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One quibble with this episode: There is no freaking way that Lorca would be Ok with Michael freeing the Tardigrade, no? Especially without harvesting more of its DNA? Now their only means of jump is Stamets. And they don't even know if he will keep that ability permanently, and what if something happens to him, then the whole spore drive is done for. We should have seen him go off on them here.

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Wheeee this is true!

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I don't think it was a holodeck as such - the Klingons they were shooting at were just projected images, they all dissipated when "killed". If it'd been a holodeck they would have been solid. So it's more advanced hologram technology rather than the holodeck which actually simulated physical matter.
...which doesn't mean that it's not incongruous with the level of technological advancement they should be at given their position in the overall Star Trek timeline, of course :D

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My crush on Ash Tyler just grows with this episode. In addition to being kind and extra competent, he refuses to pre-judge people and shows great emotional awareness (loved him working out how to get through to Sarek thanks to his own brush with death) and empathy. Plus, as Tilly says, HOTTTT. Does he have ANY faults? S1: Orlbaq orvat n zheqrebhf qhcyvpvgvbhf fyrrcre ntrag V zrna. I loved the last scene with him and Michael clearly bonding. I’m shipping it already! S1-3: V qba'g zvaq gur fyrrcre ibd fgbelyvar ohg gur jnl Nfu svgf va fb frnzyrffyl jvgu Gvyyl naq Zvpunry urer znxrf zr fnq nobhg gur jnl guvatf cynl bhg. V jbhyqa'g unir zvaqrq vs ur'q whfg fgnlrq n puvyy zrzore bs gur Qvfpb perj sberire. Naq V thrff jvgu Qvfpbirel abj va gur sne shgher, bhe punaprf bs rire frrvat uvz ntnva ner avy...

Finally, we come to Lorca, and oooooh boy there’s a lot to unpack there. Is he too traumatized for duty? Is he just the warmonger Stamets sees him as? Is he a duplicitous asshole who knowingly sent Cornwell into a death trap just so he could keep his command? Is he a mix of all three? It’s impossible to tell at this stage, and credit goes to both the writing and to Isaacs’ performance that the character still exudes a strong magnetism despite this ambiguity. S1: Fbzrbar erzvaq zr ubj ybat Ybepn unf orra va gur cevzr havirefr? Jnf gurer n cevzr ybepn jubfr cynpr ur gbbx? V qba'g erzrzore guvf onpxfgbel zhpu.

Misc. thoughts:
-S1: "lbh svtug yvxr n xyvatba" nunununun. fhogyr fubj, fhogyr.
-S1-2: Znex nobhg nfu naq zvpunry: "vf gurer n fcnex urer? V jbhyqa'g zvaq gung!" nunununuunununununuunn ynhtuvat gb xrrc sebz pelvat!!!!
-This episode really made me want to rewatch Unification II, and particularly that stunning last scene where Spock mind melds with Picard and learns the depth of Sarek’s feelings for him. (RIP Leonard Nimoy)
-I love, love, love Michael and Tilly’s growing friendship. For all her Vulcan aloofness, Michael is still human and she needs friends :) Also laughed real hard at Michael judging poor Tilly’s burrito.
-Now we know why Landry had to die - so that incoming regular Ash Tyler could take over her position as chief of security. Does that make Landry’s death a fridging of sorts?

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Another excellent episode!

Sarek and Michael’s plot was well done. The writers captured something true and honest in this emotional story, and I liked it for that reason even though it was pretty bleak overall. Michael realizes that her father let her think herself a failure for, basically, no good reason. (Also interesting to learn that Michael did get into Starfleet purely due to Sarek’s influence.) Sarek clearly didn’t learn much about humans despite being married to one for decades. Or maybe his ego just couldn’t accept the idea that Michael would feel ashamed, meaning that Sarek had failed to fully transform her into a good little Vulcan? (You’d think a Vulcan would be beyond something as illogical and emotional as egotIt’s interesting to see that Sarek has been a bad parent to not one but two of his children, staying estranged from Spock for so long and now hurting Michael in this way. All because of… his ego? An inability (or worse, an unwillingness?) to understand humans? As I said, bleak - especially when you recall that in over a hundred years, Sarek will die yearning for his son on his deathbed and regretting that they had never understood each other well. So his struggles with parenting were never truly resolved.

In that context, I loved that Michael so plainly put the responsibility of building trust and communication where it belongs: on Sarek. He wronged her and he needs to make amends. One just hopes that he’ll take her up on her offer of dialogue. Regardless, though, Michael also reaches a milestone in this episode: She realizes that parents are also imperfect, fallible beings and that they cannot always provide what their children need because of that… and you can still love them despite that, even if it makes things complicated. I really related to this storyline because both of my parents had serious mental issues and psychological baggage. Those things often made our relationship bitter, and it wasn’t until I was in my 30s that I came to understand them better and found ways to accept them for who they were rather than constantly feel rage and bitterness about it. Mind you, some days that’s easier than others. But it’s worth doing, because in the end they’re my family and I love them. So Michael wistfully saying that she felt angry, but also hope, and wanted to love…. Yup. That’s what it feels like. As Ash says, that’s being human <3

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Wow, it truly looks like something out of Star Trek!

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couldn't they plausibly do a second season of Falcon and Winter Soldier when the Covid restrictions lift to flesh out some planned storylines, or add new ones? I guess it depends what they have planned for the characters in future films, but still.
Well I hope they do more with these characters, whether in TV or in films. Bucky in particular was always underserved by the movies, I felt.

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And Sharon deserves more than being their 'girl in chair'.
The whole thing about Sharon makes me super mad in retrospect at Steve, actually. Like, he and Sharon share a kiss in Civil War and she did him a huuuuuge favor in that movie, one which led to her losing her job and having to go on the run from the law. And then we have FIVE YEARS after Endgame during which Steve could have tried to clear her name somehow but apparently didn't??? Whether Sharon got blipped or not is even material to that. You'd think someone like Steve would not be able to live with himself if he didn't clear her name after the favor she did him.

in response to your rot13: eeeeeeeek.

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I just caught up to all the aired episodes and.... holy shit. The last scene of the last episode, WOW. The image of that blood dripping down that shield was so shocking and wrong that I wanted to hide under my bed. Amazing, amazing scene. i'm really loving what they're doing with this new Cap storyline and how they're using that as a platform to examine why Sam, as a black man in America, should or should not take over the mantle.

I'm also loving:
-Daniel Bruhl chewing the scenery
-the flashbacks to Bucky's time in Wakanda (him crying as he was freed of the Hydra programming just broke me)
-the Dora Milaje!!! Kicking ass!!!!!
-Bucky trying to integrate into society (so fanficcy but so fun) and his plot with the elderly man whose son he killed as the Winter Soldier

Other than that, thought, I'm rather disappointed in this show. Huge swaths of time are spent on Karli, but her motives are not that interesting and the actress looks so much like Little Orphan Annie that it's hard to take her seriously as some revolutionary mastermind. But my biggest gripe is that they are not capitalizing on their two leads. I thought the show would be wall to wall banter and bonding, but there's precious little of that. It's so grim and dour, with only the very rare moment of humor. And as it stands it looks like Sam and Bucky will be more than happy to go their separate ways at any minute, which is not what you really want when they're the two titular characters of the show?

And with only two episodes left to go (I understand the series got shortened due to the pandemic, damn covid), there's only so much they can do to addres any of these issues.... A shame.

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Is anyone watching Falcon and the Winter Soldier?
Plaintext spoilers in reply: