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another movie I have to explain to the kids, "no, sweetheart, God doesn't hate you for cutting down a tree. These movie people are morons who preach all about nature before humans, while living in an opulant home furnished in Mahogeny and oak,... but tell you.. that killing a tree is murder"...

Script writers are idiots baby...

Trees grow back, they are plants,.. and Jesus was a carpenter,.. I doubt he hates people for using wood like Dr. Soused did.. who was a known socialist anyway....

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oh please, this liar, crook and serial thief of tax money is just trying to do after his death what she never could in life.. hurt a vastly superior human being.. Andrew never tried to shut up anyone, he believed in the free market of ideas.. so she has to wait till the man dies to shoot off her vile filthy mouth.

Isn't there a poor working family she could be stealing from or something. not like it wasn't her job before, that and election fraud.. how would the dead ever vote without her.

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your comment thread reads like the script of a horror film, with you the sick twisted evil serial killer dragging a decomposing corpse around.. but the jokes on you, because most people have lives which you don't affect at all.

have fun being useless.. and unwelcome your entire life douchenozzel.

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such a gutless coward you are.. so easy to spew from the safety of the internet and show everyone how disgusting you leftwingnutz are ... if you were actually brave, you'd print your real name and address, so we could send you lots of mail..

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I'm offended rap is considered music,....

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"If you like the idea of religionist running the country" ''-----------

as opposed too ?..... what?

The athiest socialism/progressive crowd?.. or maybe the religion hating supposed libertarian right, which has never once advocated policies favorable to the views of 90% of the country. We've had many religious presidents,.. using a derogatory term like "religionist" betrays your prejudices.. not theirs. I'd trust a man like Santorum to keep his word infinitely more, than someone who believes in nothing but his own hubristic notion that only he knows best, because he thinks he has figured out all the morality stuff by himself.


better a man of faith, who treats man as the child of God, than a committed athiest, who treats man as a disposable resource, at best, and at worst, like that idiot Maher treats people. He's hates the "religionists" too.. and he's a complete moron... so the notion faith in and of itself disqualifies is as clownish, as that childish rant of yours.

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How about drugstores?

Convience marts.. gas stations?

You can buy a box of condoms for less than a pack of cigarettes,.. but this awesomely huge cost, is beyond the feminist bullies who just have to FORCE people of faith to fund them.. for no other reason, than the sheer pleasure of spitting on their faith.

The only other possible reason, to destroy the 1st Amendment protection, is to force Catholics to pay for abortions.. and you know damn well.. that is the real issue.

Pay for your own... Obama in this case, is once again, gutting the Constitution, to give freebies to his rabidly pro-abortion base. He risks loosing a huge number of Catholic votes, even Biden knows this. but the left thinks they can lie their way out of it, and lie about the GOP.

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Their prized pet alternative to the grassroots Tea Party, is made up of union hall rats, paid homeless, radical extreme anarchists, and ner do well dilatants who love to watch it all burn.. in effect, the left has put it's rancid, ugliest face forward.. and are shocked... SHOCKED! that Occupy went south so fast.. that they alienated the country, and undid all their best efforts to destroy the only real protesters in the Tea Party.

The left media, and democrat leadership own this now, and can't suddenly claim they didn't know how out of control crazy and uneducatedly stupid they'd be.

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She not only lives there rent free,................. but has sublet to any number of Tea Party conservatives... and they're repainting, putting a kennel out back.. I personally hope just fer fun, Larry the cable guy parks a few scraped out pickups with weeds all around...

a migraine custom built for them..

and they let it happen, cause they can't let go.

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Oh please, why not just suck your thumb and jump up and down.. it's about as thoughtful as that comment. Hate her if it gets you through the day, but she's extremely intelligent,.. verified by Tina Fey herself, champ.. in fact even her worst opponents admit, she's very smart,.. they just won't say it to the bottom feeding minions of progressive fever swamps..


yer self...

They know it's a lie, the media does.. but they selectively edit, and broadcast any gaff to the far reaches of space... while Obama's much higher number of gaffs goofs and screw ups, get buried. They could much more easily portray Obama as a drooling moron..

much more easily..

but it doesn't fit their game plan, or yours..

so they lie..