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Well, so am I, I suppose, but that's not saying much.

Five years ago, I smoked, drank a fair amount, drank coffee from morning until night, and hauled around a lard-assed 200+ pounds.

Then I got really sick. Now I've quit smoking (except, well .... you know); almost never drink either alcohol or coffee, and weigh in at a bantamweight 145. Being sick was a major drag, but in the end I wound up much the better for it -- except, as I say, for a few vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Optimistic?? Sure am -- as of just about exactly now, I am officially five years past my sell-by date. Works for me.

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i saw Pacino in Richard III with his company. My dad had gotten third- or fourth-row center seat, and ol' Al, boy, he was even worse than hammy. It was like he played Ratso Rizzo, only speaking Shakespeare's lines. And this young kid played Hotspur, at the end -- and he was rockin' a MAJOR Jewish 'fro, so the crown on his head made everything from his ears upward look like a crazed hourglass. Not to mention his pronounced Lawn Guyland accent.

The worst, though, was Al's enunciation, which was be-saliva'ed to the max; you could see the spit in the footlights; in particularly horrid moments you could feel it like a gentle rain.

I've never had much use for Pacino, but that experience really was the bitter end.

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Anemia is awful ... at least for me, some days I can cover a lot of ground, and others I can go a few blocks at most before I feel utterly wiped out. I take a bunch of iron supplements, and eat plenty of red meat and spinach and such. Way low on vitamin D, too.

The fatigue gives me chilling premonitions of old age.

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When I was first recovering from a really bigtime abdominal operation, they wanted to get me on my feet as soon as reasonably possible given all the tubes sticking out of and into me.

But during the day, they'd send a "moving" party to set me up in a chair right next to my bed, and eventually moved me to a walker, at which point my main doctor, the chief surgical resident (who was a Rrrussian to the core and very brusque) would say:

Mistairrrr Mouwsse, bed is not your frrrriend!! Chairrr not frrriend!! Wal-ker! Now wal-ker is best frrriend for you."

By the end of my time there we got to be pals, but she terrorized the kids she supervised. Good doctors, though -- all of them.

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Ethiopian is good. With the neoprene-like bread that doubles as table and utensils. I like the Eth. version of steak tartare.

But their national drink -- honey mead -- is just horrid-sweet, thick, and yucky.

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We mostly just hacked around, but what that meant changed from year to year. We lived in a very hilly, wooded area with a lake, all surrounded by a wall. So nobody worried much about our getting stolen away by skeevy strangers. And although the roads were windy-aroundy, everyone knew there might be kids -- or a six-point buck -- just around the next corner.

We had tennis lessons and swimming lessons. We rode bikes. We built forts in the woods. Later, when we were allowed, we sailed sailboats on the lake.

Now and then we had rockfights, but not that much.

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We have board members of our building who do that to spot dogs being illicitly taken on the front elevator or little kids who misbehave -- press all the elevator buttons, etc.

Then they send mean letters.

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I've worked in several bookstores, especially one up near Columbia in NYC (but NOT the University bookstore); that was interesting because as a college bookstore it had all sorts of unusual titles along with the commercial stuff.

But the inmates (of whom I was one) were definitely in charge of that asylum. We had great fun.

I just LOOOOVE a good bookstore, but they are ever-fewer and farther between.

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His poor wife!

I mean, who knows what went into her decision the marry him, but I totally doubt she expected the wheels to come off in quite so sleazetacular a fashion.

It least she's a whiz-kid on her own.

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Interesting link!