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Yeah, I dunno. I come away from this finale very disappointed. Again everything with Su’Kal, Saru, and even the gay space dads and Adira and Grey is great (the nonsense of Grey somehow appearing in the holo notwithstanding). But it can’t make up for the fact that this season has shown a total lack of imagination when it comes to depicting the far future. As I said for a previous episode, instead of doing anything imaginative with the future, it went back to topics that had been done to death in previous seasons already: the MU and Michael going against orders. Meh. What wasted potential. I’ll watch season four when it comes out, but I can’t say I’m all that excited about it. I suppose it’s at least good that there’s a specific mission for the Discovery now: carry dilithium to planets all over the galaxy. Hopefully this will put the show on a more regular Trekkian path, as they can encounter various new life forms and more episodic sci-fi mysteries during these journeys.

And they better bring Saru back ASAP. I will miss him as the captain <3

Misc. thoughts:
-Hi Reno. Would have been nice if you’d gotten, you know, some character development this season, or at least gotten to say a word or two in this episode!
-Michael saying “we are Starfleet after all” to Osyraa in that smug way made me roll my eyes so far. I think that’s part of the reason I’ve soured on the character. She’s just so smug about Starfleet and the Federation. She’s hardly the first character in Star Trek to extol the virtues of those institutions, but she is the first one to sound so smug about them.
-Did we ever get an explanation for why Adira and the Barzans (and half the galaxy apparently) knew the same piece of music?
-I loved that Paul remained angry at Michael. He should! I’m curious to see what he’ll do with his career going forward. Now that he’s no longer needed to operate the spore drive, will he really stay on the ship under Michael’s command when he resents her so much?
-I'll repeat myself, but what the fuck was the point of the sphere data showing up in the Dots??? Is the data erased now that the Dot "died"?
-I hate the bland boring grey uniforms. Give me back the golden platform boots!

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Well, this is it. THANK YOU for everything, Mark. Mark Does Stuff was AWESOME. I wish you the best in the next chapter!

This finale is such a letdown. I like everything to do with Su’Kal, and pretty much hate all the rest.

This completes the glorification of Michael Burnham, the ultimate savior who is always right. It’s a shame: I liked Michael a lot in the first couple of seasons, but this season has made me downright dislike the character, simply by doubling down on making her the center of the universe. Perhaps this is a conceptual failure, and the Star Trek franchise simply isn’t built to focus on one protagonist at the expense of an ensemble. Even Kirk shared more or less equal screentime with Spock and McCoy. But this is just the Michael Burnham show all the time. Here, no less than FOUR people tell Michael that they like her and/or that she deserves to lead Disco: Osyraa (!), Vance, Tilly, and Saru. Heck, even the title of the episode is about how she’s the bee’s knees! But I don’t appreciate being hit over the head like that. Why Tilly gives up her hard-earned command, without knowing whether Saru would be OK with Michael leading the ship, is a complete mystery. Why Saru and Vance think she’s fit for command, despite her having shown nothing but utter contempt for the chain of command, is a complete mystery. I guess neither Tilly nor Saru has any career ambitions, despite having dedicated their entire lives to Starfleet. I really hate to harp on this, as it’s amazing to have a black female captain on Star Trek, but it’s a pity that she comes to this position in nonsensical ways, and that the show tells rather than shows how much she deserves it. Her arc this season is borked too. She was so unsure as to whether she fit in, but somehow all that has been solved in her mind and she’s happy to take over the ship? Would have been cool to at least see her deal with her doubts. Mark thought her captaincy was earned, I disagree completely.

Basically this finale is just nonsensical. Grey somehow manifests in the holo, because the holo can apparently read Adira’s mind or something? Sure. The interior of a starship is made up of vast empty stretches of space instead of every inch being used for greater efficiency? Sure. Michael can run and fight and jump over consoles with nary a flinch despite being stabbed in the leg mere hours ago? Sure. All Starfleet ships working together can’t take down the Viridian and the Discovery? Sure. The entire Chain collapses after Osyraa’s death, despite allegedly being a huge organization with other ministers and a congress and a charter? Sure. Gabrielle sends a Ni’Var fleet in response to Michael’s message but doesn’t bother to show up herself? Sure. The Federation lets Su’Kal traipse off to Kaminar instead of keeping him for experimentation, even though he blew up like half the galaxy and could very well do it again unless he undergoes extensive therapy? Sure. After showing up with so much pomp in the last episode, the sphere data does jack squat to save Discovery besides pulling Owo to safety and can’t even hack back into the ship’s computers (unlike Michael)? Sure. The data core of the Discovery is… made of programmable matter (?) that is malleable enough to swallow a person? Sure. And Osyraa, despite being a criminal mastermind that has subjugated half the galaxy, assumes this malleability is uni-directional and that the person swallowed can’t just pop right back out? Sure. (This pissed me off so much, Osyraa assumes Michael is killed by the data core (why???) but Michael pops out with not so much as a scratch (whyyyyy?) But who cares, as long as it makes Michael look cool :-/ At this point they might as well rename the show Star Trek: Burnham.)

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I also loved Voyager a great deal, despite feeling it wasted a lot of the potential inherent in being a stranded ship with two ideologically opposed crews. In fact, it's my second favorite Trek show after DS9, just edging out TNG. Many of the characters were wonderful, the actors were great, and the show had dozens of memorable, excellent Trekkian episodes, as well as the best romance in all Star in Tom/B'Elanna.

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. Yup, she sure is a wonderful person who deserves a tearful farewell scene with the Prime counterpart of the daughter she murdered, and to have the entire ship toast her memory. Argh!
I see your "Argh!" and raise you a "Grrrrrrr!"

I miss Reno; I'd hoped she would have a bigger role in this season. But unfortunately, she's not Michael Burnham or anyone that Michael Burnham cares about personally, so she has no role on The Michael Burnham Show.
Yeah, it's a total bummer. She's been relegated to being yet another Disco crew who gets zero development whatsoever. I had hoped after her wonderful scene with Culber where they bonded over their partners that she would get more to do, but alas. How cool would it have been if Paul and Hugh had adopted her into their family along with Adira?

Damn, and now I wanna see Reno give advice to Adira about the Grey situation!

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But if all of that is true, she’d be making her offer through subspace messages and emissaries, not sneaking into Federation Central in a captured ship full of hostages.
That is a good point! Yeah, surely it can't have been that hard to get a message to the Federation that the Chain wanted a treaty. Heck, she could have broadcast the message across the whole galaxy and it would have gotten through somehow. Maybe the location of Federation HQ being a secret complicates things, but still.

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We've seen the ROMULANS in a (shaky but desired) unity with the Vulcans, and it sure looks like the Kelpians and Ba'ul are also living in peace.
Great catch, i'd never noticed that this season features two instances of vastly different species allied with each other, as a precursor to a possible Chain/Federation alliance.

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I’ve belatedly posted my thoughts on the previous episode, if anyone’s interested.

So Osyraa wants peace. Her proposal to unite the Chain and the Federation is unexpected, and leads to those great scenes between her and Vance where they hash things out. Fehr and Kidder were both magnetic in this episode. I’ve always loved it when Star Trek gets political, so these negotiations were right up my alley.

Michael just ejected Paul from the ship, thus condemning Hugh, Saru and Adira to an almost certain death. I’m not sure why she felt that was necessary though. Shouldn’t she also want to jump to the nebula? After all, that’s where the source of the Burn is, i.e. the thing she’s been single mindedly pursuing this whole season. I’m not sure why she felt it was more important to rescue the ship from Osyraa. If they jumped to the nebula, they would have to only deal with the handful of Chain goons on the ship. It would take Osyraa’s ship quite some time to follow them. And in that interval, they could have beamed Saru et al out and jumped away again. Moreover, keeping Saru safe could be key as he could very well be the only one capable of reaching Su’Kal. Instead she just ejects Paul, for reasons. I love that Paul yelled at her and even played the “we came to the future for you” card. It’s nice to have someone not lick Michael’s boots, for once.

Misc. thoughts:
-In 5 minutes, Osyraa’s goons can convert the entirety of the ship’s systems to their own. And the sphere data, which has shown itself perfectly capable of defending itself, doesn’t make a peep. Sure.
-LOLLLLLL Osyraa taking the apple slice out of her mouth hastily when Vance says it’s made of shit :D
-This has been niggling at me for a while, but really bothered me here: Why is Starfleet HQ staffed entirely by humans when Earth isn’t even in the Federation any more???
-The actor playing Zareh just sleepwalks through his lines. Terrible.
-I loved the brief scene of the bridge crew working together to take down their guards. A rare moment of action. “I told him to keep tapping” LOL. Not to beat a dead horse deader but I really hope they get more to do next season.

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I love this magnificent episode.

Through characters like Hugh, Michael, Ash, Saru, Discovery has always dealt with the theme of isolation, and advocated for unity. So it’s thematically appropriate that the source of the Burn is a scared, lonely child, who cannot be reassured because of his isolation. And the only way to rescue this child is for him to be with other people and overcome his fear. I kinda love that. You can quibble about the plausibility of one psychic child affecting the whole galaxy, but honestly it doesn’t bother me because the story lands emotionally. Furthermore, Su’kal being a Kelpien makes this immensely personal for Saru. That close link to a main character also increases the appeal of the episode. Doug Jones is wonderful here. Not only is it cool to see him outside of make-up, but the lack of prosthetics also lets us see, very clearly, every emotion that crosses Saru’s face. I almost started crying when Saru flashed back to his simpler life on Kaminar, harvesting kelp and sharing a meal with his family. A life that is now 900+ years in the past, dead and gone, nothing but a vivid memory dredged up by a holo’s lullaby. Doug Jones conveyed the immense poignancy of that moment with just one expression.

Yeah, I really loved everything inside that holo. This is the most cinematic Star Trek has ever been, and those LotR-like images of Su’Kal’s fortress were beautiful. A gorgeous atmosphere reminiscent of a fairy tale, which is apt for the tale of Su'Kal. I also really liked the surreal scene of Saru and Culber talking to the glitching holos (“are you the anticipated input?”). Wilson Cruz is wonderful here too, conveying so much empathy. I remain very grateful that season three has given him so much more screen time.

Finally, we come to Tilly. I actually love her as acting captain in this episode, despite the implausibility of an ensign being given the conn over the half dozen lieutenants that form the bridge crew. Michael’s pep talk to Tilly was extremely sweet and a nice reminder of their close friendship. Tilly being a wisecracking millennial captain is kind of a cool update of the Star Trek formula for the 21st century. I enjoyed her going toe to toe with Osyraa.

Misc. thoughts:
-LOLLLL this must have been Doug Jones’ favorite episode of all time, yes? No need to spend hours in the make-up chair, for once! I found enormous novelty value in seeing Saru as a human and Culber as a Bajoran.
-Some nice world building about Kaminar here: We learn that it was the Ba’ul-Kelpien Alliance that joined the Federation, and the elder’s book showed a Kelpien and Ba’ul holding hands. Good to find out that the two species learned to live harmoniously! S4 speculation: V qb ubcr frnfba sbhe jvyy fubj hf Fneh ba Xnzvane naq tvir hf rira zber jbeyqohvyqvat nobhg gur cynarg.
-I love Ian Alexander’s performance as Grey. He’s just luminous <3 I felt so much for Grey in just the tiny scene where he explained his predicament to Adira. (And I love that Adira immediately empathized instead of holding his behavior against Grey.)
-Love love love everything about Adira and their gay space dads. The best thing season three has done, IMO. And how brave is Adira to beam down to try to save Culber and Saru? I love them.
-After two episodes of chewing the scenery as Mirror Burnham, it’s nice to see SMG dial it down a bit here. I thought she was wonderful in her interactions with Su’Kal, projecting so much tenderness but with the gears clearly working overtime in her head to keep the pretense going. She has such a warm smile <3
-MICHAEL of all people worries that Saru can’t make the difficult choices that might cost him personally? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA ARE YOU KIDDING ME. The hypocrisy of that is fucking appalling.
-Do I have it clear that Paul is still the only spore drive interface? I had thought, when Adira took off his arm things, that they had figured out the non-human interface solution. But now it looks like they actually just managed to displace the thingies from his arms. So Disco still needs the tardigrade DNA in Paul’s body to operate the spore drive?
-Have to say I love Janet Kidder’s performance as Osyraa. She makes a fun villain.

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The shields were damaged, weren't they? I don't think Stamets had had time to repair them sufficiently.

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Michael Burnham just saved the whole Federation again: she probably just solved the Burn and made it possible to bring back widespread warp travel all at once, because she checked the time stamps on some old flight recorders. This after saving the whole Federation from being wiped out in an apocalyptic war by handing an orc a doomsday bomb, then saving the whole Federation (and the rest of the galaxy) from a berserk and weirdly indestructible AI because her mom built a time machine.
I agree with you that it's all a bit much. I really liked the character in the first seasons, and I still like her (more or less) in isolation, but the choice to make her the center of absolutely everything feels very anti-Star Trek. Especially as even the show itself is constantly advocating unity, but then unity is not what solves anything. Michael is.

Burnham questions Saru’s judgment? Really? Commander Loose Cannon is the last character who should question anyone’s judgment, let alone someone as generally reliable as Saru
I was outraged by this too.

In fact, “check out our old homeworlds” would have been a logical first thing to do anyway, once they reconnected with Burnham and found the Federation had collapsed.
I desperately want Saru to give everyone two weeks of leave precisely for this reason. Then he himself could go to Kaminar too. Yet, despite seeing the psychological stress the crew is under and the computer's recommendation for R&R, all the poor crew has gotten is a movie night. It's kinda outrageous.