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I'll take 50 points! I was just going by the rules of soap operas, for max dramatic impact Sin Rostro HAD to be somebody we'd met. It couldn't be the Villanueva family, I didn't think the show is cruel enough for it to be Rafael, definitely not Rogelio... Emilio and Rose were the only candidates and Rose was the more shocking choice of the two.

Rogelio's vision board killed me. Like Angelina Jolie and Jon Voight LOOOOOOOOOL

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I love how they always draw parallels between what’s going on in Jane’s life and Alba’s lessons to young Jane. (It really shows just what a strong influence Alba has been on her.) Alba taught Jane that one forgives flesh and blood everything. That informs Jane’s reaction to Rafael not forgiving Luisa. But the episode is smart enough to add nuances here. Rafael’s right that his underwriting of Luisa’s insurance was a big gesture and Luisa messed it up. It’s a complicated situation, and as we see paralleled even in The Passions of Santos, your own flesh and blood can betray you just as well as anyone. But, like Rafael, I’m glad that Jane still chooses to believe the best of people, and to live the way Alba taught her to.

I have to give kudos to both the writers and to Rodriguez and Baldoni for how they’ve made Rafael and Jane’s relationship so lived in. You can tell that they’ve been spending lots of time together offscreen. It’s clear they’ve been getting to know each other better. They’re comfortable teasing each other, too. Loved the whole breakfast discussion with Jane slyly manipulating Rafael and him catching on and grudgingly praising her for it. Well played indeed, Jane! I also melted at the second “well played”, when Jane called Rafael one of the most important things in her life. (They’re totally doomed, aren’t they. This is going way too well.)

As always, Rogelio was another highlight. He and Xiomara are now having chaste sleepovers! (LOL does Alba make them keep the door open too?) So cute. They’re also getting more comfortable around each other. And Rogelio came to the Villanueva house for consolation after getting fired, awwww. I loved that even Alba pitched in and tried to cheer him up. This episode also confirmed that, despite his arrogance and ego, Rogelio is nice to the people around him, and a talented actor to boot. He was lovely to everyone on set except when Nicholas manipulated things. And I thought he aced his death scene. His performance was genuinely touching, although not as touching as when he burst into tears at Jane calling him “dad”. Lovely, lovely scene. It makes me so happy that the Villanuevas and Rogelio have become a true family.

Misc. thoughts:
-I hope we get to see Alba’s reaction to the scene Jane wrote and to hearing her own words on screen!
-I’d guessed that either Emilio or Rose would be Sin Rostra so this wasn’t a huge surprise, but still a fun reveal. Has Bridget Regan ever NOT played an evil character?
-I wasn’t too clear on this - are Rafael and Luisa only half siblings? Luisa’s mom had mental issues, but Rafael’s mom left when he was four?
-I’m still not interested in Petra and Magda’s story that much, but I loved that Jane comforted Petra despite having every reason to hate her. Jane is just the kindest person <3 She truly lives by the tenets of her faith, doesn’t she?

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I also think it's ridiculous to be that upset that he's saying he'll help out his girlfriend and the mother of his child if she were to need that.
Yeah I think they did overreact. It's understandable given how proud the Villaneuva family is and how much they all hustle (Alba also works if I'm not mistaken). But child support is supposed to support not just the child but also the mother! In terms of rent, food etc.... after all, the mother also needs to be well-fed, have adequate lodging etc. in order to be able to care for the child properly.

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This was a cute episode, although more low key than others.

The highlight was once again the Villanueva family. Everything with Rogelio (I’m counting him as part of that family now!) and Xiomara was hilarious - I about pee’d my pants when the camera pulled out to reveal Alba in bed with them. As Mark said they struck a great balance with this chastity vow plot. They can mine it for comedy like they do here but there’s also genuine emotion in how Xiomara made that vow out of love for her mother and in how Rogelio loves Xiomara enough to forgo sex. Wonderful balance of touching sentiment and comedy :)

I also really love the depth of characterization they’ve achieved for Jane in the space of just 11 episodes. We know she’s ambitious, goal-oriented, hard-working, proud… It’s no wonder that she ends up with three jobs and doesn’t even consider giving any of them up. Why can’t she quit waitressing though? I assume a permanent teaching position would offer salary and insurance that would be competitive with her job at the hotel… But I guess the writers couldn’t afford to lose the convenient excuse for her to be always in the same space as Rafael.

Misc. thoughts:
-So does Alba really not remember what she saw in Magda’s room? Magda needs to go down for attempted murder, stat!
-Can I just say I love Xiomara’s clothes? She has the best dresses and she looked fantastic at that dinner.
-What exactly does Jane teach btw? English? My heart melted when she started crying as her students gave her the gift.
-Love that we now see Rafael speaking Spanish too (so does this confirms that he’s supposed to be Hispanic? Or maybe he just remembers his high school Spanish or something)
-Jane listening to Xo and Alba fighting was rough. My parents fought bitterly throughout my adolescence so I know exactly how Jane feels.

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Keep us posted on your thoughts, I love AtLA!

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The narrator is always delightful!

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This great episode subverted my expectations. I was thinking they'd keep Alba in a coma for a long time, letting Magda wreak havoc while the person who knew the secret of her villainy was unable to reveal it. That would have been CLASSIC telenovela. But instead Alba wakes up and seems perfectly fine. Does she remember what she saw in Magda's room? I am just glad she's OK, y'all. I would have totally quit this show if Alba had died, she's too precious to me. And I am extra impressed that the show used this plot to throw shade at crappy immigration laws. Deporting someone to a country where she might not have any money or connections, and expecting that magically some hospital there will look after her? This is not only against human rights, it's forcing the hospital to go against the Hippocratic Oath. Outrageous. #immigrationreform indeed. I'm glad Michael could save Alba.... but the deportation still has the potential to rear its ugly head if ICE happens to check up on whether Alba is still a key witness a few years down the line or whatever.

Misc. thoughts:
-Jane was totally a nerdy teacher's pet, right? :D
-I thought Jane's friends were unkind towards her.
-Loved seeing Jane and Xiomara speak Spanish. I hope we get to see more of that!
-Rogelio's arrival with the swag bag was the best scene bar none, down to the dig about celebrities not needing free gifts. But it is really touching to me to see how much he cares about the Villanueva women and how nice and selfless he can be toward them.
-Latin Lover Narrator's final declaration about Michael was a dick move. Did he just say he would be hung up on Jane for the rest of this life? So either Michael is dying soon (of course this being a telenovela he could always come back!) or he lives out his natural life pining for Jane.... or he and Jane get married and stay so til he dies so he continues (rightfully) to believe that they were meant to be together. I DON'T LIKE ANY OF THOSE CHOICES.

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The Luisa and Rose storyline is easily the show at it's most telenovela-ey, mostly by not having any of the heart that all the other storylines have.
I think this is a great way to put it. I just don't care about Rose and Luisa because they haven't been fleshed out as characters. Thus, there's no genuine pathos to their situation. Everything that should make us sympathetic to Luisa is stuff that we've been told but not even shown, so it doesn't have the emotional impact it should. Her wife cheated on her, but we never saw what their relationship was like so who cares about its dissolution. She talked sense into Rafael when he was at a low point (again, we never saw that). Rafael and Luisa clearly care about each other, as shown by his underwriting her insurance, but we've seen them have a warm exchange... once, in the premiere. So I find it hard to care about Luisa as a character, despite the fact that her situation is horrific and should draw my sympathy.

And Rose of course is just a manipulative, selfish asshole.

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I already commented on Patreon but take care of yourself Mark. Health is the most important. I'm excited to get to read your thoughts on a new series no matter the format.

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I’m finding Jane the Virgin best when it is at its most sincere
I agree with this... I like the telenovela stuff and the humor and everything, but nothing makes me smile like the Villanueva family and their love for each other :)