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For the sake of public safety and decency, I hope they're kept under lock and key.


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Was Obama steering it? He's like the captain of this ship. Things went south and so he jumped overboard to save his own rear end while denying any responsibility for the people on board. They're both cowards. The difference is one will be likely be punished for his actions.

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Bad title. Economic freedom - the right to own property, the right to benefit from your own labor - this is a fundamental, moral value. It doesn't 'trump' others, but its a priority right now.

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I believe in protecting intellectual property, or any person's property for that matter. But you can't shut down electronic communications to protect Hollywood. You cannot destroy the foundations of one industry to protect another. You cannot sacrifice the rights and liberty of the people to theoretically protect the rights of others. That was the fundamental flaw with this bill and its approach.

Luckily, I think the people shut it down today. Take note folks, you still have a voice in Congress, but you have to use it.

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Each member of Congress gets what's called an MRA (Member's Representational Allowance). This is their operational budget. The bonuses come out of what's left in that budget after they pay wages and other expenses. So this isn't new money.

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He's backing Mit because he wants a position in his administration, maybe as an ambassador or perhaps even secretary of state. Although I don't know what his endorsement will buy him.

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And yet I bet they have no problem asking for identification in most any other circumstance.

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All the major networks are dinosaurs nowadays. I've seen many stories posted here on Breitbart several days before Fox picked them up, if they even chose to at all.

I like Fox, and this is red meat for them to jump on. But my guess is that NH will be done and forgotten before they get around to it, and with their 24/7 bantering about these campaigns, and what all their talking heads think about them, it may not even get air time. It's a shame, really.

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Sounds nice, wish I could believe him.