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I don't think I knew that they were making a Watch series! I'm... apprehensive, lol
I wonder if the costumes will look like this or if they'll modernize them: https://io9.gizmodo.com/bbcs-discworld-adaptation...

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-The whole world now knows about sensates and there are accords and everyone is getting along famously? Again, HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? Like the whole world would agree on something like that in the space of a few months? OH PLEASE. That bit makes me think that instead of a wedding, they should have had a flash forward to a five year reunion or something. I loved Amanita and Nomi getting married, but putting a bit more time between the events of the finale and the reunion would have allowed them to tie things up much better. There are still so many loose ends that they could have cleared up that way, like: What fucking accords? Where will Will and Riley live now? Will can’t go back to being a cop after the way he left. Will he just follow Riley around as she DJs in Europe? Isn’t Wolfgang wanted by the police in Berlin? Where will he live? What happens to Lito and Capheus's careers? To me learning these things was way more important than yet another orgy.

-Kala/Rajan/Wolfgang: When I first watched this episode, I hated this development. I'm not opposed to polyamory in principle, but the execution is poor. This time around I can see how they did some legwork in showing Kala coming around on Rajan. (I still don't see why Rajan would want Wolfgang to be involved in his marriage, but OK...) But I still think it could have been done better, and that Kala is ill-served by this. Let me explain:

Kala has had zero plot in this whole series except this love triangle. She spends the whole show finding excuses to not come clean to Rajan (including the fact that she doesn't love him and that she has cheated on him with Wolfgang). She sleeps with Wolfgang, then the next day tells him it was a mistake and that she must be a dutiful good wife. Few days later, she comes right back and wants to run away with Wolfgang, again without telling Rajan the truth. All of this makes Kala look cruel, cowardly and wishy-washy. For her to emerge with any dignity from this wretched plot, the finale had to show her make a choice, and own it.

That doesn't happen. Wolfgang explicitly says they haven't talked about anything. Will flat out asks Kala what she wants, and she just.... shrugs and pouts. Are you kidding me? All this time and she still cannot fucking say what she wants? Where is the growth in that? How empowering and rewarding would it have been had Kala looked Will straight in the eye and said that she wants both men? That would have been a good conclusion to her storyline in this show. Instead we have her silently leading the two men into a nebulous polyamory, which they inexplicably go along with, and which is likely to end badly because polyamory requires discussion and negotiation and boundaries. I dunno, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

So that's all the negative stuff. But despite that I'm not enamored of the finale, I still adore this show and am so glad it got made. It's probably the most ambitious show I've ever watched. And definitely the most uplifting. I can't think of any other show that is this unabashedly sincere in telling us to love each other. I will miss it :)

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I... don't really like this last part of the finale I have to say. Everything kind of devolves into an incoherent mess, and instead of resolving important loose ends, the writers go whole hog on fan service-y pandering by trotting out the greatest hits like the rocket launcher and the orgy. It doesn't work for me. To go quickly through the nitpicks:

-Capheus has nothing to do in this whole episode except drive cars. After spending an entire season on his election plotline, the writers couldn't even drop a sentence during the wedding to tell us what happened with that. Such bad writing. I guess they thought Nomi's mom getting cured of her transphobia by space brownies was more important. :-/

-Yes, Nomi's mom got cured of her transphobia by space brownies. Why did anyone feel that was necessary? She's one of the most loathsome characters in the show. I did not need to see her in this finale at all. The time wasted on her could have been spent on further clarifying loose ends with other characters.

-Lito likewise had nothing to do this whole episode, and we don't learn what happens with his movie. His lack of plot is so egregious that he doesn't even storm the Forcella, but hightails it out of there with Hernando and Lito when the bus explodes. So why were those three even in the bus in the first place if they were gonna leave immediately???? I guess they ran away because Daniela and Hernando are not fighters and Lito didn't want to risk injury before his movie? But then it makes no sense for them to be on the bus which was scheduled to explode. I mean come on, what bullshit writing. I don't know, when you have eight main characters and two of them have no plot, I think that's crappy.

-So Aunt Kirsty is apparently a secret commando who managed to lay waste to a bunch of BPO goons? WHAT?

-Ummm Lila had a cluster that was all in on her plan. Aren't they gonna come after our cluster for killing her???

-Sun is exonerated of all charges HAHAHAHAH ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? Sure, if her brother confessed everything (which is doubtful?) then the assault on her brother and the murder of the prison guards could perhaps be dropped. But she escaped from prison, that’s a crime. She escaped police custody when arrested the second time, another crime. And most importantly, at the beginning of the series, she took the fall for her brother and went to jail, thereby allowing her brother’s embezzlement to continue for two more years. Doesn’t that make her complicit in the crime? (Or maybe it’s obstruction of justice? I dunno, not a lawyer, but in any case, I can’t believe that there wouldn’t be some charges due to that.) The writers clearly just wanted to go for maximum cheesy happy ending and threw all sense out of the window.

-More bullshit writing: Felix, Mun and Diego all get shot for cheap shock value but are magically OK just a short while after.

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Well, maybe Lito's ridiculous baguette get-up tops it. IDK it's a tough one :D

This is where it starts to become clear that they condensed three seasons worth of plot (from what I know JMS had a 5 season plan for Sense8 similar to B5) into a two hour finale. And we see the limitations of that. The Lacuna stuff, Whispers' quest for immortality, all of it would have benefited from being spread out over numerous episodes and given space to breathe. Instead, we get some wise old lady coming out of nowhere at the eleventh hour a la Buffy's Guardians. Without the proper built-up, these developments become devoid of emotional impact. And you end up with a bunch of ill explained things, such as: How did BPO find Mr. Hoy???? Did the Chairman visit Wolfgang just to gloat? (that was such a pointless scene.) Wasn't Lila's plan to make Berlin and not Naples into a sensate sanctuary? Wasn't that why she was cozying up to Fuchs?

All that said, I still love this segment because it gives us the dinner scene (just how fucking great is it to see every character we love gathered around a table and happy?) and the best scene of all time, the Depeche Mode car ride. I love, love, love the joy that emanates from that scene. Once again, perhaps the best quality of Sense8 is that it always makes time to emphasize the beauty of connecting and sharing experiences. Nowhere is that better exemplified than in that beautiful car/train ride as they listen to I Feel You. (They lyrics of the song are perfectly apt, btw.) It's a small detail but I love that the sensates give headphones to the others so that they can experience the music too! And the contrast between the psychic dance party in their heads and everyone sitting serenely in the train in reality is hilarious.


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I'll just post some random observations here and save overall comments for the end of the finale.

-I really love this first part, and whoever chose the splitting point for Mark did a great job.

-There is so much pleasure to be had in watching all the cast together for the first time. I love that they had so many little moments like the wonder on Bug's face when meeting the cluster; Nomi, Bug and Riley passed out on the couch together, Daniela and Hernando marveling as Lito explains the cluster connection, Riley speaking to Kala psychically before entering the room she's in, the cluster taking a moment to breathe together on the roof... So great. To be honest I could have watched a whole episode that was just moments like these.

-Let's all remember that Wolfgang killed his father to stop the cycle of abuse the latter was perpetrating. Horrifying but also a sign of how far Wolfgang will go for those he loves. And then the rather ridiculous revelation that Wolfgang's mom is his... stepsister? That was rather anti-climactic I have to say. And it would seem to say a whole lot more about what a perv Wolfgang's dad was than about whatever negative thing he was trying to imply about Wolfgang's mom, but I guess to men like him logic like that is besides the point....

-LOL Will chose the BEST moment to Milt about the divorce. I laughed a lot at that


-Oh yay, now Angelica is seducing Whispers and there's a BPO secretary and a chairman and a whole bunch of nebulous plot device BPO people that I don't give a crap about. Once again, I think a major weakness of this series is that so much of it is informed by all this background story but the latter fails to be compelling in any way.

-Daniela is trying to stall the movie producers asking about Lito, and Capheus vanished in the middle of the campaign with no explanation. Naq V oryvrir gung'f gur ynfg jr rire urne bs gubfr gjb cybgyvarf... n ovt artngvir cbvag bs guvf svanyr.

-Confirmation that Riley is bi <3

-Will is totally the cluster dad, and he's so great in this role.

-Wolfgang is so badass that he can just bust himself out. He always gets the best action scenes :)

-Rajan's arrival at the house is really hilarious. And to his credit he really does have the best, most mature reaction to finding everything out. But he still doesn't know that Kala loves Wolfgang and has been cheating on Rajan with him. UGH KALA JUST COME CLEAN. VVEP jr arire frr gurz unir gung pbairefngvba juvpu vf bar bs gur ernfbaf gur cbylnzbel va gur raq ernyyl ohtf zr. V pna ohl gung Enwna zvtug or BX jvgu jung Xnyn qvq nsgre yrneavat nobhg vg ohg V arrq gb frr gurz unir gung pbairefngvba. Xnyn oernpurq uvf gehfg, naq lbh pna'g unir cbylnzbel jvgubhg gehfg.

-Loved loved loved the cluster destroying those BPO goons and Neets, Daniela, Bug and Hernando's bug-eyed, awed reactions to that. But once those goons were taken care of, why didn't they take Whispers with them?????

-Daniela's monologue to Whispers is Erendira Ibarra's crowning moment of this show. She's so good there. (Though I wish she'd shot him just a bit :D) Loved seeing Amanita and Daniela team up!

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I'm glad you enjoyed it :) It's not perfect but it really has such a fresh and different approach to anything and its characters are so great that I keep rewatching it with pleasure despite its flaws.

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And now we come to the second part - the BPO stuff. To which the first thing I have to say is: ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME. The sensates finally meet in person and we don’t get to see that???? What a baffling story choice. I fucking hate it. Such a wasted opportunity for some truly emotional and striking scenes.

So Lila being the lovable person that she is has ratted Wolfgang’s location out to Whispers. Whispers arrives in Berlin to take Wolfgang to a BPO facility that may or may not be in London. They make eye contact in real life which means they can now visit each other. What follows is so rushed and half-baked that it made me mad as hell the first time I watched it, and I have just skipped these parts of the episode on subsequent rewatches. Somehow, the cluster is able to infiltrate this super-secret BPO facility and Jonas’s house and kidnap Whispers and Jonas with being none the wiser… and we don’t see a single second of how this is planned or accomplished. Which, OK I can see how the writers might decide to skip this since the episode already features the cluster engaged in such shenanigans in Seoul, and you don’t want to get repetitive. But a few scenes of Will at least going over his plan with the cluster would have alleviated the rushed impression.

And then we have the most confusing part. The cluster kidnaps Whispers and Jonas… but not Wolfgang? Why???? The only possible reason for that is that Wolfgang is not at the Parliament facility. (Otherwise why would they leave him there to continue to be tortured?) Which means that Whispers was only visiting Wolfgang and the BPO flunkies were doing the actual torturing? Except you see Whispers physically injecting Wolfgang’s neck. So EITHER Wolfgang and Whispers are in the same location and the cluster nonsensically doesn’t kidnap Wolfgang along with Whispers, OR Wolfgang and Whispers are in different locations. Which means the person injecting Wolfgang has to be a sensate that Whispers is visiting/occupying, no??? But then Wolfgang is making eye contact with that person so he should be seeing them along with Whispers. UGH. Either I’m missing something big or the writers didn’t think this thing through at all.

Misc. thoughts:
-I’d forgotten Mun gets shot here. Juvpu znxrf vg rira zber evqvphybhf gung ur'f fubg NTNVA va gur svanyr (sbe purnc fubpx inyhr) naq gura fbzrubj erpbiref jvgu ab vyy rssrpgf.
-Kenyan sensates from other clusters visit Capheus after having made eye contact with him at his rally…nnnnnnaq guvf vf gur ynfg jr rire urne bs Pncurhf'f cbyvgvpny pnerre. V thrff gurl gubhtug vg jnf abg vzcbegnag gb rira jneenag n zragvba va gung oybngrq 2 ubhe svanyr, rira gubhtu gurl unir fcrag fb znal rcvfbqrf ba vg. V ernyyl ungr gung.
-Amanita and Nomi’s proposals are the cutest. When I first watched this it was my first time seeing two women get engaged on TV, I think. I loved it :) Amanita continues to retain her “awesomest human” crown.
-Yay, more romantic drama for Kala :-/ So once again, she conveniently gets out of telling Rajan the truth, and instead is planning to meet up with Wolfgang in Paris where she will actually cheat on her husband. So much for not wanting to hurt Rajan! Honestly they ruined Kala as a character for me this season - she’s had precious little growth or development and her entire storyline has been limited to which man she will choose. I shipped Kala and Wolfgang a lot in the first season but I lost pretty much all interest in their romance this season.

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She&nbsp;was the one who unleashed chaos on that party, not the other way around.&nbsp;
Well… Joong-Ki kicked it off by shooting Mun in full view of a bunch of cops, but I guess that’s easily covered up.

This is an episode of two halves: One very good, and one… bad.

The good half is of course the Korea one. The fight at the gala and the car chase together make up one hell of an action movie. You can tell the Wachowskis cut their teeth on the Matrix :) They did a great job of integrating all the sensates into those scenes, which upped the energy and intensity. Thrilling stuff. And once again you see the benefits of shooting on location, as the Seoul urban landscape gives an incredible atmosphere to those scenes. I also love how much this feels like an anime, with those colors and neon lights and the heightened dramatic action. You almost think you’re watching Ghost in the Shell or something. (Sun losing her clothes during the fight is very gratuitous but scantily-clad warriors of justice are a staple of anime I guess.)

Doona Bae is INCREDIBLE in this episode. I have rarely seen an actress who can be so badass and convey such vulnerability at the same time. That shot of her taking off the wig and glaring at Jung-Ki would make anyone tremble. But then she starts crying as she stands over her brother and all I want to do is give Sun a hug.

Just one nitpick with the Korea stuff: How is he there? Is he visiting/taking over a sensate who lives in Korea and that sensate is the one who is actually riding the bike? He cannot possibly be in Seoul in real life, right? This is where all the stuff with sensates from multiple clusters connecting and visiting starts to get too confusing for me. Mostly his presence just seems like an asspull by the writers to get Sun to safety.

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I don’t like this episode to be honest. The individual stories of each sensate have always been one of the most compelling aspects of the show for me, way more than all the BPO stuff. But here, many of those stories start to go off the rails.

First, we have Kala. Once again, her entire plot is reduced to waffling between Wolfgang and Rajan. BORING! Give this woman something else to do, please. I hate love triangles, and this one is so unbalanced because the show made Rajan out to be kind of a dick and has spent ages capitalizing on Kala and Wolfgang’s chemistry.

Second, we have Capheus. This election plot is also not my fave, mostly because Capheus has been pretty passive through it. A bunch of people talked him into running and he’s just going through the motions with this deer in the headlights look. We don’t really have a sense of what he feels about all this. His story is paralleled with Lito, but it’s not a great parallel. With Lito we KNOW that a Hollywood movie is the dream and that he wants this, no matter how scared he is at the moment. But with Capheus, I never for a second get the sense that he has any passion towards becoming a politician. Also, his speech sounded nice on the surface but it was basically empty. What’s his actual platform? How does he propose to solve Kibera’s problems, besides telling people to love each other?

Third, Lito… I know we’re supposed to be happy and excited that Lito’s dreams are coming true, but I always feel this strange unease during the party scenes. Maybe it’s because Kit Wrangler is played by Andy Dick and the character is so crass and disgusting (that Oscar anecdote did NOT need to be told). I just can’t imagine that Lito will be happy working with him. Maybe it’s because I hate Marc Jacobs undressing Lito in the middle of the party like a piece of meat, and then putting him in some weird campy newsboy outfit and gaudy jewelry. Hernando side eyes that outfit in the background, and Lito, again paralleled to Capheus, says that the outfit is not him. Which makes me wonder if Lito is going to even enjoy playing this character. I dunno, there were just a lot of little things in the party scene that didn’t make me optimistic about this storyline. Naq VVEP jr arire yrnea jung unccraf gb uvf zbivr be jurgure Yvgb rira trgf gb xrrc uvf ebyr nsgre qvfnccrnevat gb Rhebcr sbe jrrxf va gur svanyr. Fb jul fubhyq V pner nobhg guvf cybg?

Finally, we have the Will plot, which is almost turning into torture porn with how much misery they’re putting him in. It also makes me angry at the other sensates. Like, is Will supposed to be everyone’s bodyguard at all times? And how did he even fuck up, when he’s the one who showed up and saved Capheus’s life despite being high? Where does the cluster get off guilt-tripping him about his relapse when they’re leaving him to suffer alone in that shithole? Shouldn’t all of them be taking turns to pop in in shifts to keep him company? His dad just fricking died, ffs. Will gave up his whole life and endured a months-long heroine-fueled stakeout to get Whispers off their backs, and the only thanks he gets is that he gets to cry alone over his dead father?

Misc. thoughts:
-Lito and Sun helping each other via flair bartending and emotional vulnerability is the best part of the episode.
-Most hilarious moment: Daniela and Hernando shock-drinking champagne in sync when they learn who is Lito’s costar :D Loved that cute little background shot
-Hernando is just the best boyfriend. His support of Lito is so beautiful. And hot damn they looked good reenacting From Here to Eternity in their tiny tiny thongs :D Gorgeous scene :)

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Maybe it's a case of the writers trying to make sure the characters are not perfect by giving them flaws? But this one is really misplaced IMO.