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This was a very good first half of the chapter! UGH IRINA WAS EVERY DISAPPOINTED AUTHORITY FIGURE (THAT YOU CARE ABOUT) EVER. OWIE MY FEELS. OWIE. Also shout out to the parakeet for trying to steal that pen. LOL.

The second bit was a tad jarring. At first I thought Nita was dreaming again, then I was trying to figure out why she was watching a baseball game and why her dad was on the moon, and then I FINALLY understood that this was 4 days later and the finals were starting soon and the moon was the demonstration area. Heh. Now that I figured that out I'm VERY READY for this final display! I can't believe we are finishing the primary novels so soon now! YAY!

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I really enjoyed Reg Shoe here, trying to establish his revolution. Er, The People's Revolution. Because everything will belong to the People! Naturally. LOL

Carcer....*shivers* HE IS SO CREEPY. UGH.

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Kit nooooooooooooo


I get his desire to smack Penn down I REALLY REALLY DO but this was a bad plan.

Also, hey! Lissa is ace! Canonical ace character, awesome!

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Oooof. This was ROUGH. And INTENSE. And IMPORTANT. It's hard to find the right words for how impactful this section was. I appreciate that Sir Terry didn't shy away from looking at what the Unmentionables were truly doing, and he didn't shy away from the recognition that being complicit MATTERS.

I imagine this is a big part of why the Watch truly rises.

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I have no idea tbh.

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Totally agree with Mark... we've only got 15% of this book left, and I still don't know what is happening wrt Nita's visions and the Quest for Roshaun. I don't know if it's all a set up for whatever is next in this series, or if the last 15% is gonna be INTENSE, but it's a little weird as it stands.

I loved the conversation between Dairine and Irina. LOVED.

I'm getting a bit tired of the ongoing internal examinations Kit and Nita have of their relationship/feelings for each other. I can see where if someone went straight from A Wizard of Mars to this book, it's still relatively new... but for those of us that read Interim Errantry (well, for ME who read IE) it's a bit like.. OK ALREADY WE GET IT NOW KISS. Heh.

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I think it's impossible for me to read about barricades and not immediately think of Les Mis, lol. This is not a problem for me, though, as it's my fave musical of all time.

This was good! Vimes is settled more and more into his role as Keel and his decisions to see the revolution through. Now that we're entering the last third of the book, I'm looking forward to seeing how things amp up in action even further, and the roles both Keel!Vimes and Actual!Vimes play in all of this.... and, of course, Ventinari. I love that we're getting asides of him, as well.

I momentarily forgot about the Carcer factor and AM STILL VERY ANXIOUS ABOUT WHAT HE WILL DO.

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Definitely agree with Mark here. I can understand Syd not looking at Francie as a possibility- after all, Francie is her non-spy person, her person that isn't about that life- but the CIA absolutely should have found a way to investigate her in all of this and figure this shit out. It's deeply frustrating whenever shows overlook something or run over something so glaringly obvious in order to amp up drama. It always feels like lazy writing- even though CLEARLY Alias is, overall, not a lazily written show.

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I missed the cut off and accidentally read the whole chapter WHOOPSIES

So for now: PENN IS THE WORST. Mr. Callahan is the best. The end.

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I'm sure- but I want to know about the licensing process! What kinds of mental health services to Wizards have? How it the training different for wizards than non-wizards? I WANT TO KNOW IT ALL