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OK I IMMEDIATELY DO NOT LIKE PENN. Nita gets no dai, no handshake, no real acknowledgement until she dared not know where Irina was?? Seriously??? Now I'm like 85% sure Diane Duane will knock me on my bottom and have me sobbing over something to do with Penn by the end of this book CAUSE THAT IS WHAT SHE DOES but at least for now... JERK!!!

That said, Merhnaz... YOU ARE SO ADORABLE WITH YOUR HERO WORSHIP OF DAIRINE *AND SPOT*!! Her wizardry also sounds cool. (Chances are Penn's is also cool; I just could really understand it when the book talked about it earlier).

Dair's musings about Roshaun... ouch my heart. <3

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(I also really appreciated the further insight into Malicia and her identification and need for stories and storytelling)

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I adore Carmela more with every passing book. I loved her advice to Nita that she needs to wear clothes for HERSELF and the boys will fall where they may. LOVE.

Actually I loved that whole opening of this chapter, and also felt pretty excited to get to Antarctica. I'm definitely intrigued as to where this fairly lengthy book is going to take us!

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Oh man I love Maurice's confession about how he Changed, and I also REALLY love Dangerous Beans & Peaches for how they respond. They're gonna call Maurice out on his bullshit now that he IS changed... but they aren't going to shame him for being a cat before the Change, and I love it.

WTF IS THIS VOICE?!? I noted in the last section that the rat catchers heard it, too, but at that point I honestly thought it WAS Maurice... now it very clearly IS NOT and I want to know what is happening!! AHHHHH.

Rat coursing sounds dreadfully inhumane. Is it a real practice??

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Dairine's My Two Dads situation here is fantastic.

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HOLY SHIT THIS WAS A LOT. I was NOT expecting such a horrific turn of events. And yes, congrats to Sir Pratchett for evoking such horror on behalf of rats rather than caused by rats. It's a nice flip of things, given that we typically see rats used as the thing to be terrified of in horror. Not here! The rats are terrified. THEY HAVE FORGOTTEN HOW TO SPEAK THEY ARE SO SCARED. And I'll be damned if I don't really really care about them! Like... no I don't want them to forget! NOOOOOOOO.

Keith is showing himself to be an observant and important part of the team. He's the one figuring things out step by step- not Maurice (which I may have expected) and not Malicia (she is acting as I expected). I hope that eventually either one of the rats or Maurice recognizes what Keith brings to the table aside from musical skill.

It did seem that, perhaps, Hamnpork attacked out of protective feelings toward Keith? Maybe? That'd be pretty awesome.

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YES WE ARE BACK ON WELLAKH!!! The one thing I felt was mostly missing through Interim Errantry was updates about Dairine's work related to Wellakh and Roshaun. I am really excited to be back in this, and of course it's entertaining as all get out to see Dairine fighting with Nelaid AND HER DAD in this. Oh that is some bonding I did NOT expect and it is glorious! Nelaid is totally the calculus teacher that wouldn't let people use calculators here. Of course, Nelaid's reasoning is better as Dairine could, totally plausibly, be in a situation without Spot where she had to act, or be in a situation beyond Spot that needed improvisation. IT IS UNLIKELY THERE WOULD BE A CALCULUS EMERGENCY WHERE THERE WAS NO CALCULATOR AVAILABLE IJS.

Also, holy moly Harold/Nelaid Friendship OTP! I love this far more than I expected I ever could!

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Yes, I meant to comment on Danny being fairly well drawn all things considered! Or at least well drawn enough that I was sad with Sydney when he was killed. Then again, I'm kind of a hopeless romantic that way, lol.

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YAY ALIAS IS HERE!!!! Oh my gosh I'm so excited, for two reasons: 1, as the pilot demonstrates, this show can be quite a wild ride that will be super fun to see Mark dissect and 2, I loved it as it aired, but I have forgotten a TON and am so excited to revisit and rewatch this. I've been wanting to for ages and when I saw Mark was going to Watch it, I decided to hold out and wait.

As usual, I'm at work at 4PMEST- it's a very pleasant surprise that I currently have access to this site. I imagine I'll be an inconsistent commenter, much as I was with All of Star Trek, but also like that- I'll keep up and read everything still. =D

So here we have Sydney Bristow, Hardcore Bad-Ass Super Spy! World turned upside down and then upside down again, plus... dude her missions are SO COOL. We also have introductions to Francie, Syd's BFFE, Will Tippin briefly, Jack Bristow, Marcus Dixon, and Sloane...er, Sloane. I forget his first or last name and which one Sloane is tbh. It's a fantastic cast, and holy cow at Baby Bradley Cooper y'all!

I watched all of this week's episodes over the weekend, and thus am less certain about what happened where so will hold my comments here... and perhaps resurrect pre-writing things to react to here for MW. SO. EXCITED.

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This is REALLY good. So clever!

Malicia is one of those characters that is a very fun, interesting character and I would haaaaaaaaaaaaaate to be friends with. Ooof, she doesn't just see tropes everywhere, she sets out to create them. I was feeling Maurice's frustration through that.

I am super super interested in what is happening between Darktan & Hamnpork and in general with the Changelings. Fully and absolutely invested and engaged.