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Where I'm from, they call this "art". Cool project, good message, I like it.

I wouldn't go there to non-worship, but I'd go there to see it.

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Lol. I hope not, or he's gonna get 18 sets of golf clubs delivered to his hotel for the AT&T :)

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He was just ordering golf clubs from me. We built him some clubs last year for the Pebble Beach Pro Am and he ended up winning, so of course he wants new ones this year. He was just super complimentary and extremely gracious. I deal with some high profile people and they are almost always a huge pain in the ass, so he was a welcome departure :)

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Also, I am aware that the commonly accepted plural of cactus is not "cactuses", but the joke doesn't work if you put cacti. Also, wikipedia does list 'cactuses' as a plural form, so It's not even that bad. Chill.

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Man: I fucking hate cactuses.
Paramedic: It looks like you hate fucked a cactus.
Cactuses: Fuck!

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You know what they say: If you ain't bonin your legally adopted daughter and sheltering your assets from litigation via dubious legal means, you ain't tryin!

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Next year, we should replace Punxsutawney Phil the groundhog with his cousin from down the road, Frostburg Freddy the rabid badger.

Tophat man will be sporting a hook after trying to drag that motherfucker out of the fake tree.

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I just had a phone conversation with Bill Murray. I am now convinced that he is in the top 5 nicest people on planet earth along with my mom and Keanu Reeves.

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...is not named m4ximusprim3
...is nice to you, especially if you're fat or ugly.
...claims that their kids are the best thing that ever happened to them.
...writes for Gawker.

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I haven't seen fishnets abused this badly since the Andrea Gail...