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This headline has stunned me!

Definitely Heaven's gain and our loss. What a legacy to leave, however.

Praying for peace for his family in this time of mourning.

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Pretty much the only show I'll pay to watch. It just is brilliant and gets better with each season.

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I loves me the Chesterton.

"It is always simple to fall; there are an infinity of angles at which one falls, only one at which one stands."

G.K. Chesterton, "Orthodoxy"

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I think parents are better off reading the actual book to their kids, like I did.

This movie sounds like it has little in common with the excellent source material beside the name.

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Thay Live, your argument is a straw man. You don't need to wade in a sewer to know it's a place you don't want to be.

You are reacting emotionally and close-minded. According to your narrow reasoning, the only way a person can be considered "intelligent" is by subjecting themselves to things that are patently distasteful on the surface and downright desensitizing and demeaning in substance.

A large part of being truly mature is deciding what you WON'T submit to, not what you WILL submit to. It's called self-control, and it's a virtue.

Virtue. Now THERE'S an gutsy concept the left will never be able to wrap its twisted head around.

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You and me and Nolte, Dellaney. You and me and Nolte.

One of the best shows ever. I even ate a ding dong in celebration of it returning this week.

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Isn't wearing mom jeans grounds for impeachment? If not, it should.

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What I see is our beloved Clueless-In-Chief.

All the photo is missing is the caption: "What, me worry?"

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I do blame Hollywood for having absolutely no self-control. The craptastic programming they put out there reaches kids whose parents are lax. My kids don't watch garbage, but they are exposed to those kids who do. And so, the the craptastic programming makes creeping overtures into my family's life regardless.

It takes an amazing amount of effort and vigilance nowadays to filter the endless barrage of media being thrust at your children. And Hollywood couldn't care less, as long as they get their pound of flesh.

When the popular culture of a society is so callous toward innocence, there WILL be a lot of collateral damage, no matter how responsible a good many of parents are.

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Yeah, I eat junk food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with all my kids because darnit, they just INSIST!