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Dotdot... here's the "coincidence" / find puzzling in the whole Paula Deen thing:
Paula is a liberal... a huge liberal, and I'm not talking pants size. When Michelle Obama was on her show, Paula gushed all over Moochelle. She told M that she was just like Jackie Kennedy. Everything was cool, no problems. Sure, PD had this lawsuit thing- that was filed in 2012- hanging over her, but no one was talking about it. Accusations being thrown, she-said/she-said. Depositions happened, nothing was made of the info that came out of them... until....
Paula Deen gave an interview. In that interview, she was asked about having Michelle Obama on her show. Paula Deen replied, (this is not word-for-word, just the general idea), "The First Lady loved my food! She hardly stopped eating at all, even when we went to commercial, she kept eating."
BAM!!! Next thing you know, PD is on TV crying, nearly utterly ruined.
Far-fetched? Maybe, but we know what kind of food PD makes. It's the kind MO talks about people NOT eating. To have PD "outing" her as snarfing it all down? Umm, yeah. That would not go over so well, would it?

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Got new computer, so technical issues were resolved... and in the process of remodeling the house (tearing down walls, switching the "office" to a different room, etc) I found a bunch of old papers with a lot of scribbles on them. One of the scribbles was my password, YAY! xD

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Thanks, Dotdot! I've missed being on here, and commenting. We had computer issues, and I had issues with ID... I couldn't remember password, and couldn't get it due to the fact that I don't have the same email. I didn't want to create another "alias", so just didn't bother. But, I didn't want to lose touch totally, either. So, I became a "lurker, lol. :p

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We got our daughter married off on April 27th... finally! I say finally because she and her guy have been dating since she was 14 (she just turned 25, a month after the wedding). So, we got her wed, and moved out. Now for the boys! Getting them moved out, not necessarily married, yet. I got a second part-time job, partly for the extra $, and partly to get out of the house.
How have YOU been? :D

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Hey, Swimmer! I was in Depoe bay last October. I was out there (Oregon) to attend my little brother's wedding. Thanks for the welcome back!
I've just been up to "life" stuff, lol. My husband came back from Afghanistan, and started the retirement process, he went on terminal leave last October, and became a retired guy as of March 1st this year. I am trying to retain my hair... he is driving me nuts, hahaha! Thankfully, he will be starting school in about a week and a half, going for his Masters. Get him outta mah hair! I shouldn't complain, though... the year he was gone was hell, and I missed him like crazy, and worried every day. He didn't- couldn't- tell me much of what went on while he was there, and by the stories he told me after he came back, I'm glad of that! I would have been a wreck!

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Hello peoples! Been away for a little bit... 89 weeks, or so.
Just wanted to pop in and say hi to all, and thanks. Because, while I haven't been commenting, I have been reading, and you all are veritable founts of information. :D

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As. If.
Nothing is going to change with the education system, because students don't pay dues to the union.

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Hello, Rob! I came on here specifically tonight to leave a post asking how the funding for the site was, and if you needed any more donations. Then, I got caught up reading posts- as usual, lol- and found my answer. I will be "doing" bills and such tomorrow, so I will put the growl on my list.

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Doncha know? That is still going on today. Maybe not the bloodhounds, but still...

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Love. This. :)
(permission to re-post in other places?)