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12 years ago @ Breitbart.tv - Sacha Baron Cohen's 'D... · 0 replies · +10 points

Kinda perplexed at how down people here are getting on Cohen and this stunt. He SPILLED DIRT ON RYAN SEACREST ON THE OSCAR RED CARPET!!! This is the only thing worth seeing at the Oscars this year.

12 years ago @ Breitbart.tv - Obama 'Hope' Poster Ar... · 0 replies · +39 points

It's almost too much to be believable even in a film or television script: EVEN OBAMA'S POSTER IS CORRUPT! HA!

12 years ago @ Breitbart.tv - 'Seinfeld' Actor 911 C... · 1 reply · +6 points

Wow, how many failed suicide attempts led you to being this much of a frownypants?

12 years ago @ Breitbart.tv - Matthews: Our Slogan '... · 1 reply · +15 points

NBC's slogan should be "Bend over".

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Andrea Mitchell looks like someone taped a wig on a corpse.

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AAAHHHHH!!!!! ALL THE CHEMICALS FROM THOSE BATTERIES LEAKING INTO THE SOIL!!!! NOOOOOO!!!!! HE IS SMOKING! HE IS BLOWING UP NASTY OLD BATTERIES AND KILLING OUR SWEET MOTHER EARTH!!! (Never mind that those batteries are perfectly environmentally friendly, so long as they are powering a car for up to 25 miles).

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OH NO!!! HE'S SMOKING!!! TAKE HIS KIDS AWAY!!! NOOOOOO!!!! The real travesty is all that nasty smoke! BOOOO!!!!

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So, in 2045 white people will be allowed back in movies, I guess. According to Spike Lee.

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"This is a peaceful protest. THIS is a PEACEFUL protest! THIS IS A PEACEFUL PROTEST!!! THIS IS A-(unintelligible ruckus)"

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"They don't look at things the way their parents and grandparents did."

Yeah, those stupid parents and grandparents, making decisions based on facts, ideals, morals, and personal choice, rather than simply voting for someone BECAUSE they are of a particular ethnic background.