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Amen to that, girlfriend

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Yet they are the party of the poor...remember? How come so many rich elitists, hollywood, and socialist/marxists are democrats??????

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He won't have too. If we don't stop him, his cronies, and soros, there will be nothing left to campaign for or to be elected to. He will be the self appointed dictator of a bankrupt, collapsed country which very well could have lost its sovereignity by then.

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Of course obama would say something like that. One of the greatest motivations for bringing KSM & buds here is to put Bush, Cheney, Waterboarding, CIA/FBI on trial. The obama administration could care less if what it will cost NY, or how the entire country feels about it, or the security of our nation. It is their agenda and as has been proven over and over at the expense of our country, the soros-obama-emanual-axelrod-pelosi-reid-clinton- will do whatever they want and will stop at nothing to do it, including driving our nation into a state of revolution and collapse. There is pure evil living in DC.

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You know, I totally agree with you here. Even Glenn's ratings have hit some all-time highs, and if Fox would put his show on at better time slots, he would probably equal O'Reilly's viewing audience or maybe even overtake it. Glenn's book Arguing with Idiots is doing just fine on its own, so why promote O'Reilly's book which has been out for quite some time now? I really dislike the way O'Reilly lords over Beck when Beck appears on his program. At times, it even appears that O'Reilly is putting Beck down. I, too, worry that folks are becoming impatient with Glenn. His show on Fox may be limited as to what he can put out there, but his radio show is not and I enjoy it daily. He imparts more information there than on the Fox. I do believe he has something he is going to introduce come 2010, but people are growing impatient for lack of action while these infidels in DC continue to take us down the dangerous and desperate highway to hell. So many are looking to him for leadership and the pressure on him must be unimaginable. What we really need is for OTHERS to start standing up and fighting. Lawyers (where are they???), judges, honest politicians (if there is such a thing) such as Michelle Bachman, etc. We the people do not have a George Soros to finance and buy our way through this....we only have ourselves to fight it and therein lies the problem. Folks know there is so much back door, underground policy making being done and at an alarming rate, hence waiting for a year from now to send the message to these idiots that we won't stand for it is waiting too long. Too much damage will be done. Look what damage has been done in what little time this traitor has been in office already. We have virtually the den of demons in the obama administration. Capitalism and the Constitutionwork andthese"progressive demons"are fully aware of it. It has got them where they are so far, and it is that very power that they will be removing from We the People.

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The European Union parliment and some members actually uses the symbol of the whore riding the beast, and one of the buildings actually looks like the destroyed Tower of Bable.
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there are more. Just google EU symbols of end times or EU and Babylon

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where is his site?

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Judgement is one of those buzz words used and twisted by those who are corrupted and live by their own set of rules and morals....or lack thereof.
"Even so, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit nor can a bad tree bear good fruit. Every tee that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. Therefore by their fruits you will know them." Matthew 7:17-20