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12 years ago @ Breitbart.tv - Brown University Profe... · 0 replies · +2 points

She's working herself up to get free batteries, that's all. Or a bag to place over her head paper or plastic?

12 years ago @ Breitbart.tv - 2 US Troops Shot in Ka... · 3 replies · +9 points

Turn it into a glass parking lot.

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Can anybody verify that this guy was a vet?

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Duuhhh ... rising prices ... rising profits ... and the taxes on gasoline are more than the profits ... that means he get's to spend more money on his union buddies ... gee, go figure ...

In response to the 'ear' comment, he is the new version of Pinocchio except it's his ears (not his nose) that gets larger when he lies ...

Our problem is not 0bama directly, but the 50% who like him and his ideas ... they are the problem ... America is not what it used to be ... so how do we restore it?

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To these idiots, the only women who matter live in WashDC, NY, CA, MA, who vote democrap, who are (liberal) college edumicated with important degrees in subjects like Panlesbianism, Earth Studies, or Botanicopolitics, who are on the welfare roles and use their food stamps at Starbucks, who would place themselves in the top 10% intellectually but who couldn't cook a cup of coffee for themselves if they were starving. In other words 'incompetents' in most senses of the word.

Or, to state it another way, CNN panelists ...

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What? Cnn couldn't find a more experienced, well-rounded panel? There were no capitalists or Republicans available? Or were they reporting a skewed message? Again ... and again ...

This debate was my first occasion to watch cnn. And my last. Oh well, back to FOX I guess ...

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Contraception, Health Care, Religion, Speech, Gun Rights, Charity, the Economy, Employment, etc., are NONE OF THE G0DDAMN FEDERAL GOVERNMENTS BUSINESS. Look in the Constitution. 0bama has overstepped his duties and needs to be slapped back. Either the Feds do it, or we'll have to do it.

(Note to Dem office holders, and most Reps too, the 'Constitution' is that 'contract' you swore to uphold, remember? You don't? (or won't)? Then that makes you a liar. And that explains it all.)

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When their playbook says it's OK to lie to 'non-believers', meaning us, and you attempt to engage them in any dialog, then you are the fool.

But oops, our State Department does exactly that ... there's only one answer, and we're racing headlong into that solution.

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Hate? No, and I can't even say 'nice try.'

We laugh at you, Jabba. Not in a funny way, but in a sad way.

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He's a M-O-R-O-N ... somebody please 'splain it to the him ....