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You have very valid and excellent points and I cannot disagree with any of them. But what society never mentions is the fallout from drug addicts. There ARE robberies and murders committed to sustain the addiction. But far worse is the children born to addicted women. There are BILLIONS spent to house, feed, care for, try to educate, and to sustain their lives. Then there is the fallout (just as from a drunk driver) when one gets behind the wheel of a car. If these people people wish to fry their brains and kill their livers, be my guest. But when it effects my billfold and the welfare of MY family, something MUST be done. Perhaps just not making it seem so glamorous might be a start! If Hollywood and TV would start sending a different message about it, things might change. Of if the coke heads got a look at the off-spring and their suffering? I think it is a losing battle no matter what. These people choose to escape reality and the rest of us pay for it - one way or the other. It is so sad.

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One slight difference between Ron Paul and Obama. Ron Paul believes in following the Constitution exactly as it was written and as our Founding Fathers intended. Obama is a socialist. Other than that - yep - just alike! DUH! Oh, by the way, I did not vote for Paul because I know the voting citizens will not elect him because they do not understand that he is the only one who truly gets those 4,400 words our Founding Fathers wrote. Too bad. And I have a problem with legalized drugs and no one seems to comprehend that "we the people" could amend the Constitution and take care of that issue! All of these "laws, acts, executive orders, provisions, etc." are unconstitutional. Our last REAL war was WWII. I became active in politics in 2009 and signed up for my own site but have decided to just lose the money. No one in my area wants to do anything but sit at their computer and I can no longer afford the gas to travel around my precinct for people who just shrug and will not do anything but "maybe" vote.

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All of FOX constantly pushes ineligible people as candidates. Even the "brilliant" Ann Coulter does not seem to get that Rubio is NOT eligible. I guess it either makes a statement about the quality of education, the students, or the exit exams!. Eighth grade students are taught this!

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Oh, another thing. Fifteen years ago - in the conservative South, a young teenager could walk into any city Health Center and walk out with a bag full of condoms! At no charge! What none of those "Liberal women" seem to remember is that it takes two to make a baby and men can get condoms without the side effects of birth control pills. I guess they are still operating under the thumb of men who want them barefoot and pregnant (Their words - not mine!)

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Mah, I can tell you the Lutherans consider it a 1st Amendment infringement and are livid. And I live in the heartland of Southern Baptists! BO will not get a single vote from them or the Jewish community! It isn't a Catholic issue or a health issue, it is an usurpation of our 1st Amendment rights. He has gone too far and it will NOT be forgotten!

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What they don't talk about is the thousands of spent radioactive rods from those reactors that will remain radioactive for 26,000 years and Obama shut down the mountain they were going to bury them in. Of course, no one thought through transporting them across the country safely. As someone who lives in the state with 3rd highest number of them and just 240 miles from the Savannah River Plant, I was just thrilled to hear this news. Especially since SC is designated as a high risk earthquake area and the Savannah River Plant was discovered to be built right on a fault line - after they built it! And while I am told there are ways to reuse the spent rods, research finds that very plants are doing it. It is too expensive compared to burying them and pouring some concrete over them. Seeing what a tree root has done to my concrete driveway, that layer of concrete gives me great comfort!

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Check out the JPL site. Goes along with the Mayan calendar and the North and South poles changing place every 26,000 years. Scientists estimate this could be happening now.

Everyone is sort of guessing what the effects on the earths surface will be and just how quickly it happens. But the Magnetic North Pole has been straying more than normal. Some are betting this is the Mayan calendar thingy! Look out in December of this year!

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AAAHH, thank you! And it is great to meet someone else who does not think he is brilliant. I tend more toward the "blooming idiot" side! I am also still searching for his likability - only the media seems to see it. And that includes FOX! I just want to smack him silly! Or sillier than he already is!

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Am I the last one to know about this?

Holder was responsible for 168 deaths in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing…and more December 19, 2011 By Doug Book

Editors Note: Here is a response to questions about this article which appears below from Doug Book:

I wrote this piece yesterday evening, basing its content on several items. The first was an article on the American Free Press. Although the link is above, the article is no longer available! In any event, the first 3 paragraphs of my piece in particular present the information found in that article. The quote from Jesse Trentadue was taken from the first link presented above: yasbybic, etc.

For the entire story see

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What is SOTTC? Duh? I thought Obama is the Anti-Christ and he sure ain't Catholic.... or Christian of any kind.