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Ahhh thank you for clearing that up!!
and thanks for the well wishes!I 'll miss y'all too!

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So, am I reading correctly that not only did they capture the prince but it's possible he died? The explosion at the end of the prior section ("and then the windows blew out") is why I'm asking- I read that as suggesting the soldiers that had been captured by Polly & The Recruits (new band name) were also blown up. But I'm maybe remembering wrong. I GUESS I WILL FIND OUT EVENTUALLY.

I appreciate Angua's empathy here.

Finally: I'm on vacation for the next two weeks (YAY) so will see you all back here around Part 14 of Monstrous Regiment! I look forward to returning and to seeing what happens with these characters for the next 100ish pages. :)

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Thank you!!

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Not here to talk about this episode, but more to say: I really really enjoyed rewatching this. I'm going to be out of the country as of tomorrow afternoon, so will miss the finale and the Q&A Party, but I wanted to pop on to say that even though I have rarely commented, I have so thoroughly enjoyed Mark's Watch of this show, and my own rewatch has been both very fun and rather eye opening. It's disappointing how poorly ALIAS did some things in hindsight, hilarious how quickly they got rid of the pretense of reality related to things like the time travel takes and time zones and jet lag, and how much I love Sydney Bristow and Jennifer Garner. I especially love the arc of Syd and Jack, who have come SO FAR from the days of "a man I barely know- my father" of the beginning. In this season alone, when you know the big secret that Vaughn is alive (which I thought I remembered the whole way through but was doubting myself so it was still a really nice moment), you can see how differnet Sydney is with Jack when she talks about Vaughn and they are by themselves. She NEVER refers to him dying when it's just the two of them, she ALWAYS refers to missing him and not wanting to do these things without him- it's super cool and subtle and awesome and so well written and acted. Now, it's easy, I think, to believe Vaughn was likely alive given the number of people who have stayed alive when we have seen them die on this show- but the work around this specifically was AWESOME.

Anyway. I love this show, I appreciate having a much better understanding of its flaws now, and I'm sad that I wasn't able to be as active around this- and sad that more of the MW Community hasn't been as involved with this show.

I'm taking a little break from Mark Watches both because of vacation and because I'm way behind on a lot of my "regular" tv. I may dip back in for Galavant, but plan to be 100% returned for Babylon 5, as it's on my list of things I've not seen, and I've only gotten a little of the way through season 1 of it, so it'll be great to experience here with Mark!

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I appreciate that we really see Ronan wrestle with wizardry and his decision here. He understands the things that saving this community will keep intact, but he also recognizes that it is not for him to decide. He's not the one who gets to be in charge of who lives and who dies (and who tells the story). He's there to preserve life. So that's the choice- even though he recognizes the choices of some of those lives he's planning to save as abhorrent.

I'm going on a two week vacation tomorrow (EUROPE YAY! PARIS, MUNICH, SALZBURG, LONDON, LEEDS!) so I will see you cousins back here for THE BOOK OF NIGHT WITH MOON and look greatly forward to that! I'll keep reading along and will, of course, finish Ronan's ordeal, but I hate commenting here on my phone so I don't imagine I'll do so. <3 <3

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Right! I just knew we'd met a lady troll before but couldn't for the life of me remember where or who....

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1. Blouse is, in my mind, actually kind of awesome. OK, yes, no business being promoted as he was. That's part of their sad reality. But kind, loyal, thoughtful, and kind of funny? I'll take all those.


3. OMG THEY ARE ALL WOMEN. I'm calling it: I bet Maladict is also a woman vampire.

4. Is this the first female troll we've met? I feel like this answer is no, but I really can't remember....

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Words words words words words! I do feel for Ronan being inundated with all of this. While it got a bit repetitive, it also does make it stand out just how much Ronan is being flooded with information and I like Mark's thoughts around anxiety impacting his experience of wizardry really directly.

I giggled out loud when the Ronan described the water as viewing the pipes as a theme park ride. Heehee

Guessing the ordeal is coming very soon! Oh boy!

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OK, otherwise: I kind of love gender disguised as different gender disguising oneself as original gender tropes. I adore that Polly walloped those troops. I have a ~theory~ about why the invaders were after the recruits, though- I'll Rot13 to be doubly safe but please know I have NO IDEA if this is true or not. I assume at this point all y'all know I'm reading DW unspoiled. But still.

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Hahahahaha I love the Maladict/Garak comparison. Perfect.