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I couldn't not include her <3

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Awwwww what nice words! thank you so much :) I'm so glad people are enjoying them. I've actually not been able to find time to keep up with figure skating for the past couple of years, so this has been a wonderful excuse to slowly start getting back into it.

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Yup, also happens :D

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(Heck, have a whole bunch of reactions.)
Heeeee that is both the most joyful and the most hilarious thing I have ever seen :D Everyone's wide-eyed looks! :D;D

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Chris's flashback of Victor seems to have some visual references to Johnny Weir, and in a poster in episode 2 he is wearing a costume that bears some resemblance to one worn by Jeffrey Buttle. He is also, as I mentioned previously, visually based on John Cameron Mitchell's appearance. Victor having direct visual references to three different openly gay men is just something I really wanted to point out.

OK NOW I KNOW WHY VICTOR'S COSTUME LOOKED FAMILIAR. And in the poster not only does that resemble Jeffrey's costume, the pose and carriage is also reminiscent of Jeffrey when he skates. I just love the level of detail and thought put into these visual references, thanks for pointing them out :)

Also, JOHNNY <3<3<3 JEFFREY <3<3<3

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Livebloggy notes:
-Hahahahha I love how invested in and stressed out Mark is by the competition. Now you know what us figure skating fans feel like, All. Season. Long! :D
-Yuri getting nervous…. I related so hard! In his place I’d be even more of a wreck. I’ve never done a sport competitively but I used to play the piano. I don’t have a problem being in front of an audience - I’m a very good public speaker and it doesn’t make me anxious at all. But with the piano, every time I played in a concert I would get so fricking nervous. It didn’t matter what anyone said to reassure me or how much I had practiced. And because of the nerves i always made mistakes in front of the audience :( It’s really a harrowing experience and I stopped playing in concerts pretty quickly. I have the utmost admiration for skaters who go out in front of those huge audiences and manage to stay on their feet, let alone land jumps.
-Are they seriously saying that this Swiss guy is orgasming on ice??????
-OH WOW YURI’S BREAKDOWN IS REALLY INTENSE. What a scene. I kinda love that Yuri doesn’t seem to give a crap about the trappings of a relationship - he doesn’t care about defining what they have, he doesn’t care about making out, he just wants Victor, above everything, to be by his side. And you can see how stunned Victor is by that - again, there have probably been very few people that have wanted him to stay close without asking anything else of him. And poor Victor, not knowing how to get Yuri out of his spiral. Here we see that he is truly inexperienced as a coach.
-Hahahahhahah I mean being dumped sucks but this Russian guy is TOO dramatic about it. Also, yes, it’s totally a thing for skaters to date each other, there have been so many scandals over the years with skaters cheating on their partners with other skaters etc.
-Yuri feels better after crying. Awwww. That’s kinda nice though. Sometimes all you need to deal with your feelings is to just cry it out. It’s a coping mechanism like any other. I love that the show understands that and doesn’t shame Yuri for his breakdown.
-I am entranced by Yuri’s skate and Victor’s reaction to it :)
-The 4flip at the end shows that Yuri’s taken Victor’s lesson to heart - always surprise your audience!
-hahahahaha Mark’s face
-“i’ll make you into borscht in Moscow” LLOLOLOLOLOL OH YURIO

Another amazing episode (THEY KISSED THEY KISSED THEY KISSED EEEEEE) I really love how accepting and supportive everyone is about Yuri’s anxieties. Nobody denigrates him for them, nobody gets exasperated, nobody thinks he’s a weakling. They just support him and try to help him out of it. Would that every person who struggles with anxiety had a support system like his.

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[youtube U_fHcE4uFg4&t=81s http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U_fHcE4uFg4&t=81s youtube]
Next on our video series of famous Japanese skaters is another megastar, the ethereal Mao Asada. Widely considered one of the best skaters of all time, Asada has 3 world championships and an Olympic silver, and is one of a handful of women to have landed a 3axel in competition. At the 2014 Olympics, she became the first woman to land 8 triple jumps in one program. Asada had an electrifying rivalry throughout her career with Korean superstar Yuna Kim, which reached its apogee at the 2010 Olympics where they placed first and second. I’m sharing my favorite of her programs, set to Liszt’s Liebestraum. Asada has it all – jumps, speed, fluid skating, elegance, beautiful musicality and a charming delicate style. And she always seems so serene, sincere and gracious 😊 I really love her.

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Mark Reads
As I recall there was a thread last week wondering what would be covered after Young Wizards on Mark Reads. For those who don't keep up with the Young Wizards reviews, Mark has posted that after finishing the last YW book (Book of Night and Moon) he will just do Discworld every day in order to finish out that series. What's next after that seems to be TBC still.

On a similar note, and because I'm in need of book recommendations, what would be everyone's dream books for a Mark Reads project? I think mine would be Leigh Bardugo's Six of Crows and its sequel, I'm so obsessed with those books... Oh, and Michael Chabon's Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay but that's on the confirmed list already.

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I knowwww I'm enjoying it so much and now I'm sad that it's so short!

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