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Ooooh that makes sense. Thank yoU!

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Somebody Irina sends on errantry dies AT LEAST ONCE EVERY TWO WEEKS. That is just... wow. Chew on that for a while. I would not want to be the Planetary.

(Also, do I understand correctly that there are two types of Planetaries? One is basically the most senior/advanced/talented wizard on the planet, like Irina, and one is an actual embodiment of a planet, like Pluto and Jupiter that we met earlier? Or is Irina also an embodiment of planet Earth? I was very confused in the earlier chapters when Jupiter and Pluto were called Planetaries.)

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Yeek. The elemental wizard duel -- turning yourself into pure elements that your opponent tries to destroy, after you've made a "backup" of your body -- is a whole new level of disturbing and scary.

Man I found that to be one of the scariest things we've seen in the series so far. All of a sudden you are fire or water and can be snuffed out or flash boiled? NO THX

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I was surprised that Kit let Penn needle him into a duel. It struck me as somewhat out of character - I'd have thought he'd be more mature and evolved than that. KIT I'M DISAPPOINTED.

While the revelation of Lissa's asexuality was a bit like a PSA on the topic, I think it's still great that a book for young adults has representation like this. If it helps even one child/teen reading this book to see that representation, that's worth it.

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Spoilery for you:

Pybfr ohg ab pvtne :D

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Well, last season I think they explained that Liv was being more and more influenced by the brains due to her grief over Drake. That should be over by now, and yet she's more influenced than ever. And I think there's enough meat in the ongoing plot that they could do a week or two without a brain of the week. So yeah I agree with you completely yet.

Let's hope the season picks up soon. I miss the amazing iZombie of yore.

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For some reason I found myself bored stiff by this episode. I haven't really loved any of the episodes so far this season. It makes me afraid that they bit off more than they could chew with this zombie apocalypse plotline :(

That said, I am glad that Blaine is back in the thick of things and that we have an answer to the mystery of the missing cures. Blaine settling down to his gourmet brain dinner with a glass of wine across from the eviscerated skull of his victim was pure Blaine.

Also, Truly, Madly, Deeply blaring across the soundtrack every time Liv got starry eyed was the most hilarious thing I've seen on TV this year :D

I truly, madly, deeply hope that Clive and Dale have agreed to an open relationship given their inability to have sex. The world needs more depictions of consensual polyamory!

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iZombie 4.3
What did everyone think?

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We’re pretty far along in Games Wizards Play, and at this point, I still don’t have the best sense of the shape of this book. There have been a lot of hints that something else is happening alongside the Invitationals, but there are now less than a hundred pages left, and we still haven’t found out what that is.

I love how much of this book is just parties and people hanging out! I enjoy that there isn't any planetary emergency or war or other life and death situation. The low key vibe is great, and it's commendable that Duane is able to write in all these different tones. She uses the opportunity for lots of character building. We learn tons of details that are not necessary per se but which really enrich our understanding of the characters. For example APPARENTLY DAIRINE HAS BEEN HUSTLING PEOPLE AT POKER SINCE THE 4TH GRADE <3 I love her so much :D

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And I really hate the "what if it was your sister/ daughter / wife?" appeal. Women who aren't anyone's sisters or daughters or wives deserve to be treated with respect also, not because of who they're attached to but because they're human beings.
I'm still bitter about International Women's day where practically many men I know posted on facebook comments along the line of what you wrote above.