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Refreshing and honest... thank you...

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My point is that Charles was wrong before regarding a Republican's ability to win in a very blue state.

How has Scott Brown betrayed MA Residents over and over? He's fiscally Conservative with centrist leanings on some social issues. Even the best of them will disappoint sometimes. I believe Scott was honest about where he stood on the issues. I don't feel betrayed...

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Charles you're a bright guy... however... looking back you didn't think Scott Brown could win either. I don't think you're getting it... these are not normal times.

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Wow... Karl... baby... you really stepped in it... It's ... We The People ... not ... we the ruling class. If We The Good People of MASSACHUSETTS can get Scott Brown elected when he was 30 points down. Certainly the good people of Delaware can get Christine O'Donnell elected.

Buck up Rove ... or stay in the truck... the good people of Delaware have spoken!!

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What a manipulating Imam he is with his oh so peacefully veiled threats to America.

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I saw that x-file episode... Markos does look eerily similar to the liver eater... Lets hope he slithers... slithers... to another dementia in a galaxy far far away.

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Ari... of media blathers is a pathetic Soros lap dog... seriously who gives a crap what he and Mr tingle have on their tiny feeble minds. What they need is a heavy dose of anti-delusional meds if they think what they say has any relevance beyond their tiny sphere of non-existence.

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I love Dana... Taibbi's an irrelevant progressive turd spewing nonsensical tiresome crap. He's a pathetic little man with nothing intelligent to say and Dana called him on it.

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I had to stop the video mid way, I just couldn't listen to this scum sucking lying wind bag another second. It would seem I've developed a strong aversion to progressive liberal liars and their repetitive verbal flatulence. It literally makes my head hurt. It's tiresome and trite. America's waking up and it's a beautiful thing to behold and progressive media hacks the likes of Ed Schultz don't get it and probably never will.

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It appears that Charlie Crist will do or say anything to get elected... he's a political chameleon.