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Star Trek Discovery S2 premiere
Has anyone watched this? What did you think?

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it would probably step on the "joke" JMS was making
Yeah the more I watch Babylon 5 the more I realize that JMS and I have wildly differing opinions on humor...

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To be honest I didn't enjoy this episode much. It hit two of my biggest nopes in fiction: Body horror and embarrassment squick.

As Mark wrote, everything in the Franklin/Marcus plot suffered from glacial pacing until we got to the reveal that Jack was controlled, and after that I couldn't face the body horror and kinda tuned out. They grow back???? NOPE, KTHXBYE.

Delenn making Sheridan have sex while a bunch of Minbari listened in from outside had me shuddering in revulsion. I have a HUGE embarrassment squick. If you told me I had to have sex with my partner's whole clan right outside the door listening to every sound, I'd have noped out of there in a millisecond, cultural respect be damned. I thought Delenn went too far here, tbh - Sheridan was clearly uncomfortable, and she doesn't even ask him what Earth customs are about sex or anything. She just bats her eyes all "me me me" and expects him to go along with her customs. Meh. And then the embarrassment squick got even worse when Lennier was a ginormous asshole and brought up Sheridan's sex noises. WTF, Lennier? I thought the Minbari respected privacy? Another lie from the "we never lie nosir" Minbari, clearly :-/ Lennier and Sheridan are not even friends, they're merely colleagues. If a colleague came up to me going "so, you make this weird noise during sex???" I'd have to punch them in the face.

The Garibaldi plot is not enjoyable in the least, either. His vendetta against Sheridan is hard to take seriously because it is so laughably irrational. His ego seems hurt because he thinks Sheridan has developed a god complex and so Garibaldi is just being petty in response. Except we've never really seen Sheridan act holier-than-thou toward anyone so I don't really understand where the animosity is coming from. Add in the probability that this might be influenced by whatever happened to Garibaldi and I find it hard to care about any of it.

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which would make "I will abide by your decision" another "Minbari don't lie" type of lie :D

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Eh, she could have also asked for time to cast her vote instead of immediately screaming "kill all those animals!!!!!!"

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That's true... Even if she didn't want to tell him about her role in the war, she should have at least told him she was going home because her clan disapproved of the marriage and needed convincing. Part of me also wonders how confident she was about the outcome and what she would have done if they had not approved the marriage, in the end. Would she really have given up and stayed on Minbar? I was kinda shocked tbh that she even said she would abide by their decision. (So much for "the heart does not recognize boundaries on a map"...) And if she is willing to abide by a possibly unfavorable verdict, would Sheridan even want to be married to someone who would put her cultural norms above their relationship?

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I mean, what could they have done though? The decision required the vote of the Grey Council, of whom she is a member. They followed the rule of the law.

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I'm a bit conflicted by how Sheridan doesn't find this out, I have to say. Obviously there's nothing to be gained from broaching the matter with him. At the same time, I feel like this is information that he's entitled to if he's marrying her? He risked his life in that war. He lost friends in that war. He probably lived for years in fear of what the Minbari could do to Earth. The title of this ep is "Atonement". Can Delenn's atonement really be complete if she has the opportunity to seek forgiveness from someone she wronged, but doesn't do it because of... personal interest? That's the only part in this excellent storyline that left a bad taste in my mouth.

Misc. thoughts:
-Awwww Zach still wants Garibaldi to come back even though it would cost him his promotion. His respect and affection for Garibaldi are super touching to me.
-So they had G'Kar in the episode just to give him a new eye? Huh. For once, I am not emotionally devastated by G'Kar :D Also how the heck does that thing work OUTSIDE his body, that's fucking creepy. Is it linked to the optic nerve via bluetooth, perhaps? :D
-Similarly, they had Ivanova in this episode just for the unseen Drazi party? Huh. Why include these actors at all if you're not going to give them anything to do?
-Dukhat chose Delenn partly based on her heritage but it's clear he was inspired by her openness to first contact. That was a neat point.
-It made me laugh that the Grey Council paid any heed to the opinions of the Centauri about humans (primitive, passionate, dangerous). As if those bigots ever looked favorably upon any other race!
-It's nice to know that Sinclair, as Valen, eventually had a family. I hope that brought him some measure of happiness in the end.
-Are the Soul Hunters prophetic, in a really really specific way? How else can they know that a notable Minbari will shortly die in a specific location? (I still find the whole Soul Hunter thing vague, nonsensical and blah tbh)
-WHEEEEE MARCUS/FRANKLIN ROADTRIP! More of this! More bickering! More Marcus singing! More more more <3 (Also, glad that Franklin is finally getting something to do!)
-"I cannot have an aide who will not look up." Fantastic callback.
-Lennier's snark was on point in this episode.

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That was great! Flashbacks are one of my favorite storytelling devices, and I really liked getting a good understanding of what drives Delenn. As an examination of her motivations, this was a million times better than Comes the Inquisitor. Delenn sorta caused the whole war, feels guilt, tries to atone. Boom, done. As motivations go, it's nice and simple; understandable and sympathetic. This episode should have been placed like way back in the second season or something. It would have eased so much of my frustration with the way Delenn was written back then. (And no, it doesn't retroactively change my opinion of how she was written earlier.) Not only does this explain why she's so invested in winning the Shadow War, it also clarifies her background. I spent months wondering why Delenn had been invited to the Grey Council when she didn't seem to have any outstanding expertise/knowledge/skill. I'd wondered if her heritage could have played a part. Turns out that's the case: Dukhat chose her partly because she's descended from Valen. (By that logic thousands if not hundreds of thousands of Minbari must also carry Sinclair's DNA but we'll go with it.) Meeting Dukhat was an utter treat. I loved the warmth, wisdom and forcefulness that the actor brought to the performance. It was easy to see why Dukhat was so revered, even if his ideas were a tad too progressive for Minbari tastes.

And then we flash back to the fateful encounter described in Late Delivery from Avalon, which brings us the most important revelation of the episode: Even after David fired the initial shot, the war was not inevitable. The Grey Council was divided and Delenn cast the deciding vote for war. That proves that Dukhat chose wrong: Delenn was not sufficiently mature, wise or capable enough to remain rational at a moment of grief. She was offered the option of waiting to see if there had been a misunderstanding but chose war. Lennier tries to handwave it as "oh you were not thinking clearly" but that's a piss poor defense. As a Council member, it was her job to think clearly, to put her feelings to the side and consider the big picture. Instead she gave in to rage and prejudice (notice how she immediately calls humans "animals") and paid no heed to the implications of involving her planet in a brutal war against an unknown enemy. It's a shocking revelation. You absolutely cannot see the Delenn of today making that choice. She is laser focused on the greater good. Which proves that she's learned from her mistakes and grown, so good on her.

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Thank you! I unscrambled :D Re: your fourth paragraph pbhyq lbh cyrnfr gryy zr jung lbh guvax V zvtug yvxr? :)