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Things I loved in this section:
Nanny Plumridge foiling an attacking dwarf by throwing an overfull chamber pot at them.
The new carapace of Iron Girder

Moist working on his thoughts about the goblins. I appreciate that this section exists particularly, as it shows Moist initially having his old prejudicial thoughts, then immediately correcting himself. Changing prejudice isn't a matter of learning you were deeply wrong and immediately changing your thoughts once- it's an over and over again process, a lot of it is externally changing how you speak and behave, and a HUGE amount of it, if you truly are changing, is internal. It's replacing your old thoughts with new ones. It's practicing being the person you WANT to be and having the beliefs you WANT to have until you actually are that person and have those beliefs. And I really appreciate that Pratchett included this bit, in this novel where he is including RATHER A LOT of details and footnotes, heh.

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WHAT A SENTENCE INDEED. That final sentence was easily the best of this book, which on the whole is enjoyable to me but not nearly as much so as the other Moist books. Which is totally cool, as again- still really enjoyable!!

Moist dancing on top of the trains, however.... that's gonna stick with me for awhile. And right now, let's be real, we need as much joy as we can get. Glad this moment in the book lined up with this moment in the world.


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I'm just dying to know what Mrs. Simnel is reacting to. My mind is going toward "This isn't the Low King! Somehow he got switched!!!" but I of course have no idea how that would even happen and it seems unlikely. Also thoroughly enjoyed the delvers finding a "fun" surprise on each of the coaches they attacked, and I adore how many of our known Ankh-Morporkians are now involved in this whole caper! Obviously I don't know who will be in The Shepherd's Crown, but if this is the last we see of many of these characters (as i assume it likely is), it feels like a nice goodbye book for them. <3

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I am missing ALL KINDS of stuff Mark is picking up on about the Dwarfs. I do love his theory that Moist will get the dwarfs working on the railway, though. I'm ready to buy all the way into that.

I, too, love that Harry King is secretly (or not so secretly) a big ol' softie who tries to do right by others and often DOES do right by them. So sweet!

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Ahhhhh Iron Girder is becoming a god the Disc believes in, huh? INTERESTING.

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It is SO EXCITING to see Moist be Moist. When he wakes up not dead from rescuing those children (PHEW) and just settles in to him being himself and then goes straight to Harry King to demand better safety patrols- while also spinning up new business ideas- it just, well, sizzles.

The bar scene with the dwarves and specifically the grag...ugh. Ugh ugh ugh. It's so REALISTIC. And painful. And reminds me a bit too much of way too many politician/people conspiracy theories right now.

Looking forward to what happens next out in the badlands!

Also: hoping all my fellow Mark Does Stuff community members (and of course Mark himself) are faring well in this chaotic time, are finding connection in isolation, and are staying healthy. Thinking of y'all. <3

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I really love the domestic moment between Moist and Adora Belle here. It reminds me very much of Sybil & Vimes having some moments in Snuff, and feels newer in these last couple of books for Pratchett, to focus on smaller moments of bliss. Yes, Moist is going to have to leave again soon and yes, something seemingly truly horrific happened at the end of this section...but we had that moment, and it matters.

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Wow this is moving so fast! I did not expect the railway to be in operation in the first third of this book! And yet, there it goes from Sto Lat to Ankh Morpork!

Lu-Tze showing up, coupled with Moist's experience of the constant...sleekening?...of Iron Girder makes me VERY curious about where this is ultimately going to go.

I do hope there is fan art y'all will share of Moist riding a Golem Horse into the Oblong Office. What a great image!!! Heeheehee

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Ooooh this feels like a novel that's going to start addressing gentrification. I have no idea if it really will, but the opening of this section certainly felt like that.

Vetinari FEELS differently to me this novel so far. I'm not sure how, but there seem to be less...IDK almost joy in the tasks he does? I think he feels bitter in ways I've not experienced him feeling before. I'm not saying he didn't, just that my experience with him is different now.

Drumknott riding Iron Girder gave me such joy in the end. =D

And Adorabelle and Angua working together to cover up the dwarf retaliation was a thing of beauty.

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So clearly I'm really enjoying this as I accidentally read almost ALL of this section when I read section 2. I didn't realize I'd missed the stopping point! But yeah- I read all the way up to Llamados on Wednesday.

It's all very exciting already. I LOVE when Moist gets voluntold for things by Vetinari and I'm excited to see how Moist figures in with Harry and Dick and Mr. Thunderbolt. And I'm of course absolutely thrilled for more goblin inclusion. =D Gonna be a fun book!