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Krugman's meds: I'll have what he's having!
Hi Doug!

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Hey Doug!
I've followed you ever since we cruised around the waters on Martha's Vineyard on "Kennedy Watch" and will continue until one of us goes on to the real, non-Obama-induced Utopia.
Good luck with the new endeavor. (I hope you're not going back to humorous greeting card one-liners!)
And if there are any openings for writers where you're headed, please give me a shout. I'm at a conservative magazine now, but I weep when I tear open my pay envelope.
Anyway, God bless you and your family and Godspeed, my friend!


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I have to go to a restaurant every time I want to post to my blog. Hopefully I get it sorted out at home before I put on 20 unnecessary pounds.

The Dougy Powers version of "Super Size Me."

Happy New Year, Doug!

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I heard the CHOOM is good there. Obama will have 1 travel day in and 1 travel day home, but those 18 days, he'll be in choom heaven. Smoke it up, Barry! Loser.

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I remember how I felt when Bubba was re-elected. This too shall pass. We have 4 years to find a conservative SUPERSTAR and if we don't, Hillary or worse could be the next POTUS.
I think Rubio is incredible, but his parents weren't quite citizens yet when he was born -- not an issue with Barry Soetoro - but the MSM would make it HUGE with Marco.

Look at the bright side: Obama and Biden kept conservative blogs (ilke Doug's) full of interesting material. Now all of your favorite bloggers and authors will be churning out even more Obama/Biden/socialist/marxist/progressive turd material!

We can ALL write books, since there will be no jobs left....

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Something tells me you'll be back, Ladd. Politics is ever-evolving and some day, someone's going to plead for your help and pay big for your talent.
AKA Keith Mac

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Taping the video in sephia always adds the dramatic edge -- typical of drama queen libs.

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The Obama admin are all disgusting, vile, pathological lairs and COWARDS.

Joe's like the rowdy mutt you bring home that you can never train. He just keeps pooping on the carpet and shedding on the couch. A muzzle would help, but then again, with those big chompers, he'd chew right through it. With 4 more years, he'll help tear this country apart like your favorite pair of slippers.
Down, boy! Quit Biden!

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I have a few Jewish friends in liberal MA, they are voting "Romney all the way" <-- their words. Other than that, I know several diehard Republican Jews here in FL who volunteer at our local GOP offices.

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Your Update 1 box disappointed me. I can no longer accuse hot-tempered short people with control issues as having "Napoleon Syndrome." I guess I could use "Moe Howard Syndrome." (Wishing Rahm or Val Jarrett were a tad shorter.)

I hope that the chief take-away for those otherwise good people who are unwittingly and cheerily going along with self-appointed "leaders" who have notions of outing "traitors" based on innuendo, association and bile goes something like this: take a damned good look at what you're doing, less the immeasurable hand of God decides to rhyme your own fate with your own actions.

Twitter seems to have its own Committee of Public Safety -- complete with their own Robespierre. They often terrorize fellow conservative tweeps for no other reason it seems but for terror itself.

We should all keep our focus on the real prize: which hopefully arrives on Nov. 6th.