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I have a feeling I’m going to be constantly comparing this to DS9.
As a fellow newbie, I can attest that it's hard not to compare the two!

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Having nearly lost the last war badly,
Hmmm, i thought I had gotten a handle on the galactic history here but reading your comment I'm confused. So the Minbari and the humans were at war for a hundred years, and the Centauri invaded Narn for a hundred years? Or are these two things part of the same war?

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I wasn't even aware that there were viewing order shenanigans so this is definitely useful, thank you!

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-Centauri ruled over Narn for 100 years - is it sort of like a Cardassia-Bajor situation?
-Telepaths who don’t join the psycorps go to prison or are drugged… and these drugs drove Ivanova’s mom to suicide. Yikes. I like the twist that Ivanova refuses to back down from her stance.

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-Wow G’Kar is not a very diplomatic ambassador, is he? Openly threatening Lando?
-Andddd I guess neither is Lando… just admitting he’s gonna flat out kill G’Kar. Wow these two don’t mince words.
-Can you really mutually strangle each other? Wouldn’t your hands lose tension when you start to asphyxiate?
-Still not used to the hairstyle but I have to say the actor playing Lando is a standout, he brings a lot of life to the character.
-I’m already shipping Ivanova and the telepath
-Ugh the Vorlon is being cryptic. I hate cryptic. The Vorlon design is SO weird and different. I guess I’m glad I watched the movie cos I wouldn’t have known who the hell this person was otherwise.
-Awwww poor Londo his nephew is probably dead :(
-Aaaaand Garibaldi immediately hits on the telepath. Really???
-The Centauris completely ruined the G’Kar’s world. And G’Kar is not bothering to hide his hatred of Centauri.
-So the Narn are like the Ferengi?

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Huh. Well this was much better than The Gathering. Still can't say that I'm totally captivated or super interested in where the story is gonna go, but this was much easier to follow and and had better plot and characterization. (And yes, I've been reassured that the show gets better so I will keep watching.) I particularly liked two things about this premiere: One is that these characters GIVE NO FUCKS. They don't mince words, they say what they're thinking no matter how controversial, and I am kinda digging that. It's refreshing. Second is the details about the war. One of my favorite aspects of Deep Space Nine was the emphasis on intergalactic politics. I'd be excited if this show goes in that direction.

Livebloggy notes:
-Hahahaha Lando is funny. Although I don’t know how I’m going to stand his hairstyle for 5 seasons. It’s really, really bad.
-So there’s the council of the five main races, and then a league of non-aligned worlds?
-New telepath? Replacing the previous one from the movie? And I guess the other new woman is replacing Takashima? (if so, not a big loss IMO as I’d found the actress playing Takashima kind of wooden…)
-“President of Earth”? So we’ve done away with countries? Or is this like the UN Secretary General or something, someone chosen to represent the planet in interplanetary matters?
-Ugh Sinclair is so boring and bland. He’s like an even less interesting Archer. At least Bakula had some charisma. Watching Sinclair is like watching a block of wood.
-This Vir is a regular character??? Is he going to have some function other than constantly telling the ambassador what’s happening?

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You can check out his adorable acceptance speech here (and SO FREAKING WEIRD to hear him without an American accent)
warning the video has spoilers for the last season of The Americans

Kinda bummed though that he and Russell didn't get matching his'n'hers Emmys :(

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Huh. I thought I'd be more excited to hear this but honestly I found the movie so underwhelming that I find myself uncaring about this announcement. But let's see, I have huge affection for the characters so I hope they can make the new series worthwhile.

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I will endeavor to please, lol :D