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As is way too typical lately, I'm running super behind so will be all-too-brief, especially since I haven't commented in several days (was out of town, and then sick in bed).

I love what this is doing in terms of Angua & Sally's relationship, and the forced pairing which hopefully is also bringing increased understanding. I'm excited to figure out the mystery of all this, as well. This novel is proving to be a great combo of character work and engaging plot. :)

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My thought is that it's a size perspective? US radishes are pretty small (Idk if UK radishes are the same size- I can't stand radishes lol), whereas a head of garlic can be fairly large. I read this as Sally taking a bit out of a head of garlic which is maybe more similar in size to a turnip? idkidkidk

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Which shouldn’t have to be what she needs to do to make these people accept her; there’s a root problem here that needs to be addressed.

ROOT problem, huh?? Good ol' turnips.

Nice one, Mark!

This and the last bit were very stressful indeed. I'm SO CURIOUS about Brick and felt myself immediately ready to have all the empathy and all the feels for them. I feel so certain Brick was framed, so immediately, that I'm probably going to have that come back and bite me SOMEHOW.

Vimes vs Ardent...hmmmmm. NEW ONE.

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It's amazing how much Nobby has grown through the course of all of these books. He's there to speak absolute truth and make Fred more and more flustered and uncomfortable AND I LOVE IT. I also enjoyed his ideas on how to steal a giant painting. LOL.

I'm looking forward to getting to know Sally. So far, I have a positive impression of her.

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I think there is going to be a lot of very smart commentary here today about this is going to cover the social aspects of everything happening in Ankh-Morpork with regard to Koom Valley and the troll/dwarf conflicts and simmering hostilities. I'm looking forward to reading it if I can grab moments throughout my day to do so!!

I just wanted to appreciate here the mention of the cabbage stamps, and the stamps the Post Office is releasing about Koom Valley! It's such a nice little nod to the last book, giving us some chronilogical ordering for those who read the books straight through in order...while also doing a great job of further showing the changes in Ankh-Morpork for folks who may have only been reading the City Watch books.

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Oh man! I can't believe I missed commenting on the end of Going Postal!! I guess I'll leave it to: I LOVED IT A LOT AND I HOPE MOIST COMES BACK. I was running late to work yesterday, and then work allowed no time to comment as I'd planned. :( I'm running behind again today so this will also be short.

I enjoyed the opening of our 34th (!!) Discworld novel! Of course I'm thrilled it's a Watch book, and I'm also hoping we get more focus on Trolls here... plus, of course, getting a vampire on the Watch will be interesting indeed!

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This was SO SO GOOD. Dang.

I loved very much the bit with the broom and all the back and forth between Moist and Gilt to make things "fair" in this contest- that was tremendously fun. But even more, of course, I loved that Moist chose a different, non-destructive, route. One that could maintain the legacy of the Dearhearts, could build the clacks back up, and became about more than only winning one contest.

I'm so excited to read the ending to all of this soon!!

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I'm so pleased that Moist decided to tell Adora Belle the truth. What an evolution! I didn't expect that to happen so SOON after her heard about her reality....I hoped it would happen eventually, but next chapter! Wow what a treat.

This one was really hard to stop reading midway through! I almost kept going, lol