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This episode was an ode to communication and empathy, wasn’t it? I loved how every single member of the Villanueva encouraged another to open up, to listen, and to empathize. Xo and Ro empathized with each other’s issues over their parents (loved their long drunk heart-to-heart!), Rafael empathized with Xo and urged Alba to do the same, Alba empathized with her daughter… and both fathers in this episode empathized with their children. I loved that Ro thought hard about Xo’s dismay over her father’s absence and decided to be a stay at home dad. He doesn’t want his daughter to grow up missing him <3<3 (Although… Xo was already saying their finances were stretched thin a couple of episodes ago, how are they going to afford that giant house now if Ro stops working?) But what touched me most was Rafael seeing Mateo’s discomfort over lying and not wanting to put him through more of that. Mateo was clearly so confused and disturbed by the whole fake address thing

Also, obligatory EEEEEEEEE THEY KISSED!!!!!!!!! That last scene was so cute! I think Jane was more receptive to romance with Rafael by the end of the episode because of how maturely he handled everything and how he sacrificed his own comfort for the sake of his son - and also for his own well-being and to preserve the functioning co-parenting relationship between himself and Jane. Though it took a bit of time, he understood that Jane wasn’t interested, told Jane respectfully that this made it hard for him to live with her, and just.. moved out. For Rafael to voluntarily give up his last bit of wealth (his car) and move into a tiny tiny studio is a huge step for someone who was lying and cheating to get his hotel back just a few episodes ago. He said to Jane before that not getting on a plane was a sign of a small life. Now he’s basically penniless and living in a tiny studio - but he has the love of all the Villanuevas and I bet you he doesn’t think his life is “small: right now. It’s lovely character growth. I was gonna say that the loss of his wealth has truly made Rafael a better man…. but in fact it’s the exposure to the loving, kind atmosphere of the Villanueva home, isn’t it? He finally has the kind of supportive family he never had before, and look what a difference it’s made in his behavior.

Misc. thoughts:
-Is this like the 10th different actress they’ve had for young Jane? The ones in the first season were lovely but I feel like the new ones get weaker and weaker.
-Still loving the Alba+Rafael=BFF situation
-Let me guess, Ramos was hired by Luisa to find out if Petra gaslit her? I mean come on, Luisa is supposed to be a genius and she saw Anezka lie point-blank to her face as Carl sat next to her on the couch. Surely she knows better than the believe Anezka outright.
-Unless Ramos is working for Rose for some reason, but I don’t believe that because Rosario Dawson doesn’t do that kind of crap! :P
-Mateo was so cute here - poor kid worrying about making friends at kindergarten and about having to lie.
-I feel like we’ve never really heard Xo talk about her dad before… it was nice to learn more about her feelings.

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Yeah.... I mean I don't care how messed up Anezka was because of her upbringing - anyone with an ounce of heart would know that what she did to Petra was inhuman. And I'm supposed to care about her?

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EEEEEEE THEY KISSED!!!!!!!! I mean, everyone knows I'm Team Rafael, right :D That said, this is a bit of a weird moment - Jane just got dumped mere days ago (and I noticed her heart didn't go when Rafael kissed her) and Rafael was supposed to be deeply in love with Petra just weeks ago? So a bit of a whiplash there, and I think there could have been a bit more build up to this. I'm predicting it's not going to be smooth sailing and that they're not just going to fall into a relationship right away.

This was a fun episode! I loved all the flashbacks: Very cool to see that Rafael played a pivotal role in getting Snow Falling written beyond just giving Jane pep talks. But I especially liked the insight into their earlier days of co-parenting, into how Jane's experience with grief inadvertently affected Mateo and how Rafael quietly countered that and made sure his son was not permanently scarred. He is a good father <3

Misc. thoughts:
-I am really, really, really over the Magda/Petra/Anezka drama. Give Petra something else to do, please!
-Jorge, you couldn't think of somewhere more romantic to propose than your freaking workplace? At least take her out to the beach or something, man! (FNL spoilers: fgvyy abg nf onq nf Zngg cebcbfvat gb Whyvr va gur cnexvat ybg bs gur Nynzb Serrmr, V thrff? :D )
-Raf and Ro were becoming quiet close at some point in the previous seasons. I hope that this episode will signal the beginning of another rapprochement - I loved seeing them and Mateo cheering Jane on from the couch.
-Patricia showing up at the book signing killed me. What an amazing scene, Gina Rodriguez knocked it out of the park as always and you could see just how much Patricia's praise meant to her.

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Wait whaaaaaat I didn't know it had gotten cancelled!!!! I am so heartbroken right now :( I wanted to see Debbie rule the world :(:(:(

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Also wow I can’t believe I used a WWE term I can never tell my husband
Well now you need to watch GLOW lol

Fully cried over thank you for teaching me to be brave. I still love them!!
*singing* I will go doooooooown with thiiiiiis shipppppp

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Maybe it was excess food that was going to be thrown away if Jane hadn't taken it? I can imagine a thrifty person like Jane trying to reduce food waste....

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I have to actively choose to see things differently, since my default is to go to the saddest thing imaginable. (THANKS, DEPRESSION.)
Mark, thank you as always for your openness and vulnerability and for always preaching kindness. The sentence above especially hit me hard as I've been in a similar situation with depression since losing my father three months ago. I am also working on "actively choosing" to be different, as you say. It's hard work, for sure. So, so damn hard sometimes to fight through that fog and try to do something good, for yourself or for others. But it also feels somehow even more rewarding when you actually manage it. I wish strength and courage to everyone who is struggling with something similar.

This episode was the show's best homage yet to one of its biggest inspirations: magical realism. As a lifelong voracious reader and lover of bookshops and libraries, I adored those scenes of young Jane in that bookshop. The little touches of magic like the books floating around were the perfect way to convey the joy and wonder of reading, and how transporting it can be. Then they brought in ISABEL FRICKING ALLENDE, whose writing is so deeply anchored in the Latin American experience, into this show about a Latina woman. I just loved that. But the real tour de force was how Allende was used to tie into the show's ongoing depiction of grief and to provide a message of hope, kindness and courage, just like Mark described above. And I will never forget Rodriguez's performance there, showing Jane as both so overwhelmed with joy at meeting her idol and as still struggling with grief and moving on four years in. There was a ton of grace in that scene. One of the most touching, frank, raw, vulnerable and sweet things the show has ever done. I'm going to remember it for a very long time.

Misc. thoughts:
-Isabel Allende came to the party after perving over Fabian's tweet. NEVER GETTING OVER THAT EVER IN MY LIFE OMG
-Raf tearing up over the acknowledgements was another gut punch in an episode full of them. A scene so imbued with history and meaning and love. I may have rewatched it once or twice (and paused to read the rest of the lovely acknowledgements!)
-Wheeeeee Raf is now one of the girls and gets to gossipi with Xo and Alba! This pleases me greatly :D I'm still very happy at how he's become an integral part of the Villanueva family.
-Not so happy that the writers are going back to the well of Ro not meeting Jane til her 20s. They've examined that from every angle and I don't want that to become a source of conflict yet again. Can't they find some other plot for Ro and Xo please?
-Adam's departure came a bit out of nowhere, given that his career ambitions or his envy of Jane achieving her dreams had never been foreshadowed before. But i never cared too much about Jane/Adam so I don't really mind if this is the last we see of him.

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I have signed off against Adam purely because of his drinking orange juice out of the bottle. It's never okay!
Especially now with covid and imagine if his roommates are also pouring themselves juice out of that bottle, ewwww

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I've never seen Tyler Posey in anything, but given how much people gush about him maybe I should check out some other stuff he's been in!