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I am not making an argument for any abuse. I am sorry if you feel my experiences in my real life are pathetic. I've done plenty of research regarding sex predators due to this. Your information regarding the Catholic priest international ring you cite is incorrect. Makes for a sensational story line but all of the investigation I've done for good reason says otherwise. I admire your passion though.

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There are predators in every aspect of society and association. Think of the pedophiles that take teaching jobs in our public schools and the ministers in other faiths that use their status as power over the weak. The Catholic Church has had some monsters pose as priests. However, the percentage of predatorary priests is miniscule. These are the exceptions. When the percentage of predatory priests is compared to the percentage of sexual predators teaching in public schools, there is no comparison. The real snake pit is our public school system. Pervs are even convicted there and still pull a paycheck in NYC as TEACHERS! The Pope is not the problem.

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NPR - No Proof Required

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Personally, I think Cain/West would be a fantastic ticket but I still believe Christie has a persuation factor that is unique. The Republican ticket has got to have ENERGY. My biggest fear is if they roll out Romney, Gingrich or Huckabee, Santorum or Pawlenty...obama will mop the floor. Debates would be almost as painful to watch as they were with obama vs McCain. Christie would turn the tables and reveal obama for the script reading puppet that he is. Though both Cain and West would hold their own against obama, I don't think they'd make him look small and lacking the way Christie would. Just my gut feeling. We shall see!

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Agreed. 100%.

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No human being, will be all to all. There are things I've read about George Washington and even Ronald Reagan that give me pause but the fact remains, they were exceptional leaders. The perfect is often the enemy of the good. I believe Christie's pros far outweigh his cons. I also believe he CAN beat obama and considering all the other possible candidates in the Republican ranks, some may pass with flying colors the conservative litmus test but they lack the aspect that is undefinable but which makes leaders successful. People are drawn to Christie, love or hate him. None of the other Republican candidates command an audience. They may speak sense but few listen.

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Christie will run. An article in yesterday's Trentonian had a logical take on Christie's strategy.

If this scenario comes to pass, our country stands a chance. If Zer0bama has a second term, God help us.

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HA! So very true!

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Lawerence O'Donnell? Who cares? He's incapable of original thought. His regurgitations are bile mixed with vile, as are most liberal burps and belches.

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High Speed Rail? More accurately, High Bleed Rail.