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Missed this on Friday, but glad you're taking good care and I'll look forward to your return when you're ready!

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Mark, I hope this book helped with your healing; your words read like it did.

I have made no secret that I've loved revisiting this world. This trilogy at this time felt somehow exactly right. The conclusion of it also feels exactly right, focusing on grief and healing, and the work that goes into healing.

I hope Shaffa made it clear to Nassun before he left that he was so ready to go. I know that doesn't necessarily mean less grief; I think sometimes it can slightly mitigate the suffering of grief. I also hope that Nassun finds further healing, however she can, with whomever she can.

I think we are collectively going to be going through a long period of grief, both here in the US and worldwide. May we all have people to move forward with.


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These last couple of chapters are just...OOF Y'ALL. OOF.

What hits me the hardest, though, is Essun's smile as she turns to stone, and her tears still falling. And this is when Nassun finally sees her mother's love for her. IT IS ALL SO MUCH. SO SO MUCH.

I adore this book and am so glad we all read it together.

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I know I haven't commented in a few chapters; I got a smidge behind and am very overwhelmed with election STUFF. But I remain SO glad, Mark, that you chose this trilogy right now. There is something oddly comforting about this dystopian world, that isn't so far removed from our own. Finding love, family, friends, meaning...all despite their world LITERALLY being torn apart.

To my fellow US folks here....hope you are all taking good care, finding love/family/friends/meaning....all despite our world feeling very exceptionally fragile over here right now. An election isn't a rifting, but this one kind of feels like it. And I know the rifts that are so highlighted right now have been there for basically literally ever. I just desperately hope this gets us to a place where we are ready to heal them.


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I am so glad this part of the story is told swiftly. I don't need to hear about all the suffering in the desert, personally. That said, because it is told so quickly- even though the number of people who died is horrible, I think the impact is felt much less (at least to me). From 1100 to 850 is a huge loss of life, and yet my first thought was "oh wow ok that could have been much worse." Distance is a kindness, but also a curse, at times.

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This chapter is soooooooooooo good. So good. But the part that just guts me is when Hoa tells Essun he can't die, and Essun realizes it's safe to love him. This poor woman has never been truly safe to love anyone, and I just...wow. What a moment.

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I love that each of the three main POVs in this book are SO intense and each could almost be a whole book in and of itself. Like... I want to keep reading Hoa's experience. Dying to continue Nassun's experience. Desperate to continue Essun's journey. it's just so utterly brilliant! And I've read this before and I'm still dying to know more!!!

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I'm back!! Took a week of vacation in the mountains, and I'm excited to rejoin and caught myself up!

Love this chapter, particularly read closely with the last Essun chapter (I read that one last night). You see this distinctive shift in how she thinks of herself in context of Castrima, and you see the effort it takes her to start to understand the lessons Ykka has been working to teach her. But she DOES it. You can see it in the way she fumbles through her conversation with Maxixe (which, wow, HEY DUDE HEY) and the way she wrestles with what joining Castrima cost her. It's a very cool development.

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Oooooof this was rough. Even re-reading it, the violence of this chapter leaped off the page in a very visceral way.

Also I'm back! Didn't mean to dip out there for a bit but, y'know, life. I kept up with the chapters, at least. :)

Nassun feels like busting loose....and she does. Amidst all of this violence, the bit of imagery I loved was Nassun weaving the net from the silver- I appreciated the line "nobody has told her yet that she can't do this" or something like that.

Finally, I know that Nassun refers to Nida and Umber as contaminated by the silver, but I can't help but think this is the ultimate conclusion of what the Guardians are MADE to do. A feature, not a bug, as it were.

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"No voting on who gets to be people" is one of my favorite lines of the whole trilogy. And this chapter, as brutal as it is, is also one of my favorite chapters. As sad as Alabaster's passing is, Jemisin also softened it a bit, at least for me, by both reducing the amount of time we spent with Alabaster and by showing him slowly dying in such a way that all I really wanted for him was release from that pain. I am, though, absolutely heartbroken for Essun, as it was her rage that led to his death happening when it did. Antimony's statement that Essun killed him, though, is more than a little excessive.