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More Canadiana:

French explorers visited the Iroquois village of "Hochelega" in 1535. When Samuel de Champlain returned to the area 70 years later, the village had vanished. Champlain set up a trading post named "Place Royale", but it was destroyed by the Iroquois. In 1639, the permanent European settlement of the area began in "Ville Marie". By the 1700s, the settlement had grown, and began to be referred to by the same name as the nearby mountain, Mont-Royal. "Montréal" was born.

The small settlement of "York", on the shores of Lake Ontario, was burned by Americans in the War of 1812. The small settlement grew very quickly after the war ended, and by the 1830s it was incorporated as a city. The city reverted to its original Iroquois name of Ttkaronto, the place where trees stand in water. This was anglicized to the City of Toronto.

And, of course, there's "Gastown", named after Gassy Jack Deighton. The colonial government of British Columbia renamed the settlement with the more dignified name of "Granville", but the name never really stuck. The city settled upon its current name in 1886, the year the first CPR transcontinental train arrived at the Pacific terminus of "Vancouver".

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The town of Berlin, Ontario, was also renamed in World War 1 to the much more patriotic "Kitchener".

Swastika, also in Ontario, refused all such outside entreaties to rename itself.

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The community of "Pile of Bones" in the Northwest Territories (now located the province of Saskatchewan) was chosen to be the capital of the burgeoning Canadian prairie, and was given the much less embarrassing name of "Regina".

"Bytown", a settlement in Upper Canada, was another community transformed by becoming a capital. The provinces of Upper and Lower Canada united to become the Province of Canada, and Queen Victoria chose the newly rechristened settlement of "Ottawa" to be its capital.

And then there's "Ile Saint-Jean", the tiny French island renamed by its English conquerers in honour of the Duke of Kent, King George III's fourth son. Prince Edward Augustus later become much more famous as Queen Victoria's father, and Prince Edward Island remains Canada's version of Rhode Island, minus DJ Paulie D.

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I assume your typical school day resembles what I learned from Season 4 of The Wire.

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Christ, I don't even know where to start. The only thing I can say without confliction is that this was a truly terrible thing for Lara Logan, and you have to hope she'll recover.

I'll leave out the paragraphs upon paragraphs of Us vs. Them, Women vs. Men, Muslim vs. West, Mubarak vs. Tahrir, and all sort of other extraneous nonsense that takes attention away from the actual assault that took place.

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I'm a Red Ensign man, myself.

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[youtube bg8lSyGavc4 youtube]

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Vigorous second to the "Ghosts of the Ostfront" recommendation.

I loved his story of the German motorcycle troops travelling to a Russian collective farm to collect a rumoured gold horde. The Russian farmers told the Germans they'd have the gold the next day. The Germans left a couple of sentries and returned to their base camp about 100 km away. When the German main force returned, the collective farm was completely burned down except for the HQ building. Upon entering, they found a heavy chest with "GOLD" crudely painted upon it. They opened the chest to find the severed heads of the sentries.

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BS Report is usually good more often than it is boring. I tend to tune out his NBA pods, but I'm just not that big of an NBA fan.

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Carolla Podcast is a daily favourite, especially for long drives. Also a big fan of Lewis Lapham's history podcasts on Bloomberg radio, The Nerdist, and any of Slate's weekly podcasts.