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Oooooof this was rough. Even re-reading it, the violence of this chapter leaped off the page in a very visceral way.

Also I'm back! Didn't mean to dip out there for a bit but, y'know, life. I kept up with the chapters, at least. :)

Nassun feels like busting loose....and she does. Amidst all of this violence, the bit of imagery I loved was Nassun weaving the net from the silver- I appreciated the line "nobody has told her yet that she can't do this" or something like that.

Finally, I know that Nassun refers to Nida and Umber as contaminated by the silver, but I can't help but think this is the ultimate conclusion of what the Guardians are MADE to do. A feature, not a bug, as it were.

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"No voting on who gets to be people" is one of my favorite lines of the whole trilogy. And this chapter, as brutal as it is, is also one of my favorite chapters. As sad as Alabaster's passing is, Jemisin also softened it a bit, at least for me, by both reducing the amount of time we spent with Alabaster and by showing him slowly dying in such a way that all I really wanted for him was release from that pain. I am, though, absolutely heartbroken for Essun, as it was her rage that led to his death happening when it did. Antimony's statement that Essun killed him, though, is more than a little excessive.

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Hmmmm. I wonder if Essun has killed more people than Schaffa, actually- certainly she has killed many, but he is OLD AF and has killed who knows how many orogenes or stills that got in his way.

I don't imagine anyone will catch up to Alabaster, though, given the Rifting. :-/

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I love the Nassun chapters SO MUCH and I love the way her life is so intertwined with Essun's in ways she does not even know. It's all so fascinating and wonderful.

Also, wow, we finish this in a week! I gotta say, after years of Discworld, it's kind nice to be reading a series we will finish within a few months lol

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Well this was A LOT! I know I keep saying it, but it is truly just so exciting to revisit this series. In my Facebook memories, I discovered it was exactly 4 years ago today that I started reading it the first time! Which certainly helps me understand why my memory of the details are weak.

Pretty exciting stuff, particularly culminating in the introduction of Steel. :)

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Yup, I was here for Young Wizards! I've been here since...hmmm. Newsflesh, I think?

Do I recall correctly that the planets had humanoid versions of themselves when we got to know them as thinking and talking? I think that might be what made a difference for me.

Either way, you're for sure right that the amount of terrible things we've done to the Earth (and in some ways vice versa) makes me not want to have that chat!

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Oh man. It's fun and wild to me that I have MINIMAL memory of Shaffa's part of this story! I remember things with Nassun and Essun but not Shaffa. Memory is cool.

Anyway, I think it's hard (for me at least) to imagine the Earth as a villain and as an antagonist or really anything other than a planet upon which we reside. Considering Earth as a thinking, acting character takes adjustment for me for sure.

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Happy to help lololol

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Kind of imagining this at the beginning of an episode of Leverage- "Let's go steal the Moon!"

Another info dump chapter, but certainly well done. I appreciate that this was so grounded in Alabaster & Essun's relationship, in their shared history and shared grief.

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Nassun breaks my heart utterly in 2. As long as someone has a REASON to hurt her or kill her...well, that's better than what she has faced before now, particularly in her mind. I think it must be said- Essun had a reason. An incredibly strong reason. That doesn't make breaking Nassun's hand anything other than abuse, of course. AND...hiding Nassun's orogeny did not only serve the purpose of keeping Nassun safe in Tirimo, it also served the purpose of keeping Essun safe from Guardians, explicitly Shaffa. Remember that she can't even see the color burgundy and feel safe. I imagine every single choice she made with regard to Nassun (and likely Uche, or would have been Uche) was guided by NOT repeating what happened with Coru and NOT being found by Shaffa/Guardians.

And Essun knew one way to test Nassun's control without a doubt. (Which, again, does not change the fact of the abuse AT ALL)