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actually has been my experience in past that that does seem pretty normal... not that i agree with it... but it does. assuming that by gov't officials they're talking about unemployment people and training people to be able to move to new job fields?

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well i'm with you on that one... i would hate to go down in the history books as the one that drew first blood... but once it's drawn... all bets are off. i'll side with those that share my values.

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maybe i'm just being pessimistic... i have to wonder if you've been keeping your eyes on the news lately?? and if you have then how you can say "it may come to that"? MAY? i think that might be a part of our problem in this country... we have one party, D, that is hell bent on destroying this country... and the other party, R, that insists on wearing these rose colored glasses and not seeing reality.
what i mean by that is this.... wasn't long ago... i saw an article in the news where they were saying that we're now at 49.5% .... that's supposedly the percent of americans that now in one way or another get their paycheck (for lack of a better term) from the gov't. in order for any person to actually believe that it MAY come to civil war they have to be wearing the rosy glasses to be able to believe that that 49.5% of the people are going to look at where the money is coming from and say oh no i can't do that i better vote myself out of my paycheck... well i'm not wearing the glasses... and maybe i'm being pessimistic about my fellow americans... but i just don't see that happening. they aren't going to vote themselves out of a paycheck... which means either conservatives submit... or conservatives fight... i.e. civil war...
by my reckoning there ain't no MAY about it... unless you can show some kind of plan to actually convince the other half to actually agree to splitting the country down the mississippi river and each side take half.

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isn't about being rich... fact is i'm working retail right now making min wage...
what it IS about is being sick of cino republicans putting up these candidates like mccain, etc... and looking like now romney... basically oblahblah lite... then whining about if you don't vote for us you might as well vote for them...
well if you've ever read anything from me before you know i ain't an oblahblah fan... but this year if you cino's give us another option of oblahblah or oblahblah lite .. then by your own words i'm just gonna go with them. this country is dead either way why delay the agony? you don't want me to vote that way... i'm right there with you... i don't want to vote that way either... so if you're a member of the cino party give the national offices a call and tell them to put forward a real candidate.

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i'm pretty sure i'm giving oblahblah my vote...
last election i recall all the republicans on this site saying the same things... "oh if you vote third party you're wasting your vote" ... "if you don't vote for the republican you might as well vote for obama".... and here you are again already this election using the same tired lines.
well... this election... this year... i'm taking you republicans to your word. i'm doing just exactly what you all told me to do last time.
if you republicans go ahead and run another mccain... dole... romney... then i'm going to do just what you all told us to do last time... i'm gonna shut my eyes, plug my nose, and vote oblahblah...
you want my vote this election... try doing something novel for once... EARN IT. field a candidate i can vote for or get ready for another 4 yrs.

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Dave... quick question for you.... just read a post from CWT saying he was moving and was disconnecting and he'd see us all again when he gets settled and can get on the other site. as someone who doesn't come on here on a daily basis, what other site?

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i have gotten the exact same thing several times and all they do is change the picture and who said it. i've gotten it from bill cosby, bill engval, foxworthy, robin williams... nice message but not quotable, however... no way to know that if you hadn't gotten it supposedly from numerous other people as well.

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there is going to be no congressional outrage. they are all just as guilty. as many times as he's taken it upon himself... they should have impeached him months ago... regardless of whether it gets through the senate or not... the house still should have. but they won't because to do that too much of their own culpability will come out. that and they're afraid then they'd be called names by the msm.

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well that leaves us in a quandary then... cuz if cain wins the gop primary then we have a choice of cain, oblahblah, or striking out on our own and voting on our principles... which i have no problem with but i know many do.

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only problem with that is you want to be careful and look up each states laws. i know here in WA state... if i try to detain you by holding you in place... they can arrest me and charge me with kidnapping you. so here in wa you just might get the cops to call immigration who then lets them go, but are they going to be as lenient with you when it comes your turn in court??
sad example... my cousin. him and a friend went drinking one night and got in an argument with another drunk. they left... went home. the other drunk followed them home and just walked in their house to continue the argument. my cousin held the guys arms, his friend beat the crap outta the guy. cops got there. arrested all 3. the guy got 6 months probation for breaking and entering. my cousins friend got 2 yrs ... most of it suspended... for battery... and my cousin got 10 yrs for kidnapping. true story... so if you're gonna try citizen arrest... make sure you ain't setting yourself up to have an ugly bf in your cell.