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ROFL! I'm so glad my babies weren't so large at birth. Geeze, that lady has birthin' hips!

Mizrezz Tribbz

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Needs moar "We Built This City."

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I was going to try for Atlanta but things aren't working out. First, I have Shinglez on my frapping head and may never go out in public again. Second, the cars are not in good enough shape to make the three or so hour drive and it looks like all our extra rainbow money will be going to repairs. I wish Knoxville(The Bistro at The Bijou? Huh? Huh?) were on the agenda. I could just wear a hat and hitch a ride. Anyway, back to medications and avoiding bright lights.
I am disappoint.

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Ms Tribbz votes for the hot caramel hipster with the flexible and talented eyebrows. Oy, momma, where's my fan?

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You know who else led from behind?

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One could say they both think outside the box when seizing assets.

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We're going to pray about going to Atlanta. We will ask the Lord for guidance as we may have to skip out on tithing for that week to get there.

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It is an honor to be on your hug list. I think "we" all could use a hug today. No hugs for right wingers though, who, when identified as "conservatives" want to drink a toast to the misery of others, and when identified as "Libert-aryan" want to masturbate to the misery of others.

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Thank you so much! Huggz backatcha!

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It is my fate for now I guess. It's also my own fault that I am in this position to have to do this job to keep the rainbow-money flowing in. Mistakes were made.