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Beyond sorry for your loss, Mark. Thinking of you throughout this terrible time, and wishing for you to be fully held in your communities as you navigate this grief.

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SCIENCE! And Wizards fucking around with Great Big Things! Must be a Science of Discworld book! Let's see where this one takes us....

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I must say I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. Continuing in the theme of the ever-darkening orientation over the past several books, but still seeded with the usual humor and scathing commentary we have come to love from Sir Pratchett. And in this one Vimes moves a WHOLE SYSTEM to do something new. Goblins are no longer considered vermin. And while Vimes hasn't been able to right the wrong that ever made anyone consider them vermin in the first place, there is no denying his actions at least have the promise of helping countless goblins now and in the future. And Lady Sybil's actions have done so at least equally if not more- all through the playing of a simple song.

Loved this, and am ready to power through the final Science of Discworld and cannot believe that we only 2 more actual novels left!! And that we have an END DATE on the Master Schedule...May 1 2020. Wow. Hardly any time at all from now, really.

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Let's all take a moment to delight in Young Sam's love of Poo, shall we? He got his buck of elephant dung, bless him. Just makes me smile a bit. :)

Also made me smile: Stratfod falling into the trap Vimes & Willikins made. They had me fooled for a moment; I thought Vimes ACTUALLY drank a couple of cocktails and I was getting all worried. Then I thought Stratford was the bartender. Glad I didn't operate under that thought for too long, and it was very satisfying to see Stratford be apprehended.

There was some commentary I considered making when Vimes talked about cops being held to a higher standard than average citizens, but I imagine others would make that more eloquently.

And now I'm theorizing (THEORY ONLY!) that the group is gathering at the Opera House to witness a goblin girl play the harp... and goodness won't that be amazing if it's true.

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I love how Stratford is just hanging over this section. He's not on page but he's in every interaction, as it were.

I also really love the scene of Vimes coming back to Ramkin Hall! Both the enthusiasm with which Young Sam greets him, and the FLIRTING THAT IS HAPPENING between Vimes & Sybil!! It's been so nice this book to see more of both of them and to see them adoring each other.

Another nice moment: Nobby respects the goblins, seemingly naturally.

Finally: Sybil deadheading those roses while talking about Lady Rust and people like her just gave me all kinds of life this morning. It's always nice to see Sybil's edginess come out.

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I really loved the line "moving faster than the speed of law. Sometimes- perhaps most times- justice can only start to be done when people decide that law is just going to have to catch up eventually.

It's like Deray McKesson (I think) says- the arc of the universe bends toward justice- if we bend it.

Also Stratford reminds me so much of who Moist would be if Moist were actually a terrible/evil person.

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This was exhilarating! Lordy what a section. The storm! Stinky! The horse-chase! Willikins! Crossbows!

I absolutely agree with Mark's assessment that these books have gotten dramatically less silly without losing the things that make them funny. As I was reading this, I was remembering reading THE COLOR OF MAGIC and THE LIGHT FANTASTIC, at which time I said something along the lines of "and these books get even better?! I can't believe it!"

Wow do they ever get even better. This is action packed and drama filled satire an it's so good. The shading and coloring of Discworld has expanded and deepened so much. I love the journey of Vimes a whole whole lot through this series.

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GOOD LORD WHAT A SECTION. this was a LOT. This book is really revving up and the gutpunch moments keep on coming.

LOVED Feeney here, LOVED Vimes-as-Vetinari, LOVED Old Mum Upshot and her broom and her total lack of fucks to give to this crowd. All of that had me amped all the way up.

And then we got to Wee Mad Arthur and the absolute horror he found. This is...just horrific. Beyond horrific. I just...I can't wrap words around this.

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Oh goodness I loved this section. One thing I'm thinking of are the similarities between Wee Mad Arthur and Billy Slick. While Billy is not expressing ANY desire to connect with his goblin culture, and Wee Mad Arthur just got back from a time spent with the Feegles, I cannot help but wonder how the two of them would interact and if Billy just might get interested in spending some time among the goblins and coming to understand the incredible art that goes into the unggue pots.

I also, of course, fully enjoyed Cheery & Wee Mad Arthur on the case. I wish we'd gotten more of both of them through this series. as we closer to the end of this book, the reality that we are truly almost done with the Discworld series is settling in. While I've had occasional Discworld fatigue through the last 5+ years, I have to admit...I'm sure gonna miss these folks.

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This was so well done. I loved seeing Upshot go hard at Flutter. Also I was surprised at the troll drugs in those barrels- that felt like it came out of nowhere! This now makes me think that the unggue we see with Colon is Pleasant's, that perhaps got added to a tobacco barrel post-murder? IDK I'm just trying to figure things out lol