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It got me too. Great homage.

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"Harkinson focused in on whether or not Breitbart “had good motives” for exposing Occupy rapes. He said he suspected Breitbart was attempting to “make the movement look bad” rather than “being a crusader for addressing rape in our society.”

What's Harkinson's motive behind this convoluted rationale? I'd kick his teeth in, he comes at me with this garbage. Is it even possible to sully the reputation of Occupy? This is the first political movement in the history of the world that rapes its own women in public.

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Hear, hear!

Great to see you again, G-bird!

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Just another brick in the Grand Canyon. All these social faux pas, these awkward statements and quick retractions are what it is to be Mitt Romney. Let's accept that. I'm resigned to the fact that if Romney becomes President, I'll never be able to confide in him, I'll never take him at his word in earnest and I can't expect he'll reveal a moral backbone in defense of social conservatism in his entire term. He can't do it now, not even as he finds himself in the fight of his life trying to court as many non-conservative Republicans as he can. It's remains his top priority, 20 debates later. This is the second consecutive presidential candidate I'll likely be voting for with great regret.

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I'm with MBP on this one. Sometimes headlines are intentionally vague to hook the viewer and most people go straight to the clip. 'Fatal crash As Nissan Frontier Shattered Into Bits By Oncoming Semi' would've been more appropriate. The existing headline can be interpreted to mean it was a serious accident, but all survived. This video shows a human/humans(?) dying in a truly horrific manner. Not much detail about where, when it happened or mention of the casualties. Did the trucker survive?

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"You ever think it might be because you lie, you're boring, you're a Communist, you're a pathetic water-toting bull dyke for Obama and the people of this once great country think you suck?"

Maddow: "Well, that's nit-picking, isn't it?"

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"How jewish americans can vote for this a$$hat is beyond my comprehension."

Mine too.

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Great job, Mary.

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"Why the republican politicians did not bring this up is beyond me, it is a major issue."

That's the real 'it'. You'd think at least one of these guys would be conscious of his standing in the polls, but they're not even conscious of where their feet are planted in the moment. Bring up the topic yourself, segue into it, but do it. No powder, no flash.

Great post, Wild.

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They can't ignore it forever, Sheila. It's for a shameful lack of will on our side to demand clarity from these animals that they've become so brazen. We're making a universal case. It's clear that Christianity is the foundational root of this country, otherwise, they wouldn't bother. Oh, how dare I presume? They spend a quarter of lives scoffing and denying it and the other 3/4 doing everything possible to hinder its expression and progress in a free country. Our utter destruction is the only thing they're faithful about. If only we had one man in our party who'd take them to task. Thanks.