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i'll buy her a box of 10 if i can use 1 of them on her, problem solved!

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WOW!!! un-freakin-believable. RIP Andrew, this is the last headline i would have expected today.

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Increase energy cost, increase food costs, restrict and destroy the food supply, all while increasing poverty, a perfect recipe for starvation. No fears ... right .... it's not like progressives have ever used starvation as a means of genocide and/or population control. At least they aren't putting sterilants in the water ... yet.

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Obamacare is planned parenthood for adults. Romneycare, well ......

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A man, whom nobody seems to be 100% sure where he was born is president of the USA, claims to speak FOR the US citizens, yet the US (and allies) citizens are their number one victims. US citizens pay the price for the actions of those that claim to speak for them.

Univision, run by an Egyptian, claims to be a voice for latinos, yet their endorsement of the islamic induced jihad along the southern border against the great capitalist satan has cost 47+ thousand latinos their lives, many of them women and children. Throw in the savagery that some of those have been beheaded and dismembered, with their body parts piled up for all the world to see and the Evil behind the actions is obvious. Latinos pay the price for the actions of those that claim to speak for them.

Planned parenthood claims to be helping women, blacks, latinos and the poor, yet they target their children for death. The targeted groups pay a high price for the actions of planned parenthood and their choices to participate in their evil agenda. Women pay the highest price as seen by the suicide rate of the women who have had an abortion. Planned parenthood's targeted groups, women, blacks, latinos and the poor pay the price for the actions of those claiming to speak for them.

Religious "leaders" claim to speak for God, yet their devotion has been for progressive policies and politicians for decades. God has paid a hell of a price for the actions of those that claim to speak for him but it is society that has paid the highest price, especially the least among us, those being babies and children. Babies being targeted for death, children being targeted molestation, indoctrination, social engineering, or to wear an explosive vest by order of their secular or islamic progressive master. What we do to the least among us we do to God, and it is these who pay the highest price for the actions of those that claim to speak for God.

Nothing is as it seems. Any person or group that claims to be a voice for any person or "collective" should be questioned intensely. It is collectivism that leads to slavery and genocide in the sense that the only reason to divide individuals into collectives is to define one collective as superior and the other collectives as inferior, creating a hierarchy of collectives where one superior collective rules over the inferior collectives, and those collectives that the superior collective deems undesirable eventually become the victims of collective genocide. The individuals within the collectives never have a say, or in the mind of the superior collective do not even exist.

BTW, has any one noticed that there was only one country between Egypt and Kenya? Now that Sudan has divided itself into Sudan and South Sudan there are two countries between them. Not that this has any significance, except that nobody seems to be sure where Obama was born, except his Kenyan grandmother, or which collective, or collectives, Obama claims for his own existence.

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"If you find yourself in a fair fight you didn't plan properly."
"Never argue with an idiot, he'll just drag you down to his level and beat you with experience."
"God made Man, Colt made them equal more or less."
just some of my favorite quotes, as for the intellectually deprived people at these bigotry on parade events, let muhamhead have them, they fit well together.

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The chairman of Univision is Haim Saban, born in Egypt (not latino) ... lemme see, what is that organization based in Egypt that wants to "destroy the Great Capitalist Satan from within"? --- oh that's right, the muslim brotherhood, and who has hamas and hezbollah working on the border between the US and Mexico to help make that happen? ... oh that's right, the muslim brotherhood (and iran). Makes perfect sense, use the full power of the Presidency and Commander in Chief to help "destroy the Great Capitalist Satan from within"

Oy Vey ... que vergas.

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What is funny is, in the end, the occupy protesters are just slaves for the ruling class, these occupy slaves are being used to impose an agenda of bigotry slavery and genocide on the masses and they somehow think they will be part of the ruling class. How many of these occupiers are invited in when members of the ruling class have their $30 thousand/plate dinners? Ignorant people being used as slaves to impose slavery on everybody, They definitely aren't the smart ones in society but then intelligence brings about civilization and civilized people don't fecalize automobiles.

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a movie made by bigots projecting their bigotry to others that disagree with them. I am so tired of their bigotry, their little race cards, sexist cards, religious cards, whatever cards they wanna throw on any particular day mean nothing, other than demonstrate just how shallow they are in their thinking.

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call those fecalizing occupiers and their supporters what they are - fascist bigots.