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Yeah, I am having a tough time these days due to since real life issues and the constant bleakness of the book is also not sitting well with me. This chapter was just too much, especially the description of innon's death and the knowledge that syenite killed her own child. (How did she even find the strength to have more children after that???) I will keep reading because I do think jemisin is a good writer and I'm intrigued by the install plot, but I don't know that I would recommend such a dark book to others . And definitely not without very strong trigger warnings.

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She said that when constructing the characters—particularly Esperanza—that I should make their behaviors “legible, not likable.” They had to make sense, they had to be believable, and I shouldn’t be writing arcs that were concerned with the reader “liking” the characters.
That is such great advice, and it hits the nail right on the head when it comes to why the writing on this show is so good. Many of the main characters do despicable things - Alba slut-shaming Xo, Rafael lying to Jane about turning Michael in, Xo not telling teenage Rogelio about having Jane, Petra inseminating herself, Luisa keeping in touch with Rose... Objectively, these are all horrible things, and the person who suffers as a result of these actions would have every right to never forgive the perpetrator. But, in each of these cases, the writers have shown that these despicable actions stemmed from motivations that were all too human and relatable: loneliness, desire for a family, attempt to not repeat past trauma. So all of a sudden they become "legible" as your editor said, and i find it easier to understand why they acted the way they did and even ask myself whether I would not make the same choices in their situation.

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This was a fantastic episode!

As Mark said, I'm glad they depicted Rogelio's predicament as the horrifying experience it was rather than make a joke out of it. And thank the stars he could stop Paola before she raped him. I'm sure he'll be rescued soon but what happened is immensely traumatic and I really hope they address his mental state in the coming episodes. I felt so scared for him :( She cut his face :( :(

Something that WAS creepy but that the show unfortunately made into a joke? Alba crossing out sex scenes in Jane's book. That is truly fucked up. Like, did she steal all of Jane's books and read them in advance to make sure Jane would not be exposed to sex? How ridiculous, and also pointless given that Jane has been watching sexy telenovelas since childhood! On the other hand, seeing the lengths Alba went to to keep Jane a virgin shows just how deeply, deeply traumatized Alba was by the slut-shaming she experienced. And that was decades ago! Her story shows how such scars can be long lasting and powerful. Which is a straight parallel to Xo, of course. Andrea Navedo tore my heart out with Xo's outburst to Alba. You can see just how much Xo has been hurt by this unfair criticism and how long she's needed to confront her mom about it. Having been the subject of lifelong unfair criticism from my own mom (though on a different topic), I felt so validated when Xo called out her mom and Jane took her side. Seeing Alba humble herself and apologize was just the cherry on top of the wish-fulfillment cake.

Can Petra come and tough love me into fixing my own problems? She's so amazing at it! What I really liked is that while Petra was pretty mean to both Jane and Rafael, you could see that it was because she cares deeply for both of them. She coaches Jane to be meaner to Angelique because she wants Jane to be successful, and she tells Rafael to act like an adult which pushes him to help Michael with the Mutter investigation, despite his dislike of Michael. I'm so glad he took her advice, in such a productive way to boot!

The whole lead up to the birth, with Petra yelling imprecations while also enjoying Jane's chapter, was pure gold. Petra and Jane are so fun to watch together. But my favorite part was Petra telling Jane she and Michael had already had problems when she fell for Rafael, because YES! Jane has been glossing over a lot of issues in her haste to make things work with Michael, so I'm glad that she now recognizes that and is a bit more thoughtful in her approach.

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I DIED at the narrator telling Jane to let it go :D My friend's daughter was OBSESSED with that song for like a whole year when Frozen came out.

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, fanfic exists and can't be blacked out with a marker, not that this was my teenage experience lol).
suuuuuuure :D

Petra gets points for recognizing Rafael is really messed up right now, but yelling at him to grow up is probably not going to be effective!
Well, it did get him to get over his dislike of Michael enough to help with the Mutter investigation, so I'd say it was pretty effective!

Lotta odd couples in this episode between Jane and Petra and Michael and Rafael lol.
Their little scene in the car oddly made me want to see Michael and Rafael as friends? There's probably too much bad blood for that to ever happen, but it would be interesting to see how they would relate to each other if the animosity were not present.

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Still #TeamRafael, ajaxbreaker, I'm not abandoning you!
oh thank god, please don't leave me alone :D

As a rule, I don’t like ' oh, I had to push you away to protect you' storylines
Yeah... I mean he could have just told her that that's what he had to do? Instead he lied to her, YET AGAIN. Kind of egregious that he's doing the exact same thing (lying to Jane about a matter that's personal to her because of a case) that led her to dump him before and she's just professing her love to him. (Also let's remember how mad she was when Rafael lied to her about not loving her in season one...)

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Just some quick thoughts:

-My embarrassment squick could barely handle this episode. I cringed all the way through Jane telling Jonathan she was a virgin and Jane crying as they tried to get it on. Just, too much for me. Also, was anyone else grossed out by Jonathan ripping open a condom the second she walked in? Like, he knows she's a virgin, how about a little foreplay first to ease her into it? (I have to admit though, that sexting montage with the sparkles running up Jane's skin was pretty damn sexy!)

-Rafael and Jane dissing Petra's pram choice was hilarious, and also loved the "you went there - I'm not proud of it" exchange. That moment really highlighted the awesome chemistry they used to have.

-OMG younger!Rogelio saying that Xiomara was his first and greatest love and that he still thinks about her everyday. Knowing that he really loved her even back then and that it wasn't just a teenage hookup makes the whole situation even sadder. If Xiomara hadn't lied to him about the baby and sent him packing, they might have had decades of happiness together by now :( And Jane could have had the happy family she so desperately wanted :(

-Very, very weirded out by the whole Rose situation. Is she really dead, just like that? Knowing that she runs a face-swapping business, it's kind of hard to believe that's actually Rose, she could have just swapped faces with anyone. Plus, strangling someone takes time no? Can you really do it in a few seconds when the police are in hot pursuit? I dunno, she's been the Big Bad for so long that I find it hard to believe she can be dispatched that easily.

-Loved loved loved Petra and Jane's conversation in Petra's office. May they be brutally honest best frenemies forever.

-Also loved the character depth given to Alba in this episode. It's pretty amazing to learn that she urged Jane to avoid premarital sex not because of unthinking adherence to religious dogma but because she had premarital sex and projected her dismay over what followed onto Jane. A very human failing. But then Alba goes to show her enormous love for Jane by reassuring that she would never judge Jane like she was judged. Alba is the best, basically <3

-Noooo Rafael don't reject your sister :( And don't pretend that her words about being addicted to Rose don't make sense, because you yourself are addicted to your fantasy of a happy family with Jane and Mateo. I hope that his realization when Jane dumps him will lead him to both be kinder to Luisa and also to not follow her example by holding onto his Jane fantasy.

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But I'm also not super thrilled with how Rafael has been handling things re: Jane so as things currently stand I'm a little bit over the love triangle?
Yup. I was firmly Team Rafael last season, and still am probably, but Rafael has a boatload of issues to work through before he can be a good partner to anyone. It's unfortunate that the show never seems to address the enormous trauma he has to deal with, beyond the one therapy session he had with Jane.

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YES TO ALL OF THIS. Makes me so mad that Jane doesn't seem to care about that at all.

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PUNCH ME IN THE HEART, take three: Petra. “If we’re going to be second class citizens, you need to tell me.” That line ruined me. Petra inseminated herself in a moment of extremely poor judgment (and also while drunk), but behind that was a genuine desire the recapture what was probably the only true happiness she ever had in her life, during her marriage with Rafael. It’s hard not to sympathize with that! So it was heartbreaking to see Rafael show up proclaiming a desire to be with her, but knowing that he was just using her to escape his sadness over Jane. Again, I understand and sympathize with Rafael’s predicament, but what he’s doing is not fair to Petra. I’m proud that she rebuffed him. Unlike Luisa and Rafael, Petra is now better positioned to look out for herself and avoid self-destructive behaviors (like get together with men she doesn’t love to make her life easier). And that is because somebody showed kindness to her, helped her understand that she’s worthy of love and affection and removed toxic influences from her life. Sometimes, we all need help to get through the dark times. Petra was lucky that Rafael was there for her. Let’s hope that Rafael and Luisa can also find the help they need, to emerge as strong as Petra has from their troubles.

PUNCH ME IN THE HEART, take four: XoRo. Rogelio saying he and Xo had true love :( His faaaace :( Xo hurt because Michael would sacrifice his job for Jane but Rogelio wouldn’t sacrifice his wish for kids for her :( Xo crying over Downton Abbey :( This is such a heartbreaking storyline because neither Rogelio nor Xiomara is at fault in this break up. Both actors were amazing at conveying the tragedy of their separation. I don’t want to see Xo crying like that ever again. And I want to murder Paola for compounding Rogelio’s sadness by gaslighting him that Jane doesn’t love him (also, you know, for stalking and imprisoning him but I just couldn’t take Rogelio thinking that Jane doesn’t love him :()

Misc. thoughts:
-Rogelio’s bromance dance <3 Jaime Camil is one of the best actors I’ve ever seen, I swear. How is he real???
-Isn’t it super odd that Susanna didn’t introduce herself to Jane as Michael’s partner???? Having been sent from IA to investigate Michael, and also having worked the Sin Rostro case, surely she’s seen a picture of Jane at some point.
-I have to accept the issue of Rafael, Michael and Mateo’s safety as a telenovela handwave because it’s bullshit otherwise. If Jane were truly concerned for Mateo’s safety, she’d stay far far away from both men. She accepts that Michael stayed away to protect Mateo, but doesn’t make a peep about Michael hitting Rafael while Rafael was holding Mateo. I wouldn’t trust a man like that around my child, would you? Plus the whole “I stayed away to protect you” is bullshit anyway. Michael could have just told her why he was staying away and they could have agreed to pretend. He didn’t have to lie to Jane about having a girlfriend and not loving her. She’s OK that he hurt her like that instead of telling her the actual reason? But going back to the issue of Mateo’s safety, it’s also ridiculous that Jane lets Rafael remain in Mateo’s life, knowing that Rafael’s mom is a murderous criminal who has no qualms abandoning her family for money. Mateo spends half his time in a hotel where multiple crime kingpins have run loose!