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Yay! I took swimming lessons when I was 16 and found them invaluable - it's really important to know proper technique in swimming so that you are not wasting your energy flailing and splashing around unnecessarily. Enjoy!

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Avery Brooks is sooooo SUAVE <3

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Lorca is shown screaming in a booth at the very end of the ep.

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I'm with you. The Enterprise ones were also terrible. Yes it's cool to see characters act in completely different ways but after the novelty wears off, it's hard to get invested in anything in the MU because we know we're not going to stay there and it's not going to have an impact on the prime world. So far Discovery is 2 for 2 in questionable concepts for me (making the show yet another prequel to TOS rather than a sequel to Voyager or a completely new era, and now the MU).But I'm giving the show the benefit of the doubt because I enjoy the characterization and relationships so far.

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Sebz jung jr fnj, gurl JRAG gb gur ZH - gurl jrer gelvat gb erghea gb n fgneonfr, ohg gura rvgure Ybepn be Fgnzrgf (xabjvatyl!) qvq fbzrguvat gung ynaqrq gurz va gur ZH. Jr'ir fb sne zrg Gvyyl'f ZH pbhagrecneg naq urneq nobhg Ybepn'f naq Oheaunz'f pbhagrecnegf.

Be ng yrnfg gung'f jung jr fnj ba fperra! Gurl pbhyq fgvyy fcva vg va n inevrgl bs jnlf.

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Answers provided in this episode: Gurl raqrq hc va gur Greena Rzcver sebz gur ynfg frnfba bs Ragrecevfr. Lbh xabj, gur bar jurer Fngb zheqrerq rirelbar gb orpbzr Rzcerff. Bu naq vg jnf ernyyl shpxvat frkvfg naq nyy gur jbzra jber pebc gbcf. Fb jr'yy frr ubj gung tbrf guvf gvzr nebhaq.

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I'm of two minds about the Mirror Universe development.

On the one hand, most Mirror Universe episodes end up being bad and boring after the initial novelty wears off.

On the other hand it was super fun to see Tilly in the captain's chair. This show desperately needs some comedy and levity like the one provided by that scene. And it's a great way to incorporate the character more into the ongoing plots. She's been mostly on the side so far. I also appreciate the continuity effort to tie into Enterprise S4. (Do you think Sato is still the empress??? How awesome would a Linda Park cameo be?) But where were all the crop tops (j/k!)

The episode may have taken our heroes into darker territory than I like to see in Star Trek though. Does Tyler remember what he did? I assume so. So having him sleep with Burnham right after is just... ugh ugh ugh. And Burnham is OK having sex while her captain is getting tortured in the agony booth???? Surely someone as smart as her could have figured out a way to keep Lorca out of those? And doesn't the captain's room have a computer where she can look up all the info she needs on the Defiant?

Nitpicks aside though, I'm mostly loving Discovery so far. Yes, there are often giant plot holes and ridiculous things (e.g. I'm still not over how, in the premiere, Georgiou doesn't take a whole bunch of security officers with her to kidnap T'kuvma). But I think they are doing a fantastic job with characterization. They've fleshed out Tilly significantly, Lorca becomes more ambiguous and intriguing every day, Burnham is just fascinating... and the performances are excellent. Martin-Green has a commanding screen presence!

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But on top of all that, we get Tyler. (Or whoever he REALLY is.) And what he did to Hugh Culber.
Spoilers from producers: Nccneragyl gur cebqhpref unir fnvq gung phyore vfa'g qrnq naq gung fgnzrgf jvyy unir n ebyr va oevatvat uvz onpx. V guvax gung vs lbh unir gb ernffher lbhe nhqvrapr gung lbh unira'g znqr n obar-urnqrq zbir, lbh fubhyqa'g unir znqr gur zbir va gur svefg cynpr.

Speculation on my part about Tyler:
Fb gurl cerggl zhpu pbasvezrq urer gung glyre vf ibd, evtug? V nffhzr ibd naq y'ery nterrq gung ibd'f obql jbhyq or fhetvpnyyl punatrq vagb glyre'f, naq uvf erny frys fhofhzrq haqre Glyre, jvgu gur vagragvba gung ur pbhyq or fahpx bagb gur Qvfpbirel nf n fyrrcre ntrag naq npgvingrq hcba urnevat gur Xyvatba cenlre... Gur qrgnvyf bs guvf cyna ner zhexl gubhtu - V ubcr shgher rcvfbqrf pyrne guvf hc zber. Erznvavat dhrfgvbaf ner:
-Svefg bs nyy gurer unq gb or n erny Fgnesyrrg bssvpre anzrq Glyre jubz gur Xyvatbaf unq gnxra cevfbare ng fbzr cbvag, evtug? Erzrzore Ybepn pvgrq Glyre'f erpbeq naq V qbhog gur Xyvatbaf pbhyq unir zbqvsvrq Fgnesyrrg erpbeqf. Fb jung unccrarq gb gur erny Glyre? Qvq gur Xyvatbaf xvyy uvz be qb gurl fgvyy unir uvz wnvyrq? Vg jbhyq or na vagrerfgvat gjvfg vs gur erny Glyre nyfb znxrf na nccrnerapr ng fbzr cbvag. Nygubhtu, ur jnf zbfg yvxryl xrcg ba gur Fuvc bs gur Qrnq juvpu unf abj orra qrfgeblrq, fb ur'f cebonoyl qrnq.
-Ubj gur uryy qvq gur Xyvatbaf znantr gb qhcyvpngr Glyre'f zrzbevrf naq crefbanyvgl naq tensg gung bagb Ibd? Ab znggre jung grpuabonooyr gurl pbzr hc jvgu, gung'f fbzr <v>Qbyyubhfr</v> fuvg. Glyre!Ibd unf gb unir Erny!Glyre'f zrzbevrf, evtug? Bgurejvfr gung zrnaf gur Xyvatbaf jrer vairagvat snxr zrzbevrf nobhg ynxr gebhg naq V qba'g frr gurz qbvat gung. Cyhf, vs gurl unir guvf novyvgl gb pbyyrpg yvsrgvzrf' bs zrzbevrf sebz crbcyr, jul qvqa'g gurl trg gubfr bs Nqzveny Pbeajryy gb yrnea inyhnoyr pynffvsvrq Fgnesyrrg vagry?
-Y'ery gbegherq naq encrq gur zrzbel-jvcrq Glyre!Ibd gb tvir irevfvzvyvghqr gb gur ehfr, evtug? Gung vf whfg fbbbbbbbbbbbb qvfgheovat :(


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I'm very much looking forward to the next season of iZombie and the 100 (the end of S4 was amazing!). The Originals also ended its last season really well and the next season will be the final one. I'm in it til the end!

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I am completely out of the loop and had not realized this was going to be a female-only cast... And WOW WHAT A CAST