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Carrot seems to be wearing chain mail under his jacket (but not over his chest, so what's the point?) in one of the linked pics. I guess a lot of viewers might be put off by the Watch uniform as discussed in the books but they could have still used more imagination to incorporate various elements of it in the show...

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Glad to see you back, Mark!

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I do agree they should have done more writing-wise to illustrate the importance of Daemons. I think it still comes across okay, but there was more they could have done to make it a bit more visceral all around.

On this, I guess both our perspectives are also colored by having read the books. So for me, the terror of the intercision in Bolvangar, of Billy Costa lying catatonic in that hut and of what happens to Roger landed. But I think it was more because I was filling in the emotions from knowing what happens in the books. I'd be curious to know if viewers without knowledge of the book really understood just how vital the daemons are. The show basically depicted them as pets.

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Your post here reminded me that I'd been meaning to watch this so I binged it over the past week. Overall, I'd give it... 5 or 6 out of 10? Visually it's beautiful, but I feel they dropped the ball on both the casting and the writing somewhat. James McAvoy projects too much likability for Asriel, and I just couldn't get into Dafne Keen as Lyra. She was bland and stilted, and if I had to hear her pronounce Roger as "Rod-jaaaah" one more time I was going to scream! As for the writing, the biggest issue was that they didn't do enough to establish the importance of the human-daemon bond. I understand the budgetary difficulties inherent in depicting daemons on screen, but this could have been done through dialogue. Or with just some select key scenes - when Lyra told the children at Bolvangar about intercision, for example, I expected to see all the daemons clinging to the children for dear life. But we don't see even one.

I did think the final episode was very good and glad to see the ending play out on screen as you mentioned. And what a great set-up for next season with Lyra walking into the unknown. I will definitely keep watching.

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Some sad news which I only just learned about: after Aron Eisenberg in September, Rene Auberjonois from the DS9 cast also passed away this year on December 8 :( I loved his portrayal of Odo.

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Thank you! :)

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This is devastating. My condolences to both Mark and Baize's family.

As for this site, I would suggest perhaps opening a new post that will remain up for the duration of the hiatus, for people to discuss whatever they wish and keep in touch? And then we can resume the normal schedule whenever Mark is back?

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Oh Mark, I am so sorry for your loss. Life is so unfair, there are no words. I only knew Baize through your videos but it was obvious even from that limited exposure what a vibrant person he was. I wish you strength and courage to deal with this difficult time. It goes without saying that we'll be here when you feel well enough to come back, whenever that may be.

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Yayyyyy it will be a fun way to celebrate the new year!

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Ah thanks for clarifying. I must have forgotten that part.