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Wow, this looks amazing! After seeing this I have more confidence that they'll be able to adapt this story better than the movie did. Ruth Wilson and James McAvoy seem like even more perfect casting choices than Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig. I've been terrified of Ruth Wilson ever since I watched Lucifer so I can't wait to see what she does with this role :D

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I had forgotten that this was in the works... Despite loving Picard and Seven and Data I can't say I'm too excited about it. There's such a thing as too much of a good thing. (Now let's hope they can manage to make me eat those words!)

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Disney+ series The Falcon and The Winter Soldier with Anthony Mackie, Sebastian Stan, and Daniel Brühl
This is the one that I'm most excited by, because I loved both Mackie and Stan in their MCU roles and thought both were a bit underserved by the movies. Plus they have the potential to make an excellent buddy cop team. Now if only we could get a cameo from Chris Evans (he was my favorite MCU Avenger and I'm still sad we won't see him in the movies again)

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I would love to hear your thoughts on Avatar!

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The one major exception to that was in this episode, when she and Graham have their confrontation. I LOVED that scene, and I realized that this type of drama and relationship development is what I have really been missing this season.
Hmm, you just crystallized for me what this season has lacked to be among the truly greats. What you say is absolutely true. The Doctor keeps saying she and Yaz are besties and is excited by tea at Yaz's and can't have a universe without Yaz... but we haven't actually seen the two of them hanging out or having any meaningful conversations or doing things that don't relate to solving the problem of the day. So all the Doctor's claims of how they're big buds come across a bit... empty.

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That was not bad... but it was underwhelming. The only parts that really landed for me were the bits with Graham and Ryan. Bradley Walsh was fantastic in the early scenes where Graham says he will kill Tim Shaw in revenge. So chilling. I loved that confrontation between him and the Doctor. Ryan and Graham gradually getting closer has been the most satisfying part of this season, and I cheered out loud when they fist-bumped and Ryan called him granddad. So touching <3

Other than that though, the plot barely held my interest - I still don't know why that planet looked like a battlefield or why Paltraki was there. Tim Shaw is also weak as a villain. He seems to be "evil because he's evil". The Ux were waaaaay more interesting than him and the episode wasted them by using them as mere plot devices. These beings had a faith such that they committed multiple genocides in service to Tim Shaw. (And the Doctor is oddly OK with this?) Some more exploration of that would have benefitted the episode.

So that's this season... Overall I liked it, on the strength of Whittaker's performance and the three companion TARDIS dynamic. Interestingly though, for me it started out very strong and then got weaker as it went on. Later episodes such as "Witchfinders" and "It Takes You Away", which everyone raved about, didn't do anything for me. But I loved Arachnids, Tsuranga, Punjab and Rosa. Overall though I hope Chibnall adds writers who amp up the emotional intensity going forward. His own writing seems to be competent but without many fireworks.

And the biggest problem of this season for me is how underutilized Yaz has been. Unlike Graham and Ryan, she hasn't had any arc and barely does anything in the episodes. The show seems to have all but forgotten that she's a cop! They could have made that into an arc, and showed us that she was becoming a better cop due to her travels with the Doctor, but so far nothing like that has happened.

Misc. thoughts:
-Not sure that locking Tim Shaw in that pod forever is any better than killing him, but whatevs.
-Everybody coming together to take planets back home was way better done in S4 don't you think?
-"Yippie ki-yay robots" GRAHAM <3

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I think this might be one my least favorite episodes of the season. The resolution with the Morax was boring, and for being the first episode where the Doctor's new gender actually factored into the story, I thought they could have done more to address the misogyny of the whole situation. Instead we got a sci-fi alien resolution that was frankly boring. I also thought the companions could have been given more to do.

I hadn't realized that this season is only ten episodes!there still doesn't have to be any theme or arc to this season, which is fine. All the historical episodes however have focused on bigotry and discrimination and the horrific things people do because of those things. So I wonder of the finale will play on that in some way.

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This is a very nice analysis!

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The Emmy noms are out!

If Ted Danson doesn't get the award for The Good Place there's no justice in this world!

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If you haven't watched Community, drop everything and start now :D