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Well, Rush was probably wrong to say that this "girl" (she is 30, after all) was a prostitute. I pay prostitutes to have sex with ME, not with others. But paying for her to have sex with someone else just makes me a chump.

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Today I feel as though I am giving too much attention and power to idiots like union bosses and racist mongrels in the media. Day after day of reading how ignorant and vile people who's names I can never remember has finally made me realize -I JUST DON"T CARE!!! If an uneducated and easily led buffoon shouts racial epithets at a rally or swears that they were spit upon - contrary to the truth - or says the only way we can save the economy is to go into more debt - in direct contradiction to rationality - or any one of dozens of puerile reactions to life in general, so be it. That's the way it is. I know that people are destroying this country but they are not going to stop just because I know that in all its indigestible detail. So I'm taking a break from being so well informed. My life needs tending to. Bye.

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That's a little like saying a thief is moral because he profits from his crimes. Maybe there is an element missing. Oh yeah, the video did mention the idea of voluntary interactions as opposed to involuntary - as with the thief or Soros. With the help of government laws and favors and tax breaks and the rest, is a company making a profit based on a value for value scenario? No.

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Of course, this video was just responding to the incorrect notion held by many and propagated by schools, etc. that profit is inherently evil. The communist view, in other words. It is unfortunate that a defense of profit as being moral is even necessary. But the disparagement of capitalism needs answering. And this is just one avenue of that answer.

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Well, this may be an egregious abuse of power but it doesn't really rock my world as much as some of the other orders this megalomaniac has issued. At least, he stopped putting his decrees on stone tablets.

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The premise that something must be "given up" to repair damage from the practice of slavery is faulty. How about if I just promise to not buy any more slaves? And, guess what? Slavery still exists. the buying of human flesh for whatever purpose has happened from the beginning and will continue to the end. However, I will give up trying to figure out what little-minded people like this character are talking about. I mean, he is such an ass. For God's sake, he makes absolutely no sense. None! Who wipes his behind?

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I kind of hope they are right - they're not - but it would help folks focus a bit more on what is important.

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I always wondered what happened when the spit hit the fan. And the resemblance to Einstein is truly remarkable. In Sharia law when you spit on an infidel, you get extra virgins, I think.

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Ah yes, the slippery slope. No worries, mate. Thanks for the diversion. You know, I smiled a lot today at folks I ran into. They smiled back. Pass it on. Take care.

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What can I say? I love ewe. [Oh no! He didn't just go there, did he? I couldn't pass on the obvious pun.] Her younger sister is graduating from community college this year so she's old enough. A hint: a bottle of woolite goes a long way to show your feelings. Just soak for 30 minutes and no stretching. Great stuff.