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Yeah, the magic of the staging helps a ton, plus there were SO MANY great little character moments that I don' think would read quite as well as the actors played them. I never read the screenplay prior to seeing it, and I think that ended up being a really really good thing for me. Which is a shame, because I know for the vast majority of Potter fans, that's the way they will get to experience that play.

Although it is, at least, spreading well beyond London at this point, so more people will get the chance. :)

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I actually deleted that part of my comment after reading your above comment!

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This was an enjoyable, easy reading chapter for me.

I think I have a high degree of narrativium, y'all. I want so badly for magic to be real. Not just the "wonders of the universe" magic or the technology magic but the type 2 magic, as well. I never want to know how a magician does the tricks they do (I mean, I of course frantically try to figure it out, but I don't ever want to be told). I was privileged enough this summer to see HARRY POTTER & THE CURSED CHILD in London, (very vague maybe-spoiler details about the performance- only Rot13'd out of utmost caution and respect) naq vg hgvyvmrf n ybg bs fgntr rssrpgf gung ner qbjaevtug zntvpny. Zl sevraq naq V jrer fvggvat va gur guveq ebj sebz gur fgntr, juvpu zrnag jr pbhyq frr ubj gurl qvq fbzr guvatf, naq V sryg n yvggyr fnq nobhg vg- fb, zl sryybj Znex Ernqf snz, vs lbh trg gur bccbeghavgl gb frr gung fgntr cynl: 1) QB! Vg'f ernyyl tbbq naq 2) fvg snegure onpx hayrff lbh yvxr gb xabj ubj guvatf jbex.

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Ohhhhh you edited this to take out your "damper" pun! (It was in my email notif)

Yeah, it's weird- moist has never bothered me but I know it bugs SO MANY folks!

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This was a fun intro! One thing I really appreciate at this stage in Discworld is that Pratchett keeps the intros feeling fresh. These prologues were VERY curious and the second one was particularly cool... I mean, the clacks are such a staple of the Disc now! That's amazing! And this is yet MORE worldbuilding. So cool.

And then we meet Moist, who is a ~charmer~ for sure. I also appreciate the yet more evidence that Vetinari is an evil genius. What did Moist steal? I'm assuming he's not DEAD at this point, really, given the Spangler/Lipwig difference. Looking forward to finding out more. :)

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Oh that has been a minute indeed! That was also such an undertaking, phew.

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Thank you!!

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Hello Mark Watches!!! It's been a minute since I've been here- last here for Alias. :)

I'm planning to join y'all starting with S2 of Babylon 5 and hopefully the old DVDs will hold up for me to do that- although I just saw that it's also on Amazon Prime so hooray!

Expectation spoilers only (no plot at all) for S1 and one character:
V unir jngpurq nyy bs F1 orsber (naq fbzr bs F2) ohg sbhaq frnfba 1 gbb vafhssrenoyl qhyy gb jngpu ntnva. V jvyy or ernqvat gur erpncf, gubhtu, gb gel naq erzrzore rirelguvat arprffnel sbe cybg. V unira'g frra Gur Tngurevat be nal bs gur zbivrf, juvpu qb abg nccrne gb or ninvynoyr jvgu gur Cevzr zrzorefuvc fb hayrff V frpergyl unir gubfr QIQf, V cebonoyl jba'g wbva va.

V unir urneq sbe lrnef naq lrnef naq lrnef ubj nznmvat Onolyba 5 vf, naq cnegvphyneyl ubj nznmvat Vinabin vf, fb V'z rkpvgrq gb shyyl qvfpbire guvf fubj jvgu lbh nyy!

See y'all even more come S2!

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Oh, wizards! They truly are just exactly as you'd think they would be in Roundworld. Getting drunk and fighting. LOL

Not a whole lot to say about this section, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and am looking forward to what comes next. :)

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This was a nice ending. :) This book was also ultimately very enjoyable for me- lots of great parts, both small and large. It definitely felt a bit over-long at times, but at the same time... that length let us really know and appreciate and understand these characters in such a great way.

There were a couple of things I didn't love about the ending (Carl's return seemed too... I dunno, abrupt and convenient, I wanted to know if Ith looked different in Manhattan like the cats did, and now that Mark mentioned it, I'm annoyed Arhu/Saash didn't get a moment of goodbye), but mostly the sweetness of it felt right, and the sadness felt appropriate, and the story felt like it was truly complete.

I'm glad Mark is going to come back to these, as I'm also looking forward to the continued adventures of this crew (I assume this crew). I want to see Arhu develop more!