount Plus, it's first on my list after the Olympics are over. [Along with The Expanse, but that's another story.]) And it's been even more special to do it with all of the commenters adding more information and different perspectives. You all are the best!

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I almost forgot about wrapping up my predictions! This is going to be bad. xD

1. Seriously, these are just a shot in the dark, so go big or go home, I guess. Discovery will not spend the whole season in the same future time period. And wrong right off the bat! (0/1)

2. The Federation will still exist in the future, but in some altered form. This one was right, but it was also the most likely thing that could happen, so kudos to me, I guess? (1/2)

3. They will find Michael’s mom at some point, but she will not end up joining Discovery on its travels. Okay, this one is definitely right, so I'm doing okay so far. (2/3)

4. However, at least one person from the future will join the crew. Two, as a matter of fact! Three if you count Gray, who I'm hoping will have a larger role next season. (3/4)

5. Georgiou will try to take over the ship, but will not succeed. Wrong. So wrong. (3/5)

6. Saru will be the captain after all. (Seriously, he had better.) Well, at least he got to be Captain for one season. (4/6)

7. I’m recycling this one. We will get one episode just focused on Tilly. I guess the closest we got was the episode where she was debating whether to accept the first officer position, but even then, it wasn't the A story, so I can't give myself credit for this. Still too much the Michael Burnham show! I keep hoping the showrunners will change course and turn this into more of an ensemble show, but so far, no luck. (4/7)

8. They will continue to use the spore drive, but something will have changed about the network in the future that will need some adjustment. Nothing changed about the network. Adira did make some changes to Stamets's interface, and now we have more potential pilots, but that's not what I meant. (4/8)

9. Um, uh. They will run into an unexpected familiar face? Someone who shouldn’t be there. Alternately, they will meet a descendant of a
character from one of the other Star Trek shows.
Sad that this didn't happen, TBH. (Unless it was someone from Picard that I didn't pick up on, and if there was, don't tell me! This site has already spoiled me enough for that show.) (4/9)

10. We will get one episode that is pure comedy. Nope. No time for comedy when the Federation is crumbling around you! (4/10)

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Some random thoughts:

It doesn't make sense to me that Michael's personal appeal to Admiral Vance would work. She hasn't really done anything to give him that level of confidence in her? And the stakes are so high that I can't believe he would just let them go based on nothing more than her word. Maybe if he had known about the pesticides as well, I could have accepted it, but as it was, it was just one more instance of Michael being able to do something she shouldn't be able to do because she is the protagonist.

Maybe it was just me letting my expectations influence my viewing experience, but I was really expecting Dot/the sphere data to be able to do more than just be an intelligent robot and pull Owo to safety. Not that I'm not grateful! But she couldn't have hacked back into the ship's systems to get life support back or negate the need for Michael to reset the computers personally? Or used her extensive knowledge to figure out some other solution? Instead she was just kind of there.

Haha, nobody threatens Grudge, you asshole! Loved that that was the thing which gave Book the extra push he needed to beat Jake Weber's character. xD

It was lovely to see Lieutenant Sahil again! I hope he gets to have at least a cameo in Season 4 as well.

Wow, those new uniforms are ugly. Haven't we already gone through this in Crusade? Gray is not a flattering color!