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at least he has some independence and purpose
That purpose being helping Londo murder people?

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Now I don't know which one I want more, a Cap shield keychain or a B5 one! (Just kidding, I adooooore Cap.)

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Yeah, his reaction to the gift sounds assholish, especially considering that the gift giver had had it specially ordered and personalized in a thoughtful way. Poor Peter David's wife must have been pretty offended when she saw this episode.

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Ah, gotcha. Thanks!

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"Vir, I have perhaps not treated you as well as I should have.” OH, YOU MEAN WHEN YOU MADE HIM COMPLICIT IN THOUSANDS OF MURDERS, YOU ASSHOLE? I appreciated the episode's intention to flesh out Vir, who's been highly underused so far. However, I had a hard time getting invested in this plot, given the many dead Narn littering the background of his and Londo's rapprochement. Also, poor widdle Vir, so lonely that he would rather continue watching Londo plot murder than live a peaceful if lonely life elsewhere. I'll just get out my tiny violin. Londo being nice to Vir likewise failed to warm the cockles of my heart. He's just trying to ingratiate himself cos he feels lonely too. If he had truly cared about Vir he would not have ever involved him in his murder planning sessions. (I just can't get over that image of poor Vir fixing Londo's hair while he and the other guy plotted conspiracy and mayhem.)

I didn't understand why Ivanova was so opposed to the gift shop. The UN has a gift shop. Hallowed halls of learning like Oxford and Harvard have gift shops. The Vatican has a gift shop. Get over yourself, Ivanova. Nothing wrong with selling a few magnets and T-shirts, and knowing the debacle in By Any Means Necessary, it's galling that she would turn up her nose at such an easy source of revenue for the station. I also found it out of character for Sheridan to be so affronted by the teddy bear - he's always struck me as someone who has a healthy sense of humor and doesn't take himself too seriously.

Misc. thoughts:
-I did laugh a lot at Londo's irritation with the Centauri doll :D
-Despite my dislike of the Minbari subplot, I liked that Sheridan managed to save Lennier's honor. That was a nice thing for him to do.
-I couldn't remember the incident Londo mentioned about a Minbari lying?
-So in his spare time Kosh enjoys clandestine Gregorian chanting in the bowels of Babylon 5. That was random and weird. You do you, Kosh.

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Wow, this is some Klingon-level hypocrisy that the Minbari are rocking, eh? And Delenn is the biggest hypocrite of them all. It's pretty rich to see her clutch her pearls going "oh noes Sheridan what you're saying is a stain upon our soul" when we KNOW she herself has lied multiple times. In episode 2x02 she said she had transformed with the blessings of her government.... except the Grey Council had told her to cool her horses and were pissed enough to fire her when she disobeyed. So either the Minbari have a very different definition of the word "blessing" or that's lie number one. Let's not forget the whopper she was planning to tell in Legacies about that corpse's disappearence being a "religious mystery", or how she ordered Neroon to support her lie that the body had "transformed". Even her statement "Minbari do not lie" is a lie, as it comes with a ton of exemptions in the small print. All the enormous truths that Delenn and the Council hid, like the reason behind the surrender, like what happened to Sinclair, the mind wipe... The Minbari can comfort themselves all they want that it's not lying if you're just omitting the truth and consequently steering people towards specific assumptions, but come on. You're not sticking to the spirit of your ethos if you are constantly exploiting loopholes and technicalities to maintain it. That's not honor. It's just another lie that lets you sleep at night.

This episode depicts for the first time the general Minbari populace's reaction to Delenn's transformation. Given that the link between Minbari and human souls is secret, I assume the reasons behind her transformation have been kept from the people. So the general populace has no idea WHY she undertook this radical step, and yet she remained part of their government and had authority over the people for quite a while afterwards. I can understand why that might cause adverse reactions... Imagine if a US congressman one day decided to become, idk, part chimpanzee. And never said why (or just claimed that it was to build better human-chimpanzee relations). And stayed a congressman and expected to keep formulating policies that affect your life. That would freak people out, I'm guessing. I'm not saying that it was right for that Minbari to treat her like he did. But I can understand why he reacted that way.

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Turns out that being a selfish asshole more concerned with position than anything else leaves you with no friends. Who’d’a thought? And he wants respect, after a lifetime of doing absolutely nothing to ever earn it. Funny how that works. I have no sympathy for him; he's been digging this particular hole his entire life.
Ditto. It's also telling that the few people we've met from his previous life hate him and that he didn't seem to have any friends even before he became a murderous asshole.

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What's paradise for a golem? There are no more orders. There is nothing to do. Adora thinks they appreciate fulfilling their purpose of work and is just focused on respecting them as people, but maybe she has that wrong too. Burn their chem away, give them no more purpose, and the relief is divine.
I love the way you put this :)

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A middling episode. I've been hankering for more info on Kosh and the Vorlons, so I was excited when Sheridan said what I'd been thinking and demanded closer interaction. But Kosh remained just as cryptic as before. We didn't learn much about Vorlons except that they have living, singing ships and that Kosh started attending council meetings regularly after Sheridan arrived.

Outlandish Vorlon theory of the day (Should I make this a regular feature?): So apparently Vorlons are so evolved that puny primitive humans would not understand what they are if we saw their real selves. Perhaps this is also why Kosh has not figured out how to communicate in a way that human minds could understand, despite spending years living with them. And Kosh seems to be aware of the Minbari prophecy, of Morden, of the Shadows... and of the role that Sheridan has to play. So outlandish theory of the day is that the Vorlons are time travelers and Kosh is on the station to ensure that things unfold in a specific way. Yes yes, unleash the nunsnarns.

I liked how the fugitive doctor's plot furthered the arc but by itself it wasn't that interesting.